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Reform Symposium#4


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This was my presentation at The 4th Annual Reform Symposium.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Reform Symposium#4

  1. 1. Facilitating “Wow” Moments through Humor, Novelty, Awe, and Fascination by Joan Young, M.A.
  2. 2. Very Briefly.. A little about Me! Passionate about helping bring out the best in kids so that they “flourish” 4th grade teacher/K teacher/coach/tutor Author of 25 Super Sight Word Songs Super Sight Word Songs Finding Ways for All Kids to Flourish
  3. 3. A Little About You! On the next board, please share by typing what you hope to learn and/or contribute to our discussion! Please indicate your role in education!
  4. 4. Setting the Stage  These ideas are those that will take minimal time  The goal is to immunize against the factors of stress and negativity that impact the school day  I invite you to think about the most challenging parts of your day, your classroom and see if you can invent/modify a practice to reset the tone.
  5. 5. Threats to Environment On the next board, please write factors that pose threats to maintaining a positive, effective classroom environment
  6. 6. Definition of Positive Climate
  7. 7. Who has inspired me?  Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, author of Positivity  Broaden and Build Theory of Positive Emotions   got me thinking of how we can capitalize on positive emotions and their effect on cognitive flexibility.
  8. 8. Broaden and Build Theory The expanded cognitive flexibility evident during positive emotional states results in resource building that becomes useful over time.   Even though a positive emotional state is only momentary, the benefits last in the form of traits, social bonds, and abilities that endure into the future. 
  9. 9.  Dr. Judy Willis  neurologist, middle school teacher, author  Dr. John Medina, Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Baby  Dr. John Ratey , author of Spark  Dr. Todd Kashdan, author of Curious
  10. 10. Who has inspired you?
  11. 11. Positive Environment Maximize autonomy, increase choice, raise the bar
  12. 12. Positive lens Magnify strengths..minimize challenges
  13. 13. Got Practical Ideas? yes  Routines and Rituals  Movement  Music  Novelty  Spontaneity  Time dedicated to exploration of fascination
  14. 14. Routines, Rituals, Jobs  Student has job of classroom environment engineer each week  Other jobs: class photographer, blogger, music manager  Jobs promote responsibility, community
  15. 15. Music is powerful Raise your hand if you use music to enhance the mood or set the stage At the end during questions/discussions I would love to hear how you incorporate music
  16. 16. Use music  For transitions: signal  To introduce a new book, topic  To get kids moving between activities  In learning: have students create parodies/songs for learning  How do you use music?
  17. 17. Novelty Awakens Present a lesson in a different order, new place, or while talking like a character from the book students are reading. Start singing the directions or rhyming. How do you use novelty to engage?
  18. 18. Be Spontaneous !  Be creative  Ignore negativity from peers 
  19. 19. Power of Awe & Fascination
  20. 20. Fascination Time  Study what you’re interested in studying  Share a strength or a skill  Work together in a shared exploration or creation  Students can record questions/passions in a journal  Skype an expert in the field
  21. 21. Awe and Aww…  Baby animals promote positive mood  Can you look at them and not smile?  Google: baby animal images
  22. 22. Humor Protects.. Use humor to protect from stress Celebrate mistakes with humor Santa’s “slay” : OOPS! Kids want to make bloopers out of “funny mistakes”
  23. 23. Celebrate Our Mistakes with Humor Students love to “catch me” making a mistake. “ I am so glad you are paying attention! I was testing you! When we model that mistakes can be funny, we encourage a growth mindset.
  24. 24. Student Bloopers
  25. 25. Resources for Humor Benefits What’s you favorite way to seize the power of humor to uplift?
  26. 26. Be proactive to prevent stress  Before a big writing test, I spontaneously invited the students to a huddle in the center of the room  We all put a hand in and cheered: We are going to “ROCK THE WRAP!”  The week before our standardized tests, I took pics of students looking above privacy screens with fear. We laughed and dispelled fears.
  27. 27. Evoke Curiosity  From the work of psychologist, Todd Kashdan  Curiosity has an impact on anxiety: when you evoke curiosity during a stressful situation or before what could be stressful for some, the effects of anxiety can be less.  Use curiosity to counter the anxiety of a fixed mindset risk averse student.
  28. 28. Celebrate Wins!
  29. 29. Use student created positive visuals to help them work toward self-selected goals
  30. 30. Reflect! What’s Your Sentence
  31. 31. End of Year: 6 Word Stories
  32. 32. Help students to “reframe” When something goes wrong, help students learn how to “reframe” Challenge their irrational beliefs; taking the time to “reset” the emotional climate after recess is invaluable!
  33. 33. Walk Around it!  Teach kids that what they choose to focus on affects their mood and how they learn.  Just, “walk around it” and come back later.
  34. 34. Throw it out the window!
  35. 35. Have a Partner
  36. 36.  You have -- within you -- the fuel to thrive and to flourish, and to leave this world in better shape than you found it. Sometimes you tap into this fuel – other times you don ’t. But the sad fact is that most people have no idea how to tap into this fuel or even recognize it when they do. Where is this fuel within you?  You tap into it whenever you feel energized and excited by new ideas. You tap into it whenever you feel surroundings, at peace. You tap into it whenever you feel You tap into it whenever you feel sheer beauty of existence. You tap into it whenever you feel loved. In short, you tap into it whenever within you. From the UNC Chapel Hill Pep Lab at one with your playful, creative, or silly. your soul stirred by the connected to others and positive emotions resonate
  37. 37. Thanks for coming!  Find me on Twitter @flourishingkids    BIG NEWS! ..