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Fa12 w200-w6-part 7


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Fa12 w200-w6-part 7

  2. 2. HOW DO I MAKE A WEBQUEST?• We suggest the following components: (Google Site Sample) o Introduction, Task, Process, Evaluation, Conclusion, Credits• Let’s create the pages altogether! o You can work in groups of two in the same subject area! o Only one person in the group will create the pages and share the site with group members) EDUC W200 Week 6
  3. 3. IN-CLASS WORKOUT #6:CREATING A WEBQUEST• Sample Webquest on Digital Natives (from Week 2)• Use Google Site to build the layout of the Webquest.• Reserve one page for each of the Webquest component (Introduction, Task, Process, Evaluation, Conclusion & Credits).• Use what you have submitted for Class Prep #6 (If you didn’t save it, ask your instructor for your responses): Academic Standard, topic of Webquest, 4 resources as the content. EDUC W200 Week 6
  4. 4. IN-CLASS WORKOUT #6:CREATING A WEBQUEST• For this class, you will complete Introduction and Task pages. o Start thinking about how the students will demonstrate their knowledge!• You will start working on the Process page and draft the process of the webquest.• You will start working on the Credits page today (filling in credits to things you cite or link to)• You will complete the remaining portions of the Process and Credits pages, as well complete the Evaluation and Conclusion pages in Week 7 EDUC W200 Week 6
  5. 5. Where can I find additional resources?• Youtube Education• TeacherTube• Google or Other Search Provider (Search for Primary and Secondary Sources – Make sure they are age appropriate, as well as credible!)• (Infographics) EDUC W200 Week 6
  6. 6. IN-CLASS WORKOUT #6:CREATING A WEBQUEST• Post the webquest to Teacher Website --> Class Materials• Submit the URL of the Teacher Website --> Class Materials to Oncourse Assignments --> ICW#6• NOTE: You are creating this webquest so that it can be distributed to your future students. In other words, write using a “teacher voice.” EDUC W200 Week 6
  7. 7. FOR THE REMAINING TIME• If you complete your class workout early, go back to the workshops & work on: o Case Analysis • Start finding resources! o Teacher Website • Home Page • About Me Page o E-Portfolio • Professional Goals EDUC W200 Week 6
  8. 8. WHAT’S DUE, WHEN, AND WHERE?EDUC W200 Week 6
  9. 9. WHAT’S DUE, WHEN & WHERE? • Class Prep #7 [See website – Week 7] •Due by: XXX • In-Class Workout #6. Post your Webquest to your Teacher Website --> “Class Materials” page. Submit the URL to Oncourse Assignments --> ICW#6 •Due by: XXX • Complete your Welcome and About Me pages of your Teacher Website •Due by: Class Time EDUC W200 Week 6