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Get millions of_users_in_china


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International Search Summit in London , Oct-2010

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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Get millions of_users_in_china

  1. 1. Get millions of users in China Inway Ni, VP@4399
  2. 2. Index • Factors about 4399 • Understand China Internet Users • Tips before Search Marketing • Trends we care
  3. 3. Factors about 4399 • Top one portal and traffic sources for Flash game and Browser Game. • 100+ million users. 30+ million UV per day. • “4399” is the one of those most popular keywords in Baidu index.
  4. 4. Understand China internet users •,, • QQ (155815 • Taobao VS Eachnet ( Ebay ), Baidu VS Google. • Undertand their PCs ( notebooks ) • Where they start internet browsing ( Homepage , tools )
  5. 5. Tips before Search Marketing • ICP or not? • Any other certificates needed? • How to get .cn domain and manage your .com in China? • Where to host your website? • Search Marketing Agencies or resellers? • How many search engines should be considered? • Keep your translation up-to-date.
  6. 6. Trends we care • Google is still important at both PC side and mobile • APPs is moving users behavior out of domain- based internet eco-system • SEM for shopping search engine is very important.