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Reflexion on lisandra


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Reflexion on lisandra

  1. 1. Eduardo E. Rivera CintronSeptember 30, 2011ID: 804-11-6916Reflexion on Lisandra’s SeminarMs. Lisandra was a fellow student of the UPR of Cayey and she did her major inChemistry. She is currently studying to have her PhD at the University of Buffalo.She discussed with us a review paper titled: “Proteomics biomaker discovery: It’smore than mass spectrometry”.The authors in this article wanted to share with us that in the process of discoveringthe biomarker you would need more than just a mass spectrometry. Thesebiomarkers could provide an early diagnosis in the patients and a better treatmentprocess, because it’s more effective. The search of biomarkers has intensified thedevelopment of new technology during this past decade. Some of this newtechnology that was developed through the past years are now known as shotgunproteomics, plasma/ tissue analysis, cell based assays, etc. Shotgun proteomics ledto be a simpler strategy of discovering biomarkers. Due to the use of plasma andtissues the investigators chose to unite this into one analysis. The plasma/tissueanalysis was used to narrow down those plasma-based tumor that could havepassed the qualification studies. The process of the validation of a biomarker takesplace in four steps. In those four steps it only gets to the second one that isqualification due to that the verification of the biomarker that is to complex.Through the discussion Lisandra pointed out these topics and explained to us theimportance of the biomarkers in the medical society and the advantages it brings.Even though it hasn’t been approved the qualification process, we could foreseethat in a near future it will be a great advantage in the early diagnosis of cancer and/
  2. 2. or other diseases.