Culture Change Case Study- MJGDS


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For the JET Institute: In 8 years, the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School has grown from a highly traditional institution where technology was used only to automate tasks, to a much more risk-taking school, a place with a culture of "learn, reflect, share." I will share my personal lens on culture change at MJGDS and some key ingredients that I feel were vital to our success.

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Culture Change Case Study- MJGDS

  1. 1. change@mjgds
  2. 2. •Technology •Equipment •Separate •Fear-based •Learning •People •Integrated •Risk-taking
  3. 3. a b How?
  4. 4. Vision h"p://  
  5. 5. Human Resources
  6. 6. h"p://   Expectations
  7. 7. Do it now
  8. 8. Don’t reinvent the wheel…
  9. 9. …do reinvent everything else!
  10. 10. Mistakes M  
  11. 11. and a few tools…