Eduard Till running for MCVPII 2012-2013


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Eduard Till running for MCVPII 2012-2013

  1. 1. GENERAL QUESTIONS 1. Why have you decided to stand for AIESEC Romania? What will be your contribution to the MC team and what do you expect to learn from the experience? I decided to stand for AIESEC Romania because I believe that this is a logical step in my AIESEC development. Halfway through my term as President I knew that this will not be my last experience in AIESEC and I was thinking at a MC experience. Because I’m more drowned to internationalism, I first pictured myself as being part of a MC abroad. This perspective changed after talking with some of the LCPs from other countries and from Romania. That was the moment I decided to run for AIESEC in Romania. Moreover, at RockME, the current MCP of Romania talked about the idea of having in the MC Presidents that worked with the changes that stand in front of the organization in the upcoming period. This will be an important advantage for all of us next year, making MCs’ transition more efficient and enabling the next MC to have a shorter stormi ng period and immediately enter the performing part. My previous experiences as LCVP OGX and NST OGX member are the ones that recommend me professionally for this position as a person who worked closely with the OGX area, both at local and national level. Adding the experience as President I can say that I am the right person who is ready for this challenge. My contribution to the MC team will be my creativity, flexibility, innovation and passion that I demonstrated in the last 3 years of my AIESEC Experience. Talking about the things that I will gain out of this, my expectations are to have the most qualitative TMP experience. This consists in working with other 9 individuals for a period of one year in a professional environment, making this experience an important step that I should make before entering the corporate world. 2. Create a proposal for AIESEC Romania 2012-2013 strategy that should cover the next points (a,b and c): a. Make a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threads) of AIESEC in Romania. The points above have to be evident in the plan you create and the correlation between them too.Strengths Weaknesses- functional NSTs that have supported the strategies - problems regarding retention in EB teams acrossimplemented by the MC the country- MCP in Steering Team - low number of GIPs (both incoming and outgoing)- creating a LCPs team, involvement of the LCPs - poor understanding of the changes in structure inteam some LCs- aligned recruitment campaigns in all the LCs - low GN collaboration- qualitative national PBOXes (Grow, MoneySense) - few LCs applying for Grants- new partnerships realized at RYLF - there was no focus in preparing AIESEC Romania’s- MC EVS accreditation and some LCs EVS members (lack of area preparation in conferences)accreditation - unhealthy internal processes (difference between- 2 new LCs planned and achieved objectives)- lot of candidates for this MCC (potential candidates - MCVP TM without EB experience before, electedfor MC abroad, if not selected) too late (LCVPs without direction for a while)- AIESEC Romania is well positioned in the - Incoming GCDPs that are not sustainable (this
  2. 2. international network affects the quality of the internships provided)- high visibility in the external environment (through - no stable regional coachesDinuPatriciu awards enhanced) - no investment plan for AIESEC Romania- good reintegration process (members are taking - PBoXes on OGXmore than one program) - expansions and IGs management- quality on ICX reception - LCs with year plans that are not realistic- Engagement and LifeLong connection theoreticallydefined before AI- MoSes on new programs implemented before IC- Alumni involvement and support for the MC- MC present in the LCs for LC visits and preparation-MC accommodation at low costOpportunities Threats- AIESEC Romania members in MCs abroad - financial crisis- the partnership with Trilulilu - no LC organizing RYLF yet- Exchange accreditation (that should be expended - our competitors for internships abroad (Erasmus,in all the LCs) Work and travel etc.)- EuroCo organized in Romania - Educational system will change drastically (this- many Grants providers will affect projects for high schools)- no jobs for students (students choose to work - elect EBs with different structure in every LCabroad with AIESEC’s internships) (accountability issues, problems in aligning promo- partnership with School of Values and RBS in campaigns)implementing external projects - initiatives that come from AI may be different- one person who applies in AIESEC International from the initiatives weve been unfolding lately-ICX and OGX partnerships b. The 3 main priorities for your area(s) based on the general SWOT analysis. What strategies would you propose for each one and what results would you like to see in each of those priorities at the end of your term.Priorities Strategies Main resultsGIP and Common AIESEC Romania reaches 400GCDP 4 main recruitments outgoing exchanges:Growth Targeted and pocket recruitments 162 GCDP (10% growth) Matching Manias 238 GIP (78%growth) Conversion from domestic programs to international -MT: 115 (15% growth) programs -ET: 60 (50% growth) Re-Raising -TT 63 (43% growth) GIP Diversify the technical pools(engineering, medicine) Partnerships with top performing GIP ICX countries Stronger selection in recruitment GCDP Partnerships with our neighbor countries and top performing countries on GCDP ICX in CEE EVS sending Market Research and Supply and Demand Capitalizing on short term partnerships Conversion from TMP and engagement(participants at projects) to GCDP
