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Edsine is state of art school ERP system which is cheap, affordable and automates all the school function with ease without investing much in technology

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Edsine Features Guide

  1. 1. EdsineTM Features GuideEdsineTM has comprehensive set of modules for all kinds of school functioning and online access formanagement, teachers, parents, and students. EdsineTM is a unique solution catering to the needs of bothK12 schools and Play schools. It not only has all the basic modules for efficient management of schoolacademic and administrative functions but also has various rich features that puts it a class apart fromother school management solutions available in the market.Some of the key features which have been encouragingly accepted by various schools are: • Multilingual Support: EdsineTM supports more than 50 widely spoken languages like English, Hindi, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Urdu, Japanese, Arabic, Norwegian etc. It provides the schools with facility of adding more languages themselves. • Custom Fields: The software can be customized by the schools as per their unique data capture and storage needs. They can create any additional field themselves in any module for capturing and reporting on that data field. They have the facility to assign attributes like range, type, behavior etc to their additional custom data fields. For e.g. if a school would like to capture parent’s occupational designation in the software, they can create this custom field themselves without approaching EdsineTM development team. • Custom Reports: EdsineTM has options of exporting all its basic data lists to Excel, PDF and Word format in all the modules. Additionally the software comes with custom reporting tool using which schools can generate various custom reports not only with data but charts as well. • Power Search: The software provides powerful search facility that enables the users to search through any module using a single click. It not only generates and lists the search results very quickly but also provides simplicity in searching all fields from a single Search box. The software allows you to search through the web using the in-built web search feature. Simply put, it’s a unique Search Experience. • Event Notifications: EdsineTM system has a very rich and powerful auto notification service. There are over 50 notification events that keep the users of the system updated on the progress of their requests, activities of students and child, payments, registration etc. through Email or SMS. This ensures smooth and efficient management of the school administrative and academic functions. • Chat: The chat feature of EdsineTM allows users (students, teachers and parents) to collaborate in real time with each other. It indicates the online presence of the users and provides them a platform to quickly interact and exchange information. • Ticketing Support: EdsineTM also provides in-built ticketing system using which schools can report any issues that they come across. Schools don’t have to switch to any other system or need to make a call and explain. They can quickly access the ticketing system and raise a support ticket which is addressed by the EdsineTM support team at a very high priority. • Open Connectors: EdsineTM provides schools the flexibility of writing their own logic to customize the software behavior as per their needs. Schools can write scripts in the software to enhance or change the software behavior as per their unique school needs.In addition to above functional features, EdsineTM product has been developed using advanced and latesttechnology which makes it a very robust, scalable and innovative solution. Some of the key componentsthat put it distinctly apart from any other off-the-shelf solution are: • Robust and Scalable Architecture: EdsineTM has a state-of-art architecture at its core which enables smooth and seamless integration of all the modules. Concepts of caching, exception handling, logging, messaging etc. are integral part of the core framework. This makes this architecture highly scalable and any new development or module addition smoothly gels with the product. This also ensures high performance and uptime of the product for the users.
  2. 2. • Role based Fine Grained Security: Unlike most of the applications EdsineTM supports flexibility in role creation, their configuration and assignment. To efficiently manage their schools, schools can create their custom roles like librarian, accountant, hostel warden, etc. apart from standard roles like administrator, student, parent, staff, class teacher etc. They can define permissions for these custom roles for any modules and apply the security not only for module or sub module level but to a control or field level. This is a very unique feature of EdsineTM which makes this software very powerful against competitors and highly useful for schools. They can provide every one access on the software and by proper restriction of permissions; the schools can ensure data integrity and security. • Easy-to-use and Simple Navigation: The usability of the software has been prime focus while developing this application. We understand that most of the users of the application are student, parent and teacher who may not be highly computer savvy. The application has been designed in such a way that even a primary class student finds it easy to use and navigate through various modules. For simplicity sake most of the modules have same user experience hiding the complexity from the users. • Highly Customizable: The software is highly customizable as per the school needs and can be easily customized as per the school’s unique style of operations. It has feature rich modules that not only cater to the generic modules but also to the specific needs of modern day schools. The modules and their sub-modules can be switched on and off using a simple configuration interface making it easily and quickly suit every school’s needs. • Various Deployment Options: The software also supports various deployment options like SaaS, Hosted and Premise to suit the needs of small as well as large multi branch schools. For details on the various deployment models please click here. We can provide you SaaS subscription free for initial six months.The website www.edsine.com gives introductory information about EdsineTM product and its variousmodules and features.EdsineTM Product document puts perspective and gives a high level overview of the product.The following videos provides further understanding of the system -EdsineTM School Software Quick Online Demo Part-1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ln1JLceZY10EdsineTM School Software Quick Online Demo Part-2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU5NgYhcg5kEdsineTM School Software Quick Online Demo Part-3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBnLvchB6xw