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TEDx Raval 3 de mar 2012 @efernandez 15min short web


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journey to the future using a technology evolutionary angle

Published in: Technology, Business
  • Excel.lent ! compartir la presentació és el complement perfecte al final del TEDxRaval. Gràcies.
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  • Gracias Eduardo por compartir tu presentación. Veo que alguna de las diapos son de tu ponencia en la #UIMP de este verano. Voy a ver si veo tu video en TedxRaval y así puedo entener mejor todo lo que has dejado concentrado en esta presentación.
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TEDx Raval 3 de mar 2012 @efernandez 15min short web

  1. 1. On Technology & Innovation Ed Fernandez @efernandez
  2. 2. 2540A New world orderAdvanced TechnologyIndividualistic beliefsHappiness & Hedonism #TEDxRaval @efernandez
  3. 3. The journey to singularity
  4. 4. Singularity* * * * * * *
  5. 5. Ray Kurzweil’s singularity [ ]
  6. 6. Technology Trends
  7. 7. Technology evolution LawsComputing capacity Moore’s Law Computing power doubles every 18-24 months Price cuts in halfBandwidth capacity Gilder’s & Nielsen’s Law Doubles every 2 years - wired Doubles every 2.5 years - wireless (Cooper’s Law)Digital storage capacity Kryder’s Law Doubles every 2 years.
  8. 8. WirelessSmallerPowerfulCheaper
  9. 9. Matt Murphy + Mary Meeker [ Post PC era ]Post
  10. 10. People motivations are changing1943 - Maslow 2011 - ?!?
  11. 11. RIM acquisitions
  12. 12. Facebook break-up seasonality
  13. 13. Matt Murphy + Mary Meeker
  14. 14. Matt Murphy + Mary Meeker
  15. 15. Anthony Guiddens & globalizationSociologist, former Director of theLondon School of Economics.Writer of 34 books about globalizationAnthony Giddens is the most widely-read and cited social theorist of hisgeneration.
  16. 16. Anthony Guiddens & globalizationSame patterns we have seen after one century of globalizationwill apply for the second stage.Human communications, driven & enriched by.... 1. Wireless Technology 2. Mobile Internet services & 3. Global & Hyperlocal communities...will accelerate exponentially social, political & economictransformations. (@efernandez #visiones21 #UIMP – August 2011).
  17. 17. "we have the chance to take over where the 20th century failed,technology has put every single one of us in the front seat,we are in control and we need to act now“