  3. 3. AIESEC SOL on OGX campaign A national outgoing initiativeRomania Cooperation on partnerships implemented in at least one GNLCs Sharing contacts (Local spreadsheets for international (SOL campaign, human resourcecooperation contacts etc) sharing, Internship event) Human resource in, local events, promotion and 10 numbers realized on EVS selection(returnees, members) National contact spreadsheet LCs capitalizing on the EVS accreditation of the country Information System and or of the other LCs Knowledge management tool Support in members education Cooperation on common initiatives Sharing good case practices on exchangeInternship Events Brand Booklet for Internationalpositioning Engagement activities around internationalism Programs Exchange accreditation All LCs in Romania have Continuous online recruitment accreditation on International National Aligned brands for GIP and GCDP programs Programs c. The external opportunities you can capitalize from your position to get the vision you propose in point (b). The external opportunities that I can capitalize on are:  International conferences  Multinational corporations  Small number of Jobs offered to students  Student NGOs (for International Programs consumers and externalization).  Matching Manias  HR companies 3. What is the role of MC? What should be the role of MC? What actions can you take as an MC team to fill the gap? The main role of the MC is to create and deliver the direction for the country. The MC does this by downscaling information from AI to the Local Committees, information used in planning, updating and tracking. After the plan is created with the help of the EBs, the MC must ensure the support of that plan, by offering services towards the country, both general and functional ones, re acting to the new information and to the local realities. The MC, individually, works with the strategic teams, either RoST or various NSTs on areas. The MC is responsible for the national education cycle, delivering it or ensuring that it is being delivered by externals. Last, but not the least, the MC is responsible for representing the country and the LCs, outside the organization or in the international network. In what concerns the gap between what is and what should be the role of the MC, I can say that this two are not that different. This year we were led by a team who managed to meet the country’s expectations in what concerns their Job Description. Ever since the beginning, I noticed the trend to shape Romania as a united AIESEC country, where LCs work together, relying on the support from the MC. The only thing that I will do differently this year will be having more trust in the Presidents and their Vice Presidents, transmitting the correct information at the right time.
  4. 4. 4. What strategies does AIESEC Romania need to follow to increase performance for the ELD programs? Please specify at least 3 strategies for Domestic Programs (TMP&TLP) and 3 strategies for the International Programs (GIP&GCDP).Domestic Programs Develop engagement programs and activitiesTMP&TLP By passing on the information starting with the engagement phase, involving our potential TMP and TLP consumers in projects, activities or events, we will insure that the people who will access the Domestic Programs will be better prepared and more passionate to do their designated tasks at a higher quality. Personalized induction on programs Based on their own career plan, a member accessing TMP or TLP must receive the specific preparation needed to develop his skills for the program he accesses, and also, for his future plans. By doing this we ensure the pipeline for the experiences that the organization provides. Conversion from International Programs The International Programs customers must feel connected with the organization by attending local preparation events and LC activities. This is why, the LCs must develop a plan in which all the persons accepted attend the LTS and have a Career plan before taking an international opportunity. This is how they will know that after their experience, they can develop their skills by taking one of the TMP or TLP programs. The support from the MC should be on the framework of reintegrating our EPs, capitalizing on the benefits and personal development path.International Partnerships and targeted recruitmentsPrograms The vision of the organization is to Engage and develop every young person in theGIP&GCDP world. The most accessible international program for first year students is the GCDP. This is why we must capitalize on it and create Country to Country Partnerships in which we promote concrete opportunities, with a specific time frame and job description. On the other hand, the GIP program is more qualitative and professional, and it is a bit harder to create a stabile partnership for it. Internships like the TTs for Tata Consultancy promoted in this year’s RYLF are that kind of internships that we must capitalize on. Moreover, we, as an MC must create an aligned brand for GIPs that all the country will promote to our stakeholders. Another strategy is creating GIP preferential partnerships with the MCs in which our GIP customers are the first to be presented to their TN Takers. GIP market expansion A thing that might help is to scan the platform for new pools on GIP. There are a lot of TNs that promote new areas that Romania, as an AIESEC country, does not capitalize upon, and this is a focus area that the MC must encourage LCs to have. With the ETs introduced as GIP we must approach private language schools that can use internationals in their work. The TT pool is now growing into something more than a IT pool, and this is a trend that the MC must offer a concrete push this year. GCDP conversion to GIP and qualitative delivery For every young student who wants to access the GIP program, the VPs must recommend a GCDP program before. If every GIP consumer becomes a GCDP consumer as well, AIESEC Romania will have a growth in their realizations. Moreover, if a GCDP consumer qualifies to a GIP program as well, they must be strongly encouraged to take it. One way to do this is by offering them a discount in their internship fee, and simple solutions like this always do the trick. The support from the MC must come ona national campaign that rewards the top performing LCs that manage to achieve high results from Re-Raising strategies.
