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Mug newsletter spring 09

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 2 January 9, 2009 Jubilee Scholars Program Center for First Year Experience MUG Managing Undergraduate Graduation Spring 2009—SOAR Managing Undergraduate Graduation (MUG) is Special points of interest: an effort to assist first year students. Do you know your  Location of your Academic Academic Advisor? Do you know how to select the classes Advisor for this Semester? Is there a sequence that you must fol-  Scheduling follow-up ap- low to graduate on time? These questions and more need pointment with your advisor to be answered to make sure you are Managing Under-  Getting the information you need graduate Graduation. You should schedule a follow-up  Know your Rights and Re- visit your advisor during the early advisement period this sponsibilities semester. You should also complete the student informa-  What can you expect from academic advising. tion sheet and take with you any questions you have about upcoming semesters. Student Support Follow these easy steps to a great Spring Services: Semester Your Graduation Depends & A Wonderful Year on it. Inside this issue: What You Need for Academic Advising: Step 8 Student Rights and Respon- 2 sibilities Date: Friday January 9, 2009 Bring to Advising: Identify your Faculty Advisor 2 Time: 9:30– 3:00 p.m. 1. Completed Student Info Sheet (Optional) Manage Ur Graduation 2 Locations: 2. Ask for and pick up a copy of Major Curriculum sheet Business: Howard House from your division when you report for advising DU’s Got Help 2 Education: DUICEF, 2nd Floor. 3. A copy of the course request form Humanities: Cook Center, Room 122 Natural Sciences: Stern Hall ,Room 118 4. Registration clearance card Nursing: Stern Hall Room 100 5. Placement card. Social Sciences: DUICEF, 2nd Floor Goals: Meet with advisors to discuss major and to create a class schedule for Spring 09.
  2. 2. MUG Student Rights and Responsibilities It is important that you know your rights, but knowing frequently misses appointments or office hours; your rights means you also know your responsibilities.  Notify advisor of changes of in medical, financial or The two go hand in hand for a successful journey to personal situations that may affect your ability to graduation. You have been reminded time and again attend class; that you are to take ownership of your undergraduate  Keep personal records of progress towards your experience. There are Rights for your protection and degree; Responsibilities for your adherence.  Be familiar with the requirements for your intended major and minor; As a student you have the right to:  Follow Dillard's policies and procedures when regis-  Expect you advisor to be knowledgeable of the tering, adjusting your to schedule, as well as meet- university and its policies; ing deadlines for drop /add of courses; Shoot for the moon….. Even if  you miss you’ll be among the  Expect your advisor to be familiar with a variety of Be prepared for meetings with ALL material degree programs and services available; needed; stars!  Expect your advisor to assist you in planning your  Follow through after advising sessions; course of study; and  Seek to make decisions rather than allow others to Begin with the  Expect the advisor to create an atmosphere of make decisions for you; and openness, care and concern to foster meaningful  Seek reassignment if there are differences between communication. you and advisor. end in mind. As a student your Responsibilities are:  To know and contact your advisor; ~Steve Covey Habit 2  Schedule and keep all appointments with your 7 Habits of Highly advisor; Effective People  Contact your Division or Dr. Morelon if your advisor Manage Ur Graduation Need Help? After SOAR find your faculty advisor, DU’s got Help!! Center For The First Year Experience get his/her contact information. You’ll need to Writing Skills H/C 130N Jubilee Scholars Program schedule an appointment prior to early advise- Dillard University ment. Keep in mind that visiting your faculty advi- Math Skills H/C 104S Dr. Henrietta Harris sor will help you stay informed when you partici- Dean pate in early advising and early registration. Science Skills H/C 109N Mr. George K. Johnson Foreign Language Ms. Kimberly Rutherford Emerging Faculty Fellows MANAGE Ur GRADUATION DUICEF 117 H/C 111S How to Identify Your Faculty Advisor Identifying your faculty advisor is easy as can be if Steps for locating your advisor. you know where to look. The first place you 1. Visit Your Division should look is Campus Web. Log into your ac- count, click on the Academics Tab in the upper left 2. Speak with the administrative assistant corner below you name ID and SS# and Classifica- 3. Ask for advisor’s name and contact information tion. Look in the left upper area and there you 4. Follow-up in a few days to ensure you get the should find a name of your advisor. WAIT! No information in time for advising name listed there? Not to worry. See Your Fac- In just 4 easy steps you have located your advi- Make a plan and adhere to ulty Fellow for help in identifying your Advisor. Still sor. You are now ready to make that important that plan. no luck finding your advisor? In just four easy appointment . Schedule an appointment and be steps you can get the information. Keep this infor- sure to have all you documents available on that mation, it will come in Handy for Fall Registration day. Page 2