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2013 fall week2_sources of conflict


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2013 fall week2_sources of conflict

  2. 2. EDUC W200 Week 2 Teachers experience… • A need to accommodate the changing learning styles of the digital natives • A need to create innovative learning experiences— often discussed in association with technology. • A need to assure that students are learning to the expectation (in other words, the academic standards) o Indiana Academic Standards vs. Common Core State Standards o Push from the top: NCLB / RTTT
  3. 3. EDUC W200 Week 2 Let’s look at some details… (Things you may want to know, even remember…)
  4. 4. EDUC W200 Week 2 ACADEMIC STANDARDS COMMON CORE STANDARDS Recall from Week 1 How to search for or read standards?
  5. 5. EDUC W200 Week 2 WHY COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS? •the standards prepare students to be college- and career- ready upon completion of high school.Preparation •the standards are internationally benchmarked to help ensure our students are globally competitive.Competition •Expectations are consistent for all – and not dependent on a student’s zip code.Equity •the standards are focused, coherent, and clear. Clearer standards help student (and parents and teachers) understand what is expected of them. Clarity • the standards permit unprecedented opportunities for collaboration across states and districts. Collaboration
  6. 6. EDUC W200 Week 2
  8. 8. EDUC W200 Week 2 KEY ELEMENTS OF NCLB States must develop their own accountability systems (largely standardized tests). Schools must make “adequate yearly progress” in standardized test scores. •Those that don’t are put on a published list of “failing schools,” and parents can transfer their students to another school. All teachers must be “highly qualified” (by 2005). Schools must use “scientifically based” practices and methods. Students must be “technology-literate” by eighth grade.
  9. 9. EDUC W200 Week 2 NCLB & ACADEMIC STANDARDS • Main reasons for academic standards … • To make sure students are learning what they’re supposed to learn at a particular level • To clearly measure student outcomes o “The standards-based education reform, setting high standards and establishing measurable goals will improve students’ outcomes” o “Whatever each state decides students will learn, each school must prove that students are learning it.”
  10. 10. EDUC W200 Week 2 OBAMA AND NCLB • The greater push is to hold schools accountable for student test scores o Assessing student performance • Indiana granted NCLB Waiver (May 2012) • What does this mean for Indiana?
  11. 11. EDUC W200 Week 2 Interactive Map: 2012 ISTEP+ Results By Grade & Corporation
  12. 12. EDUC W200 Week 2 TECHNOLOGY IN STANDARDS-BASED EDUCATION • Administrators, parents and students have expectations about technology use in the classroom • Your students need to meet state standards • It is important for you to know how to integrate technology into your classroom based on the standards • This is what w200 is all about!
  13. 13. EDUC W200 Week 2 Get Ready to Assess your Technological Skills • Sign up for a Profiler Pro Account • – JOIN A GROUP, and search for "w200” – The password for joining this group is “w200” • Follow steps in Class Prep #3