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Leadership development framework


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Leadership development framework

  1. 1. Leadership Development Team building Sales Training Company Balance Scorecard 5 LEVELS OF LEADERSHIP Level 1: Position (Rights) Level 2: Permission (Relationships) Level 3: Production (Results) Level 4: People development (Re-production) Level 5: Personhood (Respect) Objective: Develop a leadership game plan for your life 360 degree LEADER Myths of leading from middle Challenges of leading from middle Principles of leading up Principles of leading across Principles of leading down Value of a 360 degree leader Objective: Developing your influence from anywhere In the organization 4 Pillars of Leadership Pillar 1- Relationships • Nature of relationship • Building blocks of relationships • Growth of relationships Pillar 2: Equipping • Equipping for success • Equipping the right people • Equipping for the next level Pillar 3: Leadership itself Pillar 4: Attitude • Impact of attitude • The formation of attitude • The future with the right attitude Objective: Identify the four critical areas for REAL leadership success DNA OF LEADERSHIP C Community: Including vs Excluding H Humanity: Appreciating vs Blaming A Aspiration: Striving vs Fearing N Navigation: Sharing vs Withholding G Generativity: Wondering vs Knowing E Expressing: Developing vs Dictating S Spirit: Celebrating vs Conforming Objective: Leverage talent, Maximize results, Boost profits ADAPT INNOVATE OVERCOME TSWELELA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT