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K.walker 11-1-19


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DPI Response to OSBM

Published in: Education
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K.walker 11-1-19

  1. 1. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Barbara Roper, Chief Financial Officer | 6336 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-6336 | (919) 807-3810 | Fax (919) 807-3704 AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER November 1, 2019 Ms. Kristin Walker Deputy State Budget Director Office of State Budget and Management 430 N. Salisbury Street Raleigh, NC 27603 Ms. Walker: Thank you for bringing to our attention the account codes used to purchase devices in FY 2018-19 and the requirements associated with those codes. In the future, any technology purchased on behalf of local education agencies will be coded to an appropriate 536xxx account rather than to 534534. We are informing the local schools that the devices being provided from last year’s purchase remain State property on loan to them for disaster recovery or innovative pilot programs. While the value of each device falls below our inventoried computer fixed asset threshold of $500, we are providing districts with NC DPI property tags to affix to these items and will require that districts report on them annually. Sincerely, Barbara Roper Chief Financial Officer Cc: Anne Godwin, Deputy State Controller, OSC Kent McLamb, Chief Deputy State Auditor, OSA Chloe Gossage, Chief Strategy Officer, NCDPI Adam Brueggemann, Assistant State Budget Officer, OSBM DocuSign Envelope ID: D6C0E5A9-5820-4FE3-96C7-36094A01F1F7