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Day 1 final sbcusd writing pd advanced


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Day 1 final sbcusd writing pd advanced

  1. 1. Writing for Career + College ReadinessDay 1: Aligning the Writing Process for Career and College ReadinessDeveloped for SBCUSD by Educators CooperativePresented by Kirk Melkonian
  2. 2. Support GoalsSupport you and your students in writing, using materials and resources already available to youSupport SBCUSD vision for aligned writing
  3. 3. SBCUSD Vision for Aligned Writing Daily writing opportunities using a writing process A new published piece of student work at least monthly Student work demonstrates use of a writing process
  4. 4. Intended Outcomes of the District Initiative1. Students are increasingly engaged in the steps of the writing process.2. Students have increasing opportunities to improve their writing.
  5. 5. Today’s Outcomes Align the writing process school-wide Apply prewriting strategies
  6. 6. What are the Expectations for Writing in the Common Core?“…take task, purpose, and audience into careful consideration”
  7. 7. Common Core Writing ExpectationsThe Common Core State Standards (CCSS) inWriting were created to enable students tomeet college and career readiness by thetime they complete high school.
  8. 8. CCSS Text Type and Purposes Type Purpose Opinion/Argument To PersuadeInformational/Explana To Explain tory Narrative To Convey Experience
  9. 9. Production and Distribution of WritingProduce Clear and Coherent WritingUse Research-based Writing ProcessUse Technology to Collaborate and Publish
  10. 10. Research to Build and Present KnowledgeConduct Research ProjectsGather and Integrate InformationDraw Evidence from Texts as Support
  11. 11. Range of WritingExtended Writing ProjectsShort, Interactive WritingWriting in Every Content Area
  12. 12. What exactly is the “Writing Process?”The writing process can be defined in different ways, but in general, a5-step process can help students understand the expectations.
  13. 13. Research-based Writing Process A holistic process emphasizes the actual process of writing. It concentrates on writing as a recursive process in which writers have the opportunity to plan, draft, edit, and revise their work (Hillocks, 1987; Murray, 1982).Pre-writing Drafting Revising Editing Publishing
  14. 14. Another Way to Think of the Writing Process
  15. 15. Key Research FindingPre-writing is essential to producing quality writing.Research indicates that skilled writers spendsignificantly more time organizing and planningwhat they are going to write.
  16. 16. Pre-writingBrainstormingFree writingOrganizing / outliningGathering information / researchReading/listening to a text/mediaDiscussing a shared experience
  17. 17. DraftingWrite and refine Focus on communication of meaning
  18. 18. Revising Revise content Clarify text organization  Introduction, body, conclusion  Main ideas and details Check for specific skills  Adding details  Use of figurative language  Precise nouns
  19. 19. EditingProofread for writing conventions  Capital letters  Spaces between words  Correct spelling  Paragraph indentation  Punctuation
  20. 20. Publishing Digital Student Work Posted In The Classroom Classroom Presentation Participate in Writing FairsPresent your work in a meaningful way
  21. 21. What is the best way to prepare a unit or set of lessons on writing?Answering a few questions can help teaching the writing process go much more smoothly and quickly.
  22. 22. Writing Process PreparationWhat is the mode (purpose) of the writing?What format (text type) will the students produce?How will the writer know the final expectations?How will students participate in pre-writing(planning) activities?How will students produce their drafts?How will students revise and edit to develop andstrengthen writing as needed?How will students publish their work?How will students receive feedback on the finalproduct?
  23. 23. Wisdom in the RoomQuick think/write: What strategies are you using to engage students in the writing process? What training or support materials do you use and feel are most successful?
  24. 24. Prewriting ActivitiesResearch shows a direct correlation between students instructed ina writing process and writing proficiency levels. Prewriting is anessential part of any writing process
  25. 25. Prewriting Activities Thinking about writing  Brainstorming  Free writing  Gathering information / research  Reading/listening to a text/media  Discussing a shared experience Organizing / outlining  Templates  Frames  Graphic Organizers Other?
  26. 26. Prewriting Models for Today’s Workshop:EITHER-OR:  Persuasion  Opinion / ArgumentColored Cards:  Response to Literature  Expository / InformationalSummarize Without Words:  Expository / Informational
  27. 27. Either – Or Persuasive Writing Pre-WritingDetails:• EITHEROR is an acronym that helps students plan out their persuasive writing• Provides students with a good memory hook to help them organize their writing when the graphic organizer is not available• Can be used to focus on significant points and counter points
  28. 28. Meaning of Either-Or Letters Everyone is doing this or buying this.E Learning to write is an essential life skill. Those who don’t learn to write effectively will be reducing their chances to find a good paying job. Intelligent people agree with this!I Corporate CEOs have been saying that the potential employees coming out of college are not ready for the writing required by their company. This is good for you or someone you know.T Ask your loved ones to write with you a little each day as it will help both of you to become more proficient writers. Happiness: Doing this will make you happy.H Having the ability to communicate on both a personal and professional level effectively will make life much more enjoyable.
  29. 29. Meaning of Either-Or Letters Entitled: Everyone is entitled to do this; it is their right.E America has invested its vast resources to providing a free education for all of its children, which gives you the right to seek a good education, and writing is an essential part of this. Reason: Many good reasons prove this is so.R Every job has some type of writing involved. Accountants write financial reports, mechanics write estimates, teachers write lesson plans, etc... By choosing to be a poor writer, one severely limits their career prospects. Opposing point of view is wrong, I see their point, but the facts disprove their position.O There are those who argue they don’t need to write to be successful, but how many opportunities have they probably missed because they lacked this essential skill. Responsibility: This is an important responsibility!R It is the responsibility of every parent and educator to help students not only write better but to instill in children its great importance.
  30. 30. Either-Or ActivityTopic: The Importance of Funding SchoolsE Everyone is doing this or buying this.I Intelligent people agree with this!T This is good for you or someone you knowH Happiness: Doing this will make you happyE Entitled: Everyone is entitled to do this; it is their right.R Reason: Many good reasons prove this is so.O Opposing point of view is wrong, I see their point, but the facts disprove their position.R Responsibility: This is an important responsibility!
  31. 31. Response To Literature Pre-Writing Activity Using Tool 1-24a• Have students read a text• Write down some key words or phrases in one of the boxes of the tool• Get students into groups and give each group one of the boxes• Students will then brainstorm ideas that uses that word or phrase to discuss the topic.• Students get three minutes to write and then they receive a new box and repeat the process.
  32. 32. Response To Literature Tool 1-24a SampleTopic: The Wizard of Oz Ruby Yellow Glenda The Slippers Brick Road Good WitchWicked Witch Kansas The Emerald Of the West City Courage Tornado Heart
  33. 33. Summarize Without Words Directions:• Assign students a section of reading within a text.• The teacher will then draw (or provide images about) the important events within the text on the board.• The students will write a summary of the text using the teacher’s drawing as a scaffold.
  34. 34. What Movie Is This Summarizing?   
  35. 35. What are the expectations for the classroom?1. Have students become familiar with the writing process.1. Use pre-writing activities before any writing assignment.