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Simone's presentation:Technology in my Art Room


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Simone's presentation:Technology in my Art Room

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Technology in my Art Room<br />Simone Abbott<br /><br />
  3. 3. Visual Art<br />
  4. 4. The Bare Necessities…<br />Access to the internet<br />E-mail address<br />Google Account – to join certain blogs and use certain internet programs<br />Great password – to use for everything but your bank account<br />Cell phone – to record photos, voice and video<br />Speakers – to play music in class or videos<br />
  5. 5. Where it began…<br />Pictures<br />Sourcing inspiration takes <br /><ul><li>Time
  6. 6. Visits to the library
  7. 7. Paper and money when photocopied
  8. 8. Space to display</li></li></ul><li>Where it progressed…<br />The Internet!<br />No printing required <br />Full colour every time<br />Far larger selection!<br />No need to move to find it<br />Learners identify with the net as part of their lives and appreciate the media <br />It holds their attention<br />
  9. 9. Where it went…<br />Google Images.<br />New tab for every image<br />Save each image from its site to a file<br />View the file as a slide show during the discussion in class<br />Allow the learners to flick through the pictures during the lesson<br />
  10. 10. The Leap…<br />I am more creative when under pressure!<br />Lesson Plans, filling, commenting, assessing…<br />Done on the spot or not done at all.<br />To acknowledge your strengths and weakness is to be able to work with them.<br />I had to find a way around some weaknesses as a teacher.<br />
  11. 11. A blog was the answer! <br />
  12. 12. “Great News!”<br />Which ever blogging site you choose<br />will guide you through the creation and use of your blog.<br />
  13. 13. Visit any blog which appeals to you and there will be a place to create yourown.<br />Step by step.<br />
  14. 14. A blog’s background<br />All posts (stories) are created in the dashboard area.<br />When “published” they appear in the blog seen on the internet.<br />Pictures are easy to upload.<br />
  15. 15. Posts are created in fullscreen mode.Pictures can be edited in another programme before they are added.And the kids love to help right something in the post.They feel famous and special when their art is picked to go onto the internet. <br />Type equation here.<br /> <br />“It was aawesome and really cool.  Fathers day gift.It was easy it took crayons ,beads and paper and string.It took 2.Hours or two art lessons. By Kieran and Francesca”<br />
  16. 16. I have tried…<br />Blogging<br /><ul><li>Record keeping
  17. 17. Discussing topics – e.g. “Why do we bother going to art class?” , “The ideal teacher gift”
  18. 18. Sharing
  19. 19. Enthuse the learners</li></ul>Windows Movie Maker<br /><ul><li>Creative project for the learners
  20. 20. A different way to give instructions
  21. 21. I did not get it perfectly right</li></li></ul><li>I have tried…<br />Wiki Spaces<br /><ul><li>I have a space
  22. 22. But have not yet wrapped my head around it</li></ul>Edublog<br /><ul><li>But don’t yet have the need for two sites</li></li></ul><li>How are the learners involved?<br />Their art is the reason for the blog.<br />I often ask them to go around a take the photos for the blog.<br />They took the photos for the movie project and put the slides onto the computer before putting them into the correct order.<br />Their voices were used for the movie.<br />
  23. 23. My Cell phone…<br />Cell phones – an invaluable tool!<br /><ul><li>E-mail - comments needing moderation</li></ul> - could e-mail a post straight to the blog<br /><ul><li>Photographs -are uploaded straight to my editing programme (to make them pretty!)</li></ul>- uploaded to the blog<br /><ul><li>Ever with me to capture ideas for lessons and for the blog from shop items, gallery art, craft stalls, garden and …the inspiration really is every where.</li></li></ul><li>Which is why I need a blog to keep track of me.<br />
  24. 24. Thank You<br />Questions?<br />