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eduKan Education Innovations


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Review of the innovative programs that eduKan has implemented in 2011-2012. From English as a Second Language Degree Programs online to use of biometrics for identity proofing to digital textbooks all saving students thousands of dollars and time to getting an education. Find out more at

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eduKan Education Innovations

  1. 1. We Innovate Education Partnership Opportunities S
  2. 2. Who is eduKan?S eduKan was formed in 1998 by a consortium of six colleges in Kansas to take advantage of the Internet as a platform to educate studentsS We’ve expanded services and today our staff of six manage over 5,000 online students from 47 states S Partnership with CompuHigh to provide a national, online dual associate / high school degree program S We’re centralizing training to provide educational opportunities to our consortium partners’ faculty and staff S Charter to Innovate by our Board of Directors – unheard of in higher education institutions
  3. 3. Game Changing Innovations We continue to follow our original charter to innovate and are the 1st institution in the US to develop and rollout these game-changing programsS Elimination of Physical Proctoring with the use of a biometric signature password from BioSig-IDS Project Aristotle Digitally embedded textbooks and new media content for online courses – right book the course, every time.S English as a Second Language – Associate of Arts Degree Program in 2 Years
  4. 4. Game Changing InnovationsS Elimination of Physical Proctoring with the use of a biometric signature password from BioSig-ID S Proactively manages online student identity proofing and meets Department of Education and Institution Accreditation Board requirements S Ensures Academic Integrity and deters cheating by validating the student who signs up for the course is the student who has applied for financial aide, is taking the course and the exams and earning the credits S Lowers operational costs for institutions and minimizes the need for physical proctoring S Saves students $400-$800 per year in proctoring fees – unlimited annual use fee is less than $20 per student and is integrated into the
  5. 5. Game Changing InnovationsS Project Aristotle Digitally embedded textbooks and new media content for online courses – right book the course, every time. S Low cost resource fee for students save $1,000s annually S Ensures students can take the course they want with the resources they need S Proactively management of course assessment and student / instructor interactionS Analytics provide the necessary data needed to ensure students are engaged and learning online at the highest levels
  6. 6. Game Changing InnovationsS English as a Second Language – Associate of Arts Degree Program in 2 Years Online S This is not an emersion course, the student starts out with Spanish courses and English courses are gradually integrated into the coursework while they earn their general education creditsS This innovative program integrates the Spanish to English language learning and assessment technology into the content on the learning management system and enables students to earn their AA degree and speak fluent English upon completion S No extra courses, no extra time, no extra fees – saves students on average 18-24 months of additional time and thousands of dollars in tuition
  7. 7. eduKan TVS eduKan TV is a new monthly broadcast where we bring the hot topics to the audience with two guests to talk create a dialog among educators as a way to network live using a socially connected platform S Live stream video with a chat room allowing other educators to share their thoughts on the topics with the host, Dr. Mark Sarver and his guests and get immediate feedback S Connect via social network logins or via free app for smart phones and tablets S Watch on-demand to keep up on what educators are thinking and experiencing
  8. 8. Reaching Today’s Digital StudentS The world is our oyster – we can support and provide online education to students around the worldS eduKan is focused on reaching the mobile student from high school to busy professionals to stay-at-home mothersS Getting your AA from eduKan allows students to take courses online and use tablets and smart phones to access learning materials on-demand
  9. 9. Helping Hispanic Families Get a Head StartS There are over 52 million people living in the US that are of a Hispanic origin, making them the nations largest ethnic minority S Helping Spanish-speaking parents learn English will help their children entering school have a larger English vocabulary and give both parents and children the advantage they need to get ahead
  10. 10. OpportunityS eduKan is looking for partners to join us and help provide education opportunities to underserved individuals through our online platform S Spanish to English AA Degree Scholarship Funds S Poverty-level students in high school who make the grades but don’t have the opportunities S Scholarships for women, single mothers for self-improvement S Scholarships for adult men for self-improvement S Students outside of the US S Digital Content on Tablets S Technology partners to donate tablets for students to use S Internet Service Providers to provide monthly service for educational needs
  11. 11. Make it Easy to LearnS No one said life was easy, but we want to help make it easy for deserving students to get an affordable start to their college education S eduKan is an accredited institution offering AA degrees online that are transferable… S Scholarship funds go farther with eduKan enabling you to help more students go farther, faster S eduKan does not have a limit on the number of students that can enroll – being all-digital has it’s advantages
  12. 12. Let’s Get CreativeS We have received a grant from the Mexican Consulate as a start towards helping students who’s parents are born in Mexico to help them get startedS We’d like to come up with some merit-based programs for other prospective students to help them get started this coming January with our specialized programS Contact us online via email at or by phone at (800) 516-7841 to set up a time to explore partnership opportunities together