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Digitization and Landscape-Research Nexus


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Presentation during the Land-use science research group at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, by Eduardo Oliveira and coordination of Silvia Tobias

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Digitization and Landscape-Research Nexus

  1. 1. Land Use Systems Group Meeting 05.07.2018 E. Oliveira S. Tobias Digitization and Landscape Research Nexus
  2. 2. Ongoing / preliminary As We (and WSL) are just taking off on the investigation of the current and potential interplay between the “digital world” and landscape research.
  3. 3. Overview Objectives of the study Why is this research important Details on the systematic literature review Summary of results  Future research directions  Forthcoming activities and events Digitization and Landscape Nexus
  4. 4. Objective sProviding a summary of the state of the art on the nexus digitization and landscape research through a systematic literature review; Identifying research gaps; Prioritizing these research gaps; Suggesting and justifying future research directions; Building the basis of a workshop at WSL. Digitization and Landscape Nexus
  5. 5. UnderstandingsDigitization and Landscape Nexus Digitization Conversion of analogue information into digital information through the use of digital technologies. Digitalization Making digitized information work for society in general / daily life. Digital transformation is the process of devising new applications that integrate all digitized data and digitalized applications. digitization-digitalization-and-digital-transformation
  6. 6. Digitization has become a megatrend and our daily lives have gone digital so has the landscape around us. Why is this research importantDigitization and Landscape Nexus  Mobile apps for tracking movement and physical activity e.g. cycling, hiking etc.  Drones supporting agricultural activities, natural resources management etc.;  Social media platforms supporting the communication of our environment and landscapes i.e. through photo-sharing platforms (e.g. Instagram);  Crowd-mapping to document pathways; cycling routes; recreational areas;  3D visualization tools. Examples
  7. 7. As the digitization of the physical environment is increasing it is important:  To understand better in what way digitization/digital transformation can be a threat or an opportunity for our landscapes;  To develop novel solutions supporting natural resource management and landscape planning adapted to the digital world;  To explore how digitization can successfully be implemented to shape landscapes that provide values for society and serve nature. Why is this research importantDigitization and Landscape Nexus
  8. 8.  This linkage as been identified as a future research topic during the 2017 workshop of the WSL Landscape Centre.  In line with the objectives of the WSL Landscape Centre it is also important understanding better the usefulness of digital developments in landscape research; Why is this research importantDigitization and Landscape Nexus initiatives/landscape-centre.html More info. about WSL Landscape Centre
  9. 9. Literature review: three domains 1) The impact of digitization on the landscape. 2) The interlinkage between digitization and landscape perceptions. 3) Digitization as a means for citizen science in supporting landscape research.
  10. 10. Three domains which have generated search terms Search Terms Search for discussions and platforms  Digitization and landscape  Citizen science  Digitization  Digital  Social media  Landscape  Landscape research  Landscape perceptions  Natural landscape  Open space  Citizen science  Physical activity
  11. 11. Combination of search terms used on Scopus & Google Scholar 1. "digitization" AND "landscape" 2. "digitization" AND "landscape research" 3. "digitization" AND "landscape perceptions" 4. "social media" AND "landscape research" Digitization, social media, perceptions and landscape research
  12. 12. Combination of search terms used on Scopus & Google Scholar Digital, physical activity, health and landscape 6. "physical activity" AND "landscape research" 7. "health benefits" AND "natural landscape" 8. "health experiences" AND "natural landscape" 9. "well-being" AND "natural landscape" 5. "digital landscape" AND "health"
  13. 13. Combination of search terms used on Scopus & Google Scholar 10. "citizen science" AND "landscape research" 11. "landscape" AND "perceptions" AND "citizen science" 12. "digital" AND "landscape" AND "citizen science" 13. "citizen science" AND "open space" 14. "citizen science" AND "natural landscape" Citizen science, perceptions and landscape
  14. 14. Geographical and time dimensions of the literature review Any where Any time
  15. 15. Overall results retrieved via Scopus & Google Scholar matching the combination of search terms = 71,638 = 257 = 71,381
  16. 16. Overall results retrieved via Scopus (Article title, Abstract, Keywords)
  17. 17. Overall results retrieved via Google Scholar(no patents or citations)
  18. 18. Comparison of results: Scopus and Google Scholar
  19. 19. Search on Twitter (retrieved on 05.07.2018 / timeframe: 01.01.2018 - present) #digitization #landscape = 2 results #digitization #landscaperesearch = 0 results #digitization #landscape perceptions = 0 results #socialmedia #landscaperesearch = 0 results #digitallandscape #health = 0 results #physicalactivity #landscaperesearch = 0 results #health benefits #naturallandscape = 0 results #healthexperiences #naturallandscape = 0 results #wellbeing #naturallandscape = 0 results #citizenscience #landscaperesearch = 0 results #landscapeperceptions #citizenscience = 0 results #digitallandscape #citizenscience = 0 results #citizenscience #openspace = 3 results #citizenscience #naturallandscape = 0 results
  20. 20. Search on Twitter (retrieved on 05.07.2018 / timeframe: 01.01.2018 - present) #citizenscience #landscape = 2 results Citizen science to monitor landscape changes Initiative on crowd-mapping
  21. 21. Twitter accounts on Citizen Science (citizen science in their Twitter feed name, description or in both) = 62 platforms dedicated to Citizen Science
  22. 22. A more detailed reflection on preliminary results (example)
  23. 23. A more detailed reflection on preliminary results (example)
  24. 24. A more detailed reflection on preliminary results (example) Citizen science projects  are of special relevance in  mosquito research Affiliation: Division of Forest, Nature and Landscape Research, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Landscapes are a social construct (…) Engaging these actors in landscape research will strengthen their engagement in landscape conservation and exploit their often considerable knowledge and understanding of local landscape dynamics.
  25. 25. Discover other relevant & related literature
  26. 26. Discover other relevant & related literature
  27. 27. Future research directions How digitization will change the way we perceive landscapes and how we will interact with them. Expanding research by moving beyond the possible impacts of digital infrastructures such as mobile antennas in the landscape. How citizen science and digital knowledge-driven platforms can better contribute to value landscapes and support landscape planning. Digitization and Landscape Nexus
  28. 28. Forthcoming activities  Conduct a more detailed and content-specific literature review on the interplay between digitization and landscape research;  Publish a review paper on the state of the art on digitization-landscape nexus (expected to be submitted in March 2019); Digitization and Landscape Nexus Forthcoming events  Incorporating the digitization and landscape nexus in the programme of the workshop to be organized by WSL Landscape Centre in November 2018;
  29. 29. Thank you