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  • CEL will come to your class for 5mins
  • You may use clicker /Poll everywhere/ randomly ask students to provide their answer and why
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=g1mKHldLUi0
  • Hands on

    1. 1. BEFORE WE BEGIN • Sign in to Canvas– Resources – Week 9 – Download the presentation • Go to the W200 Website and display Week 9 page • Sign in to your W200 Google Account EDUC W200 Week 9
    2. 2. RECAP – WEEK 6, 7 & 8 Q1: Mrs. Green wants 4th graders to brainstorm about ideas on the best solutions to environment pollution in their daily lives. She wants her students to collaborate with another class. Students will be assigned into groups. Which of the following tools do you think is more appropriate? A. Bubbl.us B. Blog C. Google Docs D. Skype E. Glogster EDUC W200 Week 9
    3. 3. RECAP – WEEK 6, 7 & 8 Q2: Miss Johnson’s sixth and seventh graders are going to create a website for methods of voting, participation in voluntary organizations and participation in government in Japan, China, South Africa, Egypt and Australia. The students do not have email accounts. Which of the following tools do you think is more appropriate? A. Wikispaces B. Pbworks C. Google sites D. Edmodo EDUC W200 Week 9
    4. 4. TODAY’S AGENDA Case Artifacts Workshop (5mins) Data Analysis Tasks & Tools (60mins) • Demonstrations & Hands-On Activity Data Collection Tasks & Tools(40mins) • Demonstrations TIP #9: Data Collection and Analysis(50mins) EDUC W200 Week 9
    6. 6. POST YOUR CASE ANALYSIS PROJECT • On your E-Portfolio->Case page o You need to embed your Google Doc(insert->google doc) to your case page. o Write a description about the case analysis project. Example 1 Example 2 EDUC W200 Week 9
    7. 7. CASE ARTIFACTS • iRuric for Case Artifacts – 75 points o How many case artifacts do I need to complete? • At least 2, but it depends on work involved in the artifacts you are creating – E.g., A webquest or video requires more work, but a rubric is quick o How can I complete the case artifacts? • Find the artifacts assigned to each of you at to the bottom of your case Google document • Refer to the case artifacts iRubric and make sure that you achieve the requirement. • Due Date: xx-xx-xx. EDUC W200 Week 9
    8. 8. CASE ARTIFACTS • Where to post? Example 1 o E-Portfolio – Cases Page Example 2 • How to post? o Use the outline on the page o You can either EMBED or INSERT as a screenshot. We prefer EMBEDDING to maximize viewer access. If you are unsure which way to choose, make sure you ask either the ULA or the instructor in class. EDUC W200 Week 9
    9. 9. 5 minute presentation on using Wordle ULA DEMONSTRATION: WORDLE EDUC W200 Week 9
    10. 10. Hand-On Activity HANDS-ON ACTIVITY: INSPIREDATA EDUC W200 Week 9
    11. 11. INSTRUCTIONS • Watch the video on the next slide on your own • Follow the directions on the following slides to complete the Hands-On Activity EDUC W200 Week 9
    12. 12. VIDEO INTRODUCTION TO INSPIRE DATA http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=g1mKHldLUi0 EDUC W200 Week 9
    13. 13. HANDS-ON ACTIVITY: DATA ANALYSIS • Open InspireData, then click “open” • InspireData contains sample data sets o Choose one appropriate to your subject area (or close to it) or grade level o Play around with the data: • Create different graphs using InspireData • Take screenshots of only 3 graphs and save to to your desktop as Picture 1, Picture 2 and Picture 3 EDUC W200 Week 9
    14. 14. HANDS-ON ACTIVITY: DATA ANALYSIS • Post it to your Teacher Website  Tech Resources o Title: Link to the InspireData website o Screen shot: create a table (1 x 3) and insert your 3 graphs into each cell o Description: Describe how InspireData can be used in your subject area/grade level (using a teacher voice). o Educational Value: Discuss 3 E’s in terms of using InspireData. EDUC W200 Week 9
    15. 15. EDUC W200 Week 9