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Virtual 4 t_conference_global_classroom_proje


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Virtual 4 t_conference_global_classroom_proje

  1. 1. The Global Classroom Project Virtual 4T Conference Theresa Allen Illinois, USA @tdallen5 Kyle Dunbar Virginia, USA @edtechdunny Erin Cassedy Virginia, USA Katie Cherry Virginia, USA @MsKCherry
  2. 2. Aims of the Session• To share our involvement with global projects including The Global Classroom Project• To provide resources and ideas for your own global projects• To connect, share, and talk with other teachers who want to grow global classrooms
  3. 3. Poll: Where are we at? Ive already run global projectsA Ive participated in a global projectBC I want to start making connections & collaborate with other teachers and classes around the world!D This is the first time Ive really considered participating in a global project!
  4. 4. Poll: Who are you? Primary or K-5 educatorA Secondary or grades 6-12 educatorBC High EducationD Other!
  5. 5. Why Global Projects?
  6. 6. The Global Classroom Project: a launchpad !
  7. 7. Some of Our Projects!Reflections on what worked, what didnt and what we are still learning about.
  8. 8. Global Hero Voicethread ProjectNovember 2011 - June 2012Grades 2-12 (ages 7-18)Voicethread link• Students research the definition of a hero, how one becomes a hero, and think about what type of person comes to mind.• They will describe the qualities and deeds the hero possesses.• After writing a narration, they will upload a photo for the Voicethreadand narrate.• At the end, students will listen to a compilation of heroes around the world.• Directions found hereContact Theresa Allen @tdallen5
  9. 9. Edmodo & Global Classroom 2011-12 Theresa AllenWhat is Edmodo? Edmodo Manager• definition Illinois, USA• benefits for teachers/students @tdallen5 tallen@csrn.orgGetting Started/User Info• Teacher/Student Set Up• Moderation Tina Schmidt• Grouping Edmodo Manager• Global Classroom Teacher Pennsylvania, USA @MrsSchmidtB4 Group - Code di7r4m MrsSchmidtB4@yaho
  10. 10. Create your own global project:
  11. 11. • to foster student discussion • to share student work
  12. 12. Global • to share student ideas with Dreamers other classes • to share student thoughts with experts in the fieldmore:
  13. 13. Use Connections You Already Have! and Web 2.0 Tools that make connecting easy!
  14. 14. Connecting Virginia and Hong KongWho?• 6th grade ELL students in Virginia• 7th grade students in Hong KongWhat?• Connected through Edmodo and VoiceThread• Participated in online discussions• Shared about themselves, their families, their schoolsWhy?• Authentic communication• Opportunity to learn about other cultures
  16. 16. Sharing on VoiceThread
  17. 17. The Hong Kong Students Responses
  18. 18. Sharing on VoiceThread (Level 1 ELL)
  19. 19. The Hong Kong Students Responses
  20. 20. WHAT WORKED• "Are we getting on Edmodo today?"• "Did you read what I wrote?"• "Did the Hong Kong kids write back?"• "Can I record my voice?" CHALLENGES • maintaining momentum • coordinating • scheduling
  21. 21. Authentic Global Voices Grades 7-12 Project "I like your poem because it shows how someone (you) changes in life. It also shows how you changed your attitude from good to bad. This stands out because a lot of people go through changes from bad to good or from greedy to generous." - New York City student in response to a composition from a student in VirginiaGoals of this project: Kyle Dunbar• to provide adolescents with a global writing @edtechdunny community Alexandria, Virginia• to give students an authentic audience for their writing• to offer opportunities for students to practice Authentic Global Voices Wiki: giving meaningful feedback to other authors http://authentic-• to learn about cultures and communities different from one’s own Changes Poem
  22. 22. Authentic Global Voices (7-12 Project) Ways to become a part of Authentic Global Voices: • Listen and read • Comment • Contribute By db Photography | Demi-Brooke • Collaborate Topics and Themes: My life -- Change Family -- Friends -- Choices Fairness -- Courage -- Survival Join the conversation!By John LeGear
  23. 23. Whats been great:• kids are motivated by a global audience• kids change how they think of themselves What we still work on: • clear instructions • communication skills • getting another school to commit!
  24. 24. Questions? Feedback?
  25. 25. Resources:The Global Classroom Project Blog:http://theglobalclassroomproject.wordpress.comThe Global Classroom Project Wiki:http://globalclassroom2011-12.wikispaces.comThe Global Education Collaborative: Classroom: Classroom Project, Digiteen, A Week in the Life, K-2Global Nomads Group: in the Classroom: #globalclassroom and #flatclass
  26. 26. Special thanks to..... Deb Frazier (@frazierde) Global Classroom Creator Ohio, USA Michael Graffin (@mgraffin) Global Classroom Coordinator Perth, Western Australia