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Abc Digital A Brazilian Project For The World


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Abc Digital A Brazilian Project For The World

  1. 1. A Brazilian Project for the World
  2. 2. News... Government discuss US$ 100 Notebook MIT waits US$ 100 Notebook for 2006 US$ 100 Notebook arrives in government Government confirms analysis on the popular in June Notebook Popular Notebook will demand connectivity Government discuss popular Notebook this Tuesday US$ 100 Laptop makes Lula enthusiastic Government creates special group for popular Notebook
  3. 3. Beyond the News... Brazil already have portable computer project State School Students receives Digital Notebook Forty students from the first year of high school of the State College of Paraná had initiated an innovative experience in education terms. They are part of the experimental stage of the project DIGITAL NOTEBOOK , an initiative of the Paraná Government, in set with the Secretariat of Science, Technology and College Education of Paraná and of the Program World-wide Classroom in Information Technology and Communication – W-class, in partnership with public and private companies.
  4. 4. Brazilian Project! Newspaper Gazeta do Povo October, 14th , 2002 According to the Secretary of State of Science and Technology, Ramiro Warhaftig, the project objetives are the insertion of the professor in the age of the constant learning, the use of the digital notebook as a tool for the diffusion of knowledge, the improvement of the student´s learning and its capacity for research. “It will also be the multiplier of the acquired knowledge of the new technologies for the familyquot;, said Wahrhaftig, in the Winter Institute, event organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and city hall of Curitiba to analyse innovative experiences in education.
  5. 5. Brazilian Project Newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo” Brazil, October, 14th, 2002 Public School Students of Paraná use Digital Notebook In this semester, 40 students of the State College of Paraná had included a portable computer in the pertaining of school material. The equipment is from the Digital Notebook project that is in experimental stage and was created by the Government of the State of Paraná to bring information technology to the public schools. The portable computer is used in the classroom, on to a server who stores the applicatory ones. “It is already being used in the lessons of the majority school homework’s,” affirms the headmaster of the educational division of the State College, Ana Maria Amaral Lima. The newness brought great interest of the students, affirms the coordinator of the project on the State College, Maria Luiza Diniz Lacerta. “They do not arrive late for class and nor have haste to go even so”, said. The lessons with the digital notebook are so different from the traditional ones, affirms Maria Luiza. Portuguese Teacher, to give lessons about the baroque style, she asks for the students to search the Internet some texts. After that she asks them to compare with texts of other styles that are already saved in the folder. As homework the students have to use the computer to create slides and present their conclusions to the others. Portable PC – The student can take the digital notebook to home. “We hope that the student works as a knowledge multiplier, teaching their families and community friends”, said the coordinator of the project, Keizo Assahida. For this, however, was necessary to create a robust, cheap and transportable equipment, task attributed to TWT Solutions. The result is a computer with 128Mhz processor, 64MB RAM memory, flash memory of 10MB, two USB ports, one serial and one parallel and 12’’ LCD. The equipment uses Linux and consumes five times less energy comparing to a common desktop, in accordance with the director of marketing of TWT, Rawlinson Peter Terrabuio. “The equipment was specially created for the schools reality”, said. “We create a cabinet with material resistant to shock,” Terrabuio compares it to a palmtop. “It synchronizes with the schools server and stores only 10 MB in the flash memory”, explains. According to the director, the equipment does not function anymore if it does not connect to the server. “With this, we eliminate the problem with robbery”. (K.A.)
  6. 6. Experience August/2002 – Digital Notebook Project State School of Paraná – Development and Implantation
  7. 7. Products and Technology
  8. 8. Products ABC Linux School: ABC Digital System: Specific Software Platform to the educational sector formed by: ABC Linux School Solution – Operational and Management System in exclusive Linux for schools, ABC Security Solution – security software and ABC Educational Solution – Educational election of homologated and translated Softwares of free distribution. With these tools our company “E-DUC” offers the following services: Configuration of the Educational TI Master Environment; Maintenance and Support of the educational catalogue of softwares; New educational softwares upgrade to the catalogue without incidental costs; Benchmark of the educational softwares and information to the customers; Development of new resources for the educational software and Personalization of the software by order.
  9. 9. Products ABC Digital Laptop Educational “Embedded PC” Hardware d ig i ta l
  10. 10. ABC Digital: The Future
  11. 11. ABC Digital: Resources Projected Configuration CPU: Project Main Board Mini-ITX or PC/104 Processor: X86 Clock 800 Mhz to 1 Ghz Memory: Minimum of 256MB Unit Storage: Compact Flash 512MB or HD 40GB Esteem Consumption of Energy: 20 to 50W Monitor: LCD 15” Minimum of 2 USB 2.0 + Parallel Cabinet: Expanded Polyurethane resistant for small impacts OS – Operational System: ABC Linux School
  12. 12. Services  Development and Programming  Software Research  Catalogue of Softwares  Benchmarking  Translation  Portuguese/English Manual  Implantation  Management  Support  Qualification  Infra-Structure Projects  Connectivity
  13. 13. Main Benefits For Schools and Students Management of the programmatic content and classroom and also management of the software environment for type of user, level and age; Platform of easy use propitiates qualification of the teachers with less time and lesser investment; Complete Integration, development of a dynamic and productive education system, with the interchange of knowledge between the teachers and students constructing an ample net with unimaginable potentialities; Students learning in a Collaborative Environment; Remote update of software; Great Economy of Resources in Hardware for the schools due to the construction of a mechanism of difficult obsolescence; High Security, less virus possibilities to the system and data locking through system with modern mechanisms of cryptography and identification of the user; Centralization of the information to produce contents access to all with substantial economy of resources; More than 1.000 Pedagogical Software with on-line support with constant development, translation to Portuguese language, manuals and update; Students as the carriers / multipliers of the information access to their families.
  14. 14. Main Benefits For the Country Longer life of the equipments; Less investment in physical infrastructure and logical net; Less energy consumption; Equipment not available commercially and with software security/locking not allowing robberies, thus guaranteeing the student security; Less investment in hardware update; Client / Server Environment with management and total domain of the software system; Less cost with software update; Bigger security of the teacher and students against virus; Less cost with teacher qualification; System prepared for a controlled growth; Total integration with the WEB allowing the use of the content of other websites; Great economy of public resources in the acquisition of peripherals and software licenses; Model Project for WORLD WIDE REFERENCE.
  15. 15. Opinions “The Brazilian software industry is robust and strong. It has the capacity to grow and to conquer the external market, but clearly it has necessities of incentivesquot;...quot;The window of chances in the area of semiconductors for Brazil have closedquot;...quot;If Brazil wants, in fact, to include itself with the great ones of the world-wide economy will have to invest very strong in the knowledge. Education is the base of the generation of jobs and money for a Country“ Craig Barret – CEO INTEL CORP. quot;The social impacts of computer science, conquest of science and the technology, are capable to take to a bigger transformation that of the gas machine. An established society each time more in the exchange of symbolic values, from money to the information, goes to change the axle of the economy, finish with the current concept of work, to value more than everything the knowledge and the learning. In this scene, the excluded ones will be each time more excluded - with the power concentrating in the virtual spheres (with deep control in the real spheres) - not to be that if they implement efficient and massive actions to promote its digital inclusion.“ Carlos Seabra – Scientific Coordinator of the Center of Digital Inclusion and Community Education of the School of the Future - USP.
  16. 16. Contact: Rawlinson Peter Terrabuio Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer Tel./Fax: (41) 3015-2573