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Unit2 Experiences


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Unit2 Experiences

  1. 1. UNIT 2 EXPERIENCES Introducction. In Unit 2, you learn how to…… • Use the present perfect with regular verb and irregular verb • Ask and answer questions beginining with Have you ever • Use the simple past to give specific answer to questions in the present perfect • Talk about experiences you have or haven‟t had • Keep a conversation going • Use Do you?, interest Did you?, or Have you? To show
  2. 2. d Present Perfect Staments Structure afirmative PP + have + verb PP+ complement Example I‟ve played videogames the weekend Structure negative PP + haven‟t + verb PP+ complement Example I haven´t visited The Galapagos Island 
  3. 3. Regular past Participles (Add ed) Travel traveled Play Played Save saved Try tried Visit visited Irregular past Participles Be was were been Do did done Go went gone 
  4. 4. g  In conversation when people talk about travel destinations, they generally use been as an alternative to gone to mean “gone somewhere and come back ” as in I‟ve (never) been to Paris. People use went (no was/were) in past tense sentences, as in I went to Paris last Year
  5. 5. d Present Perfect Staments and simple past questions and answer Use This Structure for present perfect for indefinite times before now have + you + verb PP+ complement+ ? Example Have you played videogames the weekend? Yes,I‟ve .I played videogames the weekend No,I‟haven‟t .I „ve played videogames the weekend 
  6. 6. d Use This Structure for past for specific events or times in the past Did you+ verb Present + complement Example Did you visite The Galapagos Island? Yes,I did .I went to Galapagos the last year 
  7. 7. g  In conversation the most common questions with the present perfect are Have you (ever) seen / been /h eard / had….?
  8. 8. Building Vocabulary Good and Bad Experiences Have you ever won a contest or competition? No, I havent.I‟ve won a competition of Math Have you ever forgotten an important date? Yes. I‟ve I‟ve forgotten a Valentine‟s day Have you ever found a lot money No. I havent. I‟ve found a phone in buss 
  9. 9. c  You cant show interest by responding with short questions like Do you? And Have you? Use the same tense as the other persons In conversation to show surprise, you cant respond with questions like You do? And you Have? This is more informal
  10. 10. a  Complete te conversations with response questions like Do you? Are you A Have you ever perfomed in front af an audience? B Yes, I‟ve actually, I d it all the time A Do you? Wow B Yeah.I‟m a drummer in a jaz band. A Are you? I‟m impressed!
  11. 11. Have you ever Complete the past participles Be Was/were been Do Did Go See  Drive Drove Driven Done Write Wrote written Went Gone Eat Ate Eaten Saw Seem Give Gave Given Drink Drank Drunk Fall Dell Fallen Sing sing Take Took taken Sang Find Found Found Meet Met Met Have Had Had Read Read Read Hear Heard Heard Say Said Said Keep Kept Kept Sell Sold Sold Leave Left Left Sit Sat Sat Make Made Made Tell Tald tald
  12. 12. Win Won Won Become Became become Bring Brought Brought Run Ran Run Buy Bought Bought Come Came Come Catch Cuaght Caught Cut Cut Cut Teach Tought Tought hurt Hurt Hurt Think Thought tought Put Put put 
  13. 13. g  I‟ve never The top past participles after I’ve never……are 1. Been 2. Heard 3. Seen 4. Tried 5. Had 6. Done 7. Gone 8. Read 9. Used 10. watched