Integrated bioeconomy


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Integrated bioeconomy

  1. 1. Integrated BioEconomyFeedstocks Processes Usesagriculture/ extraction/ foodforestry separation oil proteinscrops/residue mechanical, chemical carbohydrateswood residue additiveslivestock bioconversion microbes, algae fuels/energymanure ethanol/butanol biodiesel hydroloysis heat industrial/ acids, enzymes electricity municipal materials municipal gasification plastics solid waste high heat, low oxygen fibers adhesives CO emissions rubber 2 pyrolysis food/industrial paints/coatings catalysis, heat, dyes/pigments/ink by-products detergents/solvents pressure
  2. 2. New Opportunities for Sustainble Building Materials Enabling TechnologiesEarly generation biomaterials were starch-based Starch-based Performance benefit mainly biodegradabilityNewer generations biomaterials Oil, carbohydrates and protein feedstocks Expanded to more durable applications Can rival their petroleum-based counterparts Enabling Green Chemistry: UPR, polyols, surfactants, plasticizers, O OH O R O O R O R R O R OH O O n O O Raw Intermediate Formulators/ Building Building Growers Materials Materials Fabricators Manufacturers Designers Owners Producers Producers
  3. 3. Cell  to  Sell® Innovation  Pipeline Market  NeedsBusiness  Case Market    Research Agricultural             Processor   Biomaterial   Product   Consumer(Biomass)  Producer (Biorefinery) Producer Manufacturer Cell  to  Sell® Process Establish  market  needs  and  business  case Identify  enabling  technologies Facilitate  linkages  within  and  between  clusters Provide  impartial  advocacy     Build  relationships  and  value  propositions Leverage  policy,  industry,  and  academic  assets Accelerate  development  of  functional  supply  chain
  4. 4. Industry  Members Represent  Integrated  Supply  Chain Bio-­Derived Bio-­Based Bio-­Polymers and Feedstocks and Platform Specialty Intermediates, Bio-­Product System Chemicals Monomers and Resins Solutions Battell e
  5. 5. industryacademia policy