  5. 5. Talking about the experiences that we provide our trainees, we must ensure that all the LCs in the country can rise to a certain standard of quality, making our projects and our reception activities the business card for Romania in the upcoming period. This way it will be easier for a person to apply for an internship offered by Romania, or to come again in our country.5. What are the competitive advantages that AIESEC Romania has in the international network?What can we do to maintain and/or increase them?AIESEC Romania’s competitive advantages in the international network are:- We are a country which is piloting AIESEC2015. The changes we made in the structure and theprocesses are a proof of that. I believe we can increase this advantage by stabilizing our processesand ensuring a qualitative transition framework for the country.- The quality of the GCDP experiences that we provide to our trainees. Our reception activities andour qualitative projects are the ones that contribute to the image that Romania has in the network.The support of the MC is to create a set of recommended activities for our trainees and to track theminimum criteria of implementation.- The GCDP and GIP customers are qualitative. Being good English speakers and having a vast AIESECXP, they become ambassadors for our country. Moreover, our leaders are more into accessing theGIP program after their EB experience or other Middle Management experiences.We shouldcontinue to have a good selection process and to capitalize on the international programs offered toour members.- Qualitative Romanian leaders. Romania was everywhere this year, and this is a trend that needs tobe continued. Having Romanians in the MCs or being MCPs of other countries, or even in AI’sSteering Team is an important asset to the image of Romania in the world, and this is one of thethings that we need to maintain, by inspiring our members to continue their AIESEC experience atthe MC level, inside or outside the country. A strategy to achieve this is promoting opportunities likeCEED or international conferences, or creating new ones like Spend a week in the MC flat.Other things that Romania is known for are Alumni Management, our qualitative TM processes, thestrong partnerships that we deliver for, and the list could go on.
  6. 6. SPECIFIC QUESTIONS1. Present your strategy on how to decrease the delivery time and how to increase the realizationrate on GIP in AIESEC Romania for the following term?In order to give the answer to this question we must understand our customers. The people whoaccess this program are students in terminal year or recent graduates and experienced AIESECmembers.A strategy to decrease the delivery time is to make a more strict selection process for our GIPcustomers. The interviewers must receive a preparation on competencies in order to identify theindividuals who have everything it takes to pass the company interview. This way we can select onlythe people that will have high chances of matching. For the rest of them, we can offer GCDP, TMP orTLP programs if they are suited for them. Moreover, a good case practice from the network is thatthe applicant must prove throughout official documents that he owns at least 500 euros,representing the exchange fee and the transportation costs. This offers a certainty that the moneyproblem will not appear. When I was VP OGX I introduced in the Exchange contract a clause statingthe fact that if the EP does not get matched in a certain period of time he will not be able to accessthe program again, and this helped me motivate my GIP EPs to do self -matching and to shorten theirrealization time. Also, this helped me clean the platform of EPs that are hard to match or are just notthat interested.The pools that need a push are the Management and Technical ones. For the Management pool, wemust capitalize on our leaders that can access a GIP. I’m talking about the team leaders with aminimum 6 months leadership experience and the EB members. A solution that we, as a MC, cancapitalize upon can be creating an R&R for the LCs based on the numbers of L+X generated on GIP.Speaking about the external market, preferential partnerships on MT and TT with the topperforming countries on ICX Corporate in which we promote specific job description will make ourcustomers understand the benefits of the project and will make them apply. Moreover, theTechnical pool needs to be diversified, approaching topics like engineering, medicine or agriculture.The fact that we do 4 recruitments per year is a strong opportunity that we need to capitalize upon.We need to develop the framework for the summer recruitment in which we attract students thatcan access a Technical Traineeship, in order to realize them in Q4. Change IT can be a project thatmore and more LCs must implement. A strategy in this direction is combining it with the IT track inAIESEC University.2. Taking into consideration the underperformance on Educational and Technical Traineeships,please create a strategy on how to ensure growth in quality and quantity and LC involvement onET and TT realizations. In your opinion, what are the elements that limit AIESEC in Romania to beperformant on ET and TT and how will you solve these issues?After the Development Traineeships, the Educational Traineeships are the easiest ones to match andrealize. To grow the realizations on ET it is important to ensure a pipeline for the LCs. A well -maderecruitment is the key. If we promote the ETs to students from terminal year and recent graduateswe can create the pipeline. A lot of students are searching for jobs in education, but because of thesystem, they don’t get it. The students don’t get the practical knowledge in school and this is anopportunity that needs to be exploited. A simple ET project in which we recruit students, offer them
  7. 7. a professional TtT with our training partners, then raise their forms, will make them even morecompetitive candidates for the ET market.The Technical Traineeships area, as we understand it, is formed mostly from IT. This mindset mustbe changed immediately. New pools on TT include engineering, agriculture or medicine, wideningthe student niche that we can approach. In order to support this strategy, we must capitali ze onpreferential partnerships, with the Nordic countries for IT (being the biggest supplier of ITtraineeships) and with other countries that offer jobs on the new pools.One of the biggest challenges in ensuring the pipeline is recruitment. We often promote our GIPprograms vaguely, overselling it, making the GIP customers on ET and TT have incorrectexpectations. Instead of that, we should use segments of our student market to promote concreteopportunities, on educational or technical faculties, using large posters, with a concrete message(that can also contain part of the job description) with a more stable brand of our internationalprograms. This will be more effective and efficient than using millions of small posters placedrandomly in the University. We focus more on GCDPs because we match them more easily and thestudent market is bigger, but we also need to focus on the IT pool, being one of the best in ITcountries. Another thing is that we have a small focus on the summer recruitment, making all our Q4realizations come from the spring recruitment. The MCVP International Internships must offer theframework for summer recruitment, as the main source of GIP realizations in Q4, shortening as wellthe delivery time. Another good case practice comes from AIESEC Iasi, which is doing an assessmenton the competencies and skills needed for ET and TT traineeships, and develop the talent marketingand selection process on that assessment, making sure they recruit according to the platform trends.3. Taking into consideration the lack of Outgoing National Projects in AIESEC Romania, how willyou ensure the management and change of this situation and the LC engagement in implementingOutgoing National Projects?The new structure offers a lot of flexibility. New projects can be made fast, initiatives can be createdoutside LPM in order to achieve organizational results. There are two main directions that we can choose from in what concerns the Outgoing NationalProjects. Either we create a portfolio with projects, together with the VPs at the beginning of theirterms, from which each LC can choose to implement one or more projects. Sometimes forcing LCs toalign to certain strategies or projects can backfire upon the results of the country. Either we don’tcreate any national projects on Outgoing, offering flexibility to the VPs to create their own ways indelivering results. By doing this, the LCs can be a bit comfortable and will not search for simpleinnovative initiatives that can generate extra EPs for the pipeline.The solution is the combination of the two directions: create the portfolio with projects andprinciples of implementation together with the VPs and the NST, giving them the ownership thatthey need, and let them choose the ones that they implement and the way of implementation,according to the principles created, while the MCVP International Internships and the NSTcontinuously tracks them.4. Present the initiatives, way of working with the LCs, difficulties and performance of the TOPAIESEC countries of each GN on GIP and GCDP outgoing in maximum 2 pages.
