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4. Endorsements MCVPOD Edu


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4. Endorsements MCVPOD Edu

  1. 1. 03rd of February 2012AIESEC RomaniaTo whom it may concernIt gives me great honor to recommend Mr. Eduard Till for the position of VicePresident Organizational Development in AIESEC Romania for 2012 – 2013 term. Ihave known Eduard since he joined AIESEC Craiova in October 2008 and since thenhe continuously proved to be a competent and dedicated member whose proficiencyand initiative contributed to the development of the local committee.During his terms as Vice President Outgoing Exchange and President of AIESECCraiova I had the chance to see his personal and professional evolution and I canstrongly admit that he has demonstrated tact and perseverance in solving problemsand he contributed to creating a united and strong internal environment.He revealed himself as a great leader with a very high level of coordination, a persondedicated, passionate and committed to all the activities he had been involved in,creative, with good communication skills and with a continuous desire for learningand finding new challenges.I am sure that Mr. Eduard Till will be equally valued, he will prove his skills anddevotion to you, thus contributing to the overall evolution of AIESEC Romania for thenext term.I am looking forward to supporting his efforts and I remain at your disposal forfurther information.Sincerely,Cristina CojoacaFormer President of AIESESC Craiova 2008-2009
  2. 2. 3rd February 2012To whom it may concern,I am hereby recommending Eduard Till for the position of Member Committee of VicePresident Organizational Development in AIESEC Romania.As trainer, I have worked with Eduard in 2011 in three conferences – ICPS and ITTT inRomania and DARE in Slovakia. By combinig his personal leadership experiences,interactive methods of delivery, thorough preparation and the connections he built todelegates, he always manged to achieve the learning objectives of the conferencesand receive positive feedback. I consider Eduard’s ability to connect and work withsuch different types of people a crucial aspect for his success as MCVP OrganizationalDevelopment.While having leadership positions in his LC, Eduard contributed to making Romaniaeven more known in the AIESEC training world. Not only he attended severalinternational conference, but he also inspired members of his LC to facilitate abroad. I amconfident that he will use his international network in order to bring innovation andprogress in AIESEC Romania.For all the mentioned characteristics and skills, I consider that Eduard is a greatcandidate for MCVP OD Romania 2012-2013For any questions you might have, feel free to contact me:Silvia PătrașcuNational Trainers Team 2010-2011,AIESEC RomaniaMail: patrascu.silvia@gmail.comSkype: silvia.patrascu
  3. 3. Miss Alexandra CoandăVice-President Talent ManagementAIESEC Craiova 2011-2012To whom it may concernI have had the pleasure of working with Eduard Till in the two years that I’ve spent in AIESEC Craiova and theexperience I’ve had so far enables me to proudly and strongly recommend him for the position of MC Vice-President Organizational Development.I have worked with Eduard since the first minute I joined AIESEC, up to the end of the Executive Board term andduring this time, not once did I feel his work was anything else but perfect. Eduard is the kind of person who willstrive for excellence, but who will also challenge everything, in order to find the best way for doing things. He isthe person who will not be satisfied with mediocrity, who wants and is able to achieve great things and be a trueinspiration for the people around him.As a President of AIESEC Craiova, he has proven to be the perfect person to assume this role. This being a year ofchange, Eduard was the main pillar to hold the local committee together, to challenge it to think not only locallybut also nationally, to create an impact-oriented mindset and to make the LC come closer to The AIESEC Way.He was the one who best understood the structure, the need for change, the way in which we had to actaccording to it and he has been a constant support for the Executive Board and for the members, ensuring wehave everything we needed to do our jobs.For me, personally, Eduard is, and always has been one of the most powerful reasons that have kept me inAIESEC, doing my job at its best. I’ve seen in him a role model, a person I want to become one day, and probablythe best demonstration of leadership that I have ever met. His passion and dedication for AIESEC, his open-mindtowards the network, his creativity and innovation, his leadership spirit and his ability to analyze situations andact accordingly are just a part of the qualities I admire in Eduard and which recommend him for the MC ofAIESEC in Romania.At interpersonal level, Eduard is opened to new people, to internationalism and has the habit of surroundinghimself of great, intelligent people, in order to learn the best from each and every one of them. He is also theperson who will challenge you in order to grow, to push your limits forward and reach for more. He is also fun tobe around, he is supportive and always makes sure the people around him are comfortable and understandingof each and every situation, in order to give their best.Eduard is, for the MC of AIESEC Romania, not just an added value, but a must-have. Firstly because of hisdedication to the entire network, his involvement in this network since the beginning of the term, his ability tothink from both MC and LC level and for all the qualities that recommend him for achieving great things inAIESEC. Secondly, the Organizational Development position is suited for him, because during this term he hasbeen the one to drive change and manage processes in AIESEC Craiova and he has done it wonderfully. He isable to create and implement growth strategies and he has the ability to make people understand why and howthat particular strategy needs to be implemented.I will conclude by saying that if I were to choose someone for the MC of AIESEC Romania, I would instantlychoose Eduard. I’m saying that because for me, Eduard was the most valuable support in AIESEC, during my timeas a member and later as a Vice-President. The best things that I know now, he taught me and he did a verygood job changing a shy, quiet young girl into a true AIESECer, into a person that can push her limits forward.Taking everything into consideration, with utmost pride and certainty, I recommend Eduard Till for the positionof MC Vice-President Organizational Development and I hope you will give him the chance to show you what hecan do for AIESEC Romania.
  4. 4. 2 February 2012To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter to endorse Eduard Till for applying for the position of MCVPOrganizational Development of AIESEC Romania. I met Edu in the begining of my term in 2011. I can honestly say, being able tocompare him with two generations of LCPs that he is one of the most exceptional. At firstsight he’s a very well structured and efficient person with a keen way of transmitting justthe right message for people to understand his vision. We worked together alot and everytime he proved to be an invaluable part in every task or discussion. He’s an experiencedand very creative person which grants him the ability to bring relevant inputs and valuableideas. I also got to know Edu at a more personal level and have the priviledge to call hima friend. He showed an enormous amount of passion for his work and AIESEC. He’s funo have around and count on to help his team through any difficulties. Also, one of the fewpeople who actually live by the value “Striving for Excellence”. If not my words, or the ones of other people, his AIESEC career and achievementsalone speak for him. I am glad to endorse and highly recommend Eduard Till for MCVP OrganizationalDevelopment as a great asset for the MC team and for AIESEC Romania.Sincerely,Radu Matei – LCP of AIESEC AradFor further