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Fa12 week 15-ppt-part 8


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Fa12 week 15-ppt-part 8

  1. 1. Reflecting on the course content and activities WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED (AND SHOULDN’T HAVE LEARNED)EDUC W200 Week 15
  2. 2. THINGS I HAVE LEARNED IN W200 Think-Pair-Share:  If you had to tell an incoming freshman what they’ll learn in w200, what would you tell them. What have you LEARNED (not what have I taught you)?  See polleverywhere on next slide EDUC W200 Week 15
  3. 3. EDUC W200 Week 15
  4. 4. These are things that we hope that you did NOT learn in this class. So, keep that in mind as we talk through these (and why we hope that you did not learn these things) WHAT YOU (HOPEFULLY) DIDN‟T LEARN IN W200EDUC W200 Week 15
  5. 5. All we need is…1. TECHNOLOGY IS “THE ONE THING EDUCATION NEEDS”EDUC W200 Week 15
  7. 7. “Any teacher who can be replaced by technology should be.” 2. TECHNOLOGY MAKES LEARNING HAPPENEDUC W200 Week 15
  8. 8. Kids won’t pay attention without it! 3. NO TECHNOLOGY = NO ENGAGEMENTEDUC W200 Week 15
  9. 9. DISCUSSION Think of something “highs-tech” that engages you. Is it really the technology itself that is engaging? If not, what is? EDUC W200 Week 15
  10. 10. We use technology…Are you always engaged? 4. TECHNOLOGY GUARANTEES ENGAGEMENTEDUC W200 Week 15
  11. 11. Professional development plans! You will need to update your skills continually in the years ahead 5. YOU ARE NOW „UP-TO-DATE‟ ON EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGYEDUC W200 Week 15
  12. 12. FINAL THOUGHTS?• What suggestions do you have to help students in future classes?• We will continue our reflective process next week (Finals Week – see schedule) o E-Portfolio presentations: What should you expect? EDUC W200 Week 15