  8. 8. The following statistics are taken in the period 1st of January 2011 until 1st of December 2011MENA Egypt GCDP257 GIP48Initiatives: splitting the OGX into OGIP and OGCDP. The focus was on creating different operations, strategies,focuses and resources. They work with Standardized Operations Procedures, providing the framework for thecountry to get educated and aligned. Their main national initiatives on OGX are the XPROs, the OGXInformation System Infrastructure and the Country to Country partnerships. Due to the Lebanon Expansionthey managed to have an extra 80 applicants for OGX from which they sele cted 32. They use the onlinerecruitment through social media and the partnership with the Universities.Working with the LCs: the Standardized Operations Procedures. They split their operation on pools, geographicapproach, universities, country of destination, etc.Challenges: GIP operations, which are not that developed. In order to fix this they start with small structureswhich they develop and expand. They split the operations based on the smallest and simple st way for thedemand and market.CEE Poland GCDP550 GIP374GCDP initiatives: the Discover program (promoting internships in India, China, Turkey, Africa, Balkans andRussia); new initiatives developing on HIV/AIDS and EcologyGIP initiatives: Teach the World, Business Program, and Technical Talent. The LCs apply for taking part, theyestablish their own timeline or the frequency, and the LCs are responsible for the unfolding of the project. Theapplications are made through a special site, the MC is splitting applications between LCs taking intoconsideration the program and the selection is made by the LCs.Working with the LCs: there is no OGX NST. The communication is made through the NST in PR which tracks theactivity on the projects.Difficulties: the MCVP OGX. The management of growth is difficult considering the lack of communicationbetween LCVPs and the MCVP on OGX.CEE Russia GCDP 287 GIP 267GCDP initiatives: national projects supported by the MC with materials, partnership programs, the standardizedinformation system and the Country to Country cooperation.GIP initiatives: their ET partnerships and on delivering their Country to Country partnersh ips. The MC is workingwith the top TN providers, coming mainly from WENA, but also with India and Turkey in order to match theirleaders.Working with the LCs: the OGX NST is coaching half of them. The coaching meetings are happening with all thecountry once every 2 weeks. Their main communication channels are the e -mail, Facebook groups and sharedDropbox accountsThe main difficulty was the winter recruitment due to the delays in preparation. The MC had their Junetransition, July was the month of national conferences and LC visits, in August was the IC and the promotionmaterials. The LCs had a lot of feedback for the materials sent and this meant another delay, making therecruitment difficult to implementWENA Germany GCDP551 GIP236CGDP initiatives: Discover program (India, China, Brazil, Kenya, South East Asia and Russia) – traineeships intopics like HIV/AIEDS, social work, environment, multiculturalism, etc.; Educating our world (DT/ET focus) –deliver knowledge and training on language teaching, running cultural or specific workshops in schools in China,Poland, India, Turkey, Ukraine or Russia.GIP initiatives: Emerging markets (MT) – working experience in companies from emergent economies aroundthe world (Brazil, Russia, India, China). The backgrounds are focused on marketing, project management andmarket research. Global Leaders program (X+L focus) for people with leadership experience to go on MT or DTin China, India, Brazil or Turkey.Working with the LCs: there is a National Exchange Programs booklet from which the LCs picks the projects thatthey want to implement and the MC is setting minimum standards for the implementation and checkpoints.The LCs are designing their own recruitment, timeline and logistics according to the program that they chooseto implement.
