Blind Band


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The presentation to pitch a Reality Music Series that I wrote.
It is about creating music through the internet around the world.

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Blind Band

  1. 1. The Blind Band - Project
  2. 2. The technology allows us to share more than data, information and experiences. We can create a new concept of music production joining the internet facilities and some personal talents. In this show, there is only one way of relationship between the members of the band: through their music.
  3. 3. This is a new kind of Reality Show. It’s a mix of Reality, documentary, and show music. The objective is to produce new kinds of music, an album and finally a band.
  4. 4. The program speaks about many subjects; how born a song, where is the line between the creative process and the commercial busyness. If music comes from the talent of the musicians, from their chemical friendship or if it is just all about money.
  5. 5. The differential of the show is the way how the music is composed. It is not made by a group inside a studio for days and days. Each musician make just a part of the music and then send this to another member to complete with his part. First, someone records the bass line of the music that he created, after the drummer makes the drums line, then it is the turn of a guitar player, someone writes the lyrics and someone else sings. After the whole process the band is reunited for the first time to listen and know the other members. The next song is made mixing the order of the musicians.
  6. 6. The program needs a manager. A mentor who will be the link between the member and the public. He is a music producer who will send instructions to each musician and solve the eventual problems of the process. He is the responsible to manage the ideas to work together and say when the music is 100% finished.
  7. 7. The logistic of the process can be made by many ways. The musician can record his line and send by mp3 or cd. He can use an software like Cakewalk/Sonar/ProTools to write the music. They can share the file by the internet what means the member can live anywhere at a city, country or in the world.
  8. 8. During the show, some Short Takes can appear to link and to complete the script of the process. Interviews between musicians x producers, busyness x creative, ego x ego, money x art.
  9. 9. Another Short Takes tells the stories of famous bands. How they started, how they create songs, how they crossed the line between friendship and busyness and more.
  10. 10. The program shows the talent of the members and their personalities. A Short Take describes a profile comparing one musician to a celebrity according with his/her ideas or attitude.
  11. 11. The selection of the member and the producer can be by : - Musician with the same style. - Musician with completed different styles. - Famous or ex-famous musicians. - The producer can be a famous musician or a famous producer.
  12. 12. The Briefing to start a song can come from anything. There is some rules as the duration of the song, a short guitar solo, it’s depends on the producer. But the inspiration can start from a picture, a historical fact, a celebrity, a word, the integration of the public…
  13. 13. An especial guest can make one participation singing, writing or playing in the composition. This one can be an famous musician or someone of the public. The song or parts of the song can be available in the website to people send their version of the song, of the lyrics, of the solo. And the election of the member can de made by this way too. People can vote or write if the song is walking the way they like or not by mobile, email and forum.
  14. 14. With a site like MySpace the program can create a community for people share their compositions or ideas and to form bands with the same way of the Show.
  15. 15. After some episodes when the band is already formed. The program can talk about how chouse a name, the way they need to dress, how performing alive and more.
  16. 16. The Blind Band - Project Eduardo Carvalho - S ão Paulo - Brazil [email_address]