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Recipe for the Depression


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Great Depression Assessment Task for US History

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Recipe for the Depression

  1. 1. ASSESSMENT ACTIVITYA Recipe for Disaster
  2. 2. Public Domain - Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons How Much Do You Know AboutWhat Caused the Great Depression?
  3. 3. A Recipe for DisasterA recipe has two centralcomponents:1. Ingredients2. Procedure
  4. 4. IngredientsA recipe has a coherent set of ingredients that, together, make up aparticular dishThese ingredients are always listed with specific amounts e.g. - a recipe for bread has a particular amount of yeast, sugar, water, and flourThe amounts are in proportion to each other e.g. - when making bread, for example, a relatively sma# amount of yeast is combined with a relatively large amount of flourSpices are often included in amounts that are sufficient to providespecific tastes without overpowering other ingredientsYour recipe must include ALL of the ingredients that help you craft arecipe that demonstrates your understanding of the assigned content
  5. 5. ProcedureRecipes include a very carefully outlined procedureYour recipe must include a logical series of steps that take theingredients and "manipulate" them to create the final product(The Great Depression)There are a number of terms that are useful because theyindicate different ways of working with ingredients e.g. - Some verbs indicate a gentle combination (fold, si%, incorporate) while other procedures are more aressive (knead, whisk, crush.) Some things MUST happen before others e.g. an oven must be pre-heated before baking or ingredients must be combined before they are baked!
  6. 6. Rubric
  7. 7. This is an INDIVIDUAL projectRecipe is due on Tuesday April 12.Unit Test will be on Wednesday April 13
  8. 8. Lesson plan & rubric adapted with permission fromJohn