  9. 9. Iberoamerica Brazil GCDP668 GIP291GCDP initiatives: Global Citizen Cultural - the EPs must elaborate cultural and social projects, work with thecommunity, support the LC’s cultural events, educate young and old people on topics like language barriers orhealthy lifestyle. Global Citizen Management – design and work in planning of strategies for fundraisingprojects, communication and marketing, project and program management. Global Citizen Human Care –introducing English as a communication tool, organize educational activities for children, approach themes likeHIV, hygiene and others.GIP initiatives: It’s my world – programming in C, C++, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, MySQL and SAP, webdevelopment, project management in architecture and engineering area, management with engineers andarchitects. Global talents – work with market research, product development, HR management, Projecttracking and development, consultancy and sales.Brazil MC’s structure contains 3 VP OGX (OGX Corporate, OGX Non Corporate and VP AIESEC Experience) givingthe country a greater focus and results. The MC is offering the framework for planning the projects and splittingthe accountability in the LC.Asia Pacific Mainland of China GCDP1818 GIP285Mainland of China is the No. 1 in OGX in the world.GCDP Initiatives: focus on X+L delivery, promotion of exchange with the help of returnees. Country to countrycollaborations, especially with India. The New peek program – balances the pipeline and delivers morequalitative exchanges.GIP initiatives: partnership with Turkey and USA. Double products (DT+MT) for new markets . Marketsegmentation. Campus Branding Guidance. Online recruitments and promotion.Way of working with the LCS: region based and task based NST working with the LCs. The LCs are focusing ondeveloping standardized operations.Difficulties: The quality problem. Product packaging needs improving. Lack of LCs comprehension of theimportance of members’ engagement and the general management of OGX. No short term exchange database.VISA problems. The competitors are growing up faster.Africa Nigeria GCDP108 GIP29GCDP initiatives: SWAP - engaging people to access the GCDP program, then providing them the opportunitiesto work abroad in social issues. The target is young people between 18 and 30 years old. EXPANSION initiative -approaching 15 new universities and expand in at least 5 of them, then organize OPS and pocket recruitmentsin certain points.GIP initiatives: X+L initiative – promote TN package for leaders, certificate X+L returnees, newsletter for X+Ls,product packaging, goal setting, learning opportunities, R&R system.Working with the LCs: inter-LC relationships. Also, they capitalize on the effect of social media to improve theircommunication inside and outside the organization. The focus is to position AIESEC among students bypromoting the projects and the recruitment process. They use newsletter to communicate in the countryAfrica Kenya GCDP 66 GIP 28GCDP Initiatives: the Bus Campaign (run in east Africa region to educate the people to take the bus). The peoplein Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda do not need a visa to travel. In order to implement this initiative theyused the peak analyzer and synchronized the project with the holidays.GIP initiatives: developing a minimum criterion for raising GIP EPs. They focused on the exchange analyzer torun cooperation in the East Africa Region because the companies are looking for people from there.Working with the LCs: newsletters and one on one meeting every two months. They have an Internationalcooperation Manager, responsible with the matching and cooperation and an OGX Education coordinator,supporting the education in the country on this functional area. The tools that they use are the GCDP portfolio,the GIP portfolio and the National OGX segmentation tool.Difficulties: lack of knowledge on OGX in the country, transition (was fixed by having Exchange Summit);holiday calendar for the LCs due to the 5 different periods of University holiday (fixed by working with thecluster model and OGX segmentations.)
  10. 10. 5. How will you ensure as MCVP of AIESEC in Romania that the International Internships LC VPsconduct their attributions on the Student niche on their local markets?A person will perform if he has a direction and concrete plan to achieve it. This can be made in theNational Congress where all the VPs will be there, giving them, in a flexible way, the ownership onthe plan and the national initiatives. Also, NC is a place where all the gaps in education must becovered, based on a Needs Assessment done in advance. The way I will ensure the implementationof the plan is by working directly with the VPs. Each person is unique and has his own needs. This iswhy it is very important to personally understand the needs and find solutions together with them.Also, the NST (which will not be formed from LCVPs to avoid the work overload) will be an importanthelp in this process. In my term as VP, the MCVP OGX was tracking our activity using a tool calledQuGPTT, followed by a one on one meeting. This was continued in the current term and it is anefficient way to track LCVPs’ activity. Moreover, I am open to offer preparation for the members inthe country throughout LC visits or online preparation, and by doing so, to become a support in theactivity of the LCVPs.6. How will you manage the communication strategy of AIESEC Romania on GIP and GCDP takinginto consideration the local and national recruitments campaigns, projects, initiatives andcampaigns?Because of all the changes in structure, processes and names, the country understood the need ofcreating a strong brand for each International program. We need to create a brand that the studentscan easily identify and stick to. Ever since I entered AIESEC, the International programs wererebranded so many times, causing confusion among the student market. Create simple brandingrules, colors, fonts used and educate the country to use them. If so, in time the students willsubconsciously connect part of the brand with the idea of internationalism.This is important but not enough. I believe that doing more than one thing at a time is unproductive.After we create the brand we must plan the timeline of our actions. This is not something thatshould come from national level, because it is hard for a person to understand and work with 15different realities. The perfect solution is that every VP conceives the plan, having in mind the realityof the LC and the market analysis. What should be done from the national level is set someprinciples that are important to be respected in order to transmit a clear message, give the LCVP thespace to create the plan, check it, feedback it, approve it and track it if necessary. In order to do so,the MC VP International Internships must provide education, motivation, ownership and theframework needed so that the LC VPs International Internships manage this communicationstrategy.7. Analyze the performance on outgoing GIP & GCDP in the last 3 years in AIESEC Romania. Howwill you ensure a constant growth in quality and quantity on both GCDP and GIP on the followingterm?The following statistics are from the platform. The GIP number includes theEducational, Technical and Management Traineeships and the GCDP number includes only theDevelopment Traineeships.
