Unit3 Wonders of the world


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Unit3 Wonders of the world

  1. 1. WONDERS OF WORLD Introducction. In Unit 3, you learn how to…… • Use the superlative form of adjectives • Use the superlatives with nouns • Ask and answer questions about measurements with How + adjective…? • Talk about human and natural wonders • Use short responses to show you are a supportive listener • Use superlattives for emphasis
  2. 2. d Superlatives Structure For short adjectives The + adjective+est Example What’s the biggest train station in the world ? What’s the busiest airport in the world ? Structure For long adjectives The + most/least + adjective Example What’s the most expensive city in the world ? What’s the most beatiful region in Ecuador ? 
  3. 3. d Superlatives Irregular superlatives: Good the best Bad the worst Example What’s the best person in your life ? What’s the worst problem in the city ? superlatives with nouns: The most + noum Example Which country has the most tourism? What’s the city has the most people in the world ? 
  4. 4.  In conversation The + most + adjective is about 20 times more common than The + least + adjective
  5. 5. Natural Wonders 
  6. 6. Natural wonders Mount Everest.- is the Earth’s highest mountain located in mahanlangur section of the Himalayas It’s pesk is 8848 metres above sea level and the 5th turthes point from the centre of the Earth. Mount everest attracts many highly experienced mountaneers as well as capable climbers willing to the profesional guides. There are two many climbing routes Measurement.- the 8848 height given is officially recognized by Nepal and China although Nepal is planning a new survey 
  7. 7. Human Wonders 
  8. 8.  The Great Pyramid is considered a natural wonder and the Egyptian government was disappointed that it would have to compete with several man-made monuments like the Sydney Opera House and those that were chosen. As a compromise, the Great Pyramid is considered to be the “Honorary Candidate” after the 7 modern wonders of the world.  Here they are – the seven man-made wonders of the world (with an honorable runner up). Looking to plan a special trip this year? Consider touring the world to see each one – or work them into your vacation itineraries as you plan your vacations for years to come. We can only guarantee that no matter where you end up you won’t be disappointed. 
  9. 9. d Questions with How + adjective How high is Mount Everest? How long is the nile river ? How wide is the grand Canyon? How deep is the Pacific Ocean? How large is the sahara Desert? How hot does it get in Death Valley?  Some measurements can be followed by an adjective : high, tall, long, wide, deep