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China ppt


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Published in: Education
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China ppt

  1. 1. EF Travel Course: Chinese Legacies & Modern Life
  2. 2. Become a Global CitizenCourse Objectives  Connect on-tour experiences to cross-cultural understandings  Increase self-awareness and build global awareness  Discover new ways to integrate new materials into classroom instruction  Ability to share the lessons and knowledge gained with others
  3. 3. Introducing MoodleWhy use Moodle?  Provides an online classroom for teacher and students  Ability to host syllabus, links, documents, activities in one space  Provides location for online discussion between students
  4. 4. Week 1: Historical overview & cultural traditionsWeek 1 Objectives  Introduction to China’s long dynastic history and its believed legitimacy  Introduction to the Chinese belief systems and their ability to merge  Exploration of Confucian beliefs focusing on education and society
  5. 5. Week 1 Activity: Interactive Timeline
  6. 6. Sui Dynasty, 581-618 CE
  7. 7. Week 2: Geography, diversity, and artWeek 2 Objectives  Familiarize students with an overview of China’s geographic diversity  Inspire recognition that geography is central to China’s development  Discover the traits of various regions by comparing three major cities
  8. 8. Week 2 Activity: Examining China
  9. 9. Minorities in China, The New York Times
  10. 10. Week 3: Current issues in ChinaWeek 3 Objectives  Familiarize participants with an overview of major political events  Examine China’s current education system  Explore politics or economics in modern China with further resources
  11. 11. On Tour Activity: Focus your explorationGuidelines  Choose a topic to explore in China and develop a driving question  Keep a record of observations, reflections, and evidence  Select secondary sources and develop a way to present your findings
  12. 12. Week 4: China in the worldWeek 4 Activity  Analyze how different media outlets represent current issues in China  Reflect how tour experiences have helped shaped student outlooks  Share On-Tour Assignments with peers; consider implications
  13. 13. Share your knowledge with the world