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Hoover Professional Development Day 2011

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  • Jury Duty,Addison Death StoryI don’t use or know allI’ll bounce between my page and the PP.Things I do, things I’ve heard you can do.Jot down a few ideas that you would like to explore at the end of the class.
  • Advanced Edmodo

    1. 1. Advanced Edmodo Hoover City SchoolsDistrict Professional Development November 21, 2011
    2. 2. Welcome Edmodo forAdvanced Users Presenter: Bill Mann Simmons Middle School 2
    3. 3. The Overview• Encouraging students to use Edmodo• Knowledge of other technology• Dealing with tough students.• Don’t be afraid, help is out there. 3
    4. 4. #1: Create a great profile page 4
    5. 5. #2: ProfessionalLearning Communities 5
    6. 6. A) Teacher LoungeCreate a “teacher lounge” whereteachers within your school candiscuss ideas and share content. Creates a casual environment where online discussions can take place. Share ideas, files and links between a voluntary group of teachers. Teachers can contribute on their own time.
    7. 7. B) School ClubsEdmodo is a great collaborationtool for district wide clubs likeRobotics, Forensics, sports teams,etc. Use the calendar feature to mark important dates/matches/meets/practices . Notifications will help you update the group on important messages . Post results, pictures, etc. for the group to view.
    8. 8. #3: Choose Your Purpose 8
    9. 9. #4: Post Assignments and give options 9
    10. 10. #4: Conversationsabout assignments 10
    11. 11. A) Student writing projectsGive your students an enriching writingexperience through Edmodo. Help students tap into individualism, build self-esteem and measure how far they’ve come during the school year with writing projects: • Class Blog • Individual Blogs Edmodo provides students a platform for sharing their writing with teachers, peers and family.
    12. 12. B) Role Playing*Help students understand key eventsby reenacting them through roleplaying activities. Create student profiles for relevant figures and integrate knowledge in action. Inject life into old curriculum and helps students develop the skills of initiative, communication, problem-solving, self-awareness, and working cooperatively in teams.
    13. 13. C) Backchannel DiscussionsEncourage real-time discussions throughEdmodo. Extend learning beyond the classroom walls. (Backchannel during current events- e.g. State of the Union, Elections, breaking news stories, etc.)
    14. 14. D) Science Probes*Engage your students through scienceprobes on Edmodo. Post videos and other interactive to supplement Those students who are too shy to raise their hand in class, usually feel more comfortable communicating online.
    15. 15. E) Project Based Learning*Take a project-based approached to learning bycreating Edmodo sub groups. Students can collaborate and work towards specific goals together in small groups. The Edmodo platform allows for anytime, anywhere communication between students. All group information can be shared and stored in Edmodo for easy access by all group members.
    16. 16. F) Book Clubs*Encourage students to read and helpmake their reading experience moreengaging with an Edmodo book club. Host after school book clubs or summer book clubs. Facilitate discussions with writing prompts. Connect with other classrooms around the globe for book discussions.
    17. 17. F) Reading CritiqueTake reading to the next level by havingstudents critique each other. Students can upload and listen to audio files directly on Edmodo. Promotes encouragement between students in the classroom. Helps improve listening skills Not limited to reading, can also do art critiques, writing critiques, etc.
    18. 18. G) Co-teaching*Connect your classroom with otherclassrooms within your school oraround the globe. Co-teachers can help grade assignments, monitor discussions, and post files or comments to the group. Join an Edmodo subject area community to connect with other teachers around the globe.
    19. 19. H) Grammar and PunctuationHelp your students improve theirgrammar and punctuation byenforcing proper usage on Edmodo. Require students to post in complete words and sentence (i.e. “you” not “u”, “I” not “i”). Teach students proper use of social media tools to help prepare them for our connected world.
    20. 20. #5: Quick Checks and pre-assessments 20
    21. 21. #6: Instant Embeds 21
    22. 22. #7: Create a Library of Posts with Tagging 22
    23. 23. #8: Create a Cross-Classroom Shared Group 23
    24. 24. #9: Post to yourself 24
    25. 25. #10: Make things public 25
    26. 26. #11: Link to Google Docs to share them 26
    27. 27. #12: Ask for links to turn in project assignments 27
    28. 28. #13: Create a playground 28
    29. 29. #14: Feed your groups 29
    30. 30. A) RSS FeedKeep up with all your favorite blogsthrough Edmodo! Create an Edmodo group, retrieve the RSS links for the blogs you like to read and add them to the group. Stay organized and up-to-date with content being shared by bloggers in your PLN.
    31. 31. #15: Teaching when you’re not teaching 31
    32. 32. A) Sick days & absencesEdmodo is great for communicatingwhen you or one of your studentsare absent from school. Provide notes, assignments or other updates to students who are absent. Communicate updates or check in with your your class if you are absent from school.
    33. 33. B) Mobile LearningGive your students an interactiveeducational experience through mobiledevices. Bring Edmodo on your next field trip Post photos and create scavenger hunt questions, polls or quiz questions along the way. Great for backchannel discussions 33
    34. 34. What questions do you have? What are your best uses? 34
    35. 35. Support1 Join the 20 Ways to Use Edmodo group: Group code: 61ulgl2 Check out our Edmodo In Action Videos:
    36. 36. Q&AWhat Questions do you have? Edmodo Support Send questions to: technical: Investor Introduction, Q2 2010 general: 36