  11. 11. 2011 2010 2009GCDP 166 92 35GIP 136 174 145A significant part of the GIP numbers is Educational Traineeships, meaning that the pools of MT andTT are still at a low level and need improvement in quantity and quality.We can see from the statistics presented above that in 2010 the GCDP numbers had a growth of162% and in 2011 the growth was 80%. The GIP numbers had a growth of 20% in 2010 and adecrease of 22%.Growth on GCDP: long term partnerships with CEE countries and short term partnerships forpromoting specific projects. As I said before, it is important to know our customers and the market.This is why I believe that we should do a proper market research at LC level before choosing topromote a certain opportunity or enfold a specific project. Another issu e is education. LCVPsInternational Internships must be the experts on their area. This means knowing the product andcapitalizing on every opportunity from the platform to get new good case practices and education.We need to increase the usage of files and wikis on in the process of generatingstrategies for the LCs and also to contribute to the network by uploading our own information.Growth on GIP: I believe selecting the right person will make our work effective and efficient. Anincrease in difficulty on the Review Boards in selection will ensure that we have the qualitative EPsto offer our GIP program to. Capitalizing on new markets is another solution that we need to startfocusing on. There are more and more opportunities for EPs on on new, unexploredareas, causing our market to expand, making us have a bigger pool of potential GIP customers fromwhich we can select. Moreover, we need to start promoting concrete learning points anddevelopment paths for our GIP customers, as part of the communication strategy.
  12. 12. How can AIESEC Romania focus on the 20% that bring 80% of the results?The key word for the next year in AIESEC Romania should be simplify. This word should beencountered in almost everything we do especially when it comes to the processes that weimplement, to our way of work and the way we communicate.There is a challenge that comes with this idea: making people aware that doing the things ina simpler way doesn’t mean that we don’t have to think big, it means that we have to findthe simple, efficient way to achieve and overcome our results. Doing simple things must notlimit our creativity and our innovation.Simplify our processes. We have to identify the processes that are worth keeping, eliminatethe unnecessary elements, and give the LCs the ability to customize them on their localrealities. In the same time, if needed, add new simple processes that will help the country inits quest for achieving results.As I was saying above, the process of simplifying must not kill the innovation and creativity.We are always searching for new and innovative solutions for our problems and most of thetimes we don’t achieve the expected results because we either get lost in too many thingsthat we have to do or we don’t have a good timing. By doing this we make our workunproductive and, in most cases, at a lower quality. We should start investing our focus i ndoing one thing at a time and on finding the perfect timing.There is a trend in the country to allot a large amount of time for certain things, so that wewon’t be constrained by the time limitation. The answer is shortening the deadlines. Thisremoves the need to double-check everything. A process started a long time ago needsextra checking right before the deadline. Having a smaller period for implementation willconstrain us to do things right from the beginning, will build thrust in the team and willmake the team experience more qualitative.In April, the MC will meet all the presidents for the planning meeting, where we’ll create thestrategy for the next year. That is a the key point where all of us should have in mind that itis a period where all our processes and plans need stability and the way we’ll achieve that isthrough simplifying what we do and eliminate the unnecessary. Create a simple plan thatevery member in the country must understand, plan what will deliver high qualitativeresults.I will resume my response with these two principles: limit the tasks to the few importantones in order to shorten the work time and shorten the work time in order to limit the tasksto the few important ones.