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2013 09-21 e-learning, moodle and opensource - what do i have to do with it


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Published in: Education, Technology
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2013 09-21 e-learning, moodle and opensource - what do i have to do with it

  1. 1. E-learning, Moodle and Opensource What do I have to do with it? (Coelho)
  2. 2. moodle is one of the most successful OSS of all time OSS = Open Source Software
  3. 3. Moodle Statistics updated 2013/09/20 Registered sites 87,079 Countries 239 Courses 7,879,675 Users 73,731,597 Teachers 1,300,207 Enrolments 78,437,509 Forum posts 130,594,058 Resources 69,986,407 Quiz questions 199,610,906 Languages 80+
  4. 4. demo
  5. 5. we live a silent, persistent revolution on education
  6. 6. a lms turns every internet-capable device into a virtual classroom gateway a continuous communication channel for professors and students a great tool both for conventional and e-learning an lms can optimize both the time and the space requirements in the learning process
  7. 7. so, what is education 2.0?
  8. 8. self-taught, self-service learning content a change in the professor’s lecturing dynamics internet will be a necessity, as energy is right now
  9. 9. why so much fuzz about this moodle thing?
  10. 10. open-source lms huge user base huge IT and professor community flexible to be used as platform with building blocks
  11. 11. do see yours?
  12. 12. reach me