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Appointment Call Preparation


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Appointment Call Preparation

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Appointment Call Preparation

  1. 1. Keeping the Appointment HOW DO I GET THE APPOINTMENT TO STICK? Once you’ve got it … KEEP IT! • Send a note or fax or email after you set the appointment to confirm • Drop a voicemail after hours the night before the appointment • Ask your prospect to write it in his/her calendar (“Do you have your calendar out?”) Spell your name for him/her as he/she is putting the appointment on the calendar.
  3. 3. Why Prepare? • Obtain ROI from appointment • Arm yourself with relevant information • Add value • Conduct an effective meeting • Position as consultant • Have evidence and material needed
  4. 4. When to Prepare? • Schedule time weekly • Plan on 15 minutes of preparation per appointment
  5. 5. How to Prepare • Corporate Website – Scan: Mission, Current News etc. • • Online Job Boards • Search our RDB • Google News Search • Cb source
  7. 7. Sales Call Process • Earn the Right • Find the Need: Data Gather • Create the Need • Sell Solution • Recap • Costs & Getting Started • Close!
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION: Earn The Right
  9. 9. First Impressions • First impressions make a lasting impression! • Statistics show that judgments of character are made during the first 60 seconds of initial contact. • Your ETR will help you close the deal if you make a good first impression.
  10. 10. Earn The Right • Goal – Ensure thoughtful thorough answers • Why is this important? – Questions you ask & information you receive from your VITO directly correlate to the strength of ETR • Key components 1. Credibility in company 2. Credibility in self 3. Commitment to the time and process • Anticipate Objections – Time – Answering questions
  11. 11. Earn the Right – I’m glad we took the time to meet. Let me step back & remind you why I’m here. – Currently ____ is one of our strongest verticals. Some of the companies benefiting from our programs are companies like _____ and ______, to name a few. What we do for each company is different but if you had to net it out, we help them ________ and __________. – Understanding that your company is unique let’s invest the next 5 minutes to learn about your business and needs. If it looks like I can help you, I will go ahead & explain how we can customize a program for you. – If it sounds like a fit, we can move forward as business partners today. – We agreed to talk for about 20 minutes on the phone, so let’s get started.
  12. 12. FIND THE NEED: Cost of NOT Using CB
  13. 13. Active Listening Skills Keys to Active Listening: • Focus your attention • Open your mind • Don’t assume • Don’t interrupt • Let VITO know you are paying attention • Refer to what the customer has already said • GOLDEN SILENCE!
  14. 14. 3 Second Rule When asking your prospect thoughtful & challenging questions – make sure you give them time to answer! After your customer answers, wait 3 seconds to be sure they have nothing more to add MUTE BUTTON = “uh-huh” killer!
  15. 15. 5 Questioning Styles •OPEN ENDEDOPEN ENDED Who, what, where, when, how (why)Who, what, where, when, how (why) •CLOSE ENDEDCLOSE ENDED Multiple choice or one-word answersMultiple choice or one-word answers •LEADINGLEADING Leads or cornersLeads or corners •IFIF Any logical/rational person would say yesAny logical/rational person would say yes •KNOW-IT-ALLKNOW-IT-ALL Has a negative tone; puts listener on the defenseHas a negative tone; puts listener on the defense
  16. 16. What We Know – Where We’re Going Diversity Succession Management Quality vs. Quantity Retention Training Streamlining Processes Branding PAINPAIN Open-EndedOpen-Ended Close-EndedClose-Ended LeadingLeading IfIf Know-it-AllKnow-it-All
  17. 17. Data Gathering Goals 1. Org Structure: – Verify you are meeting with a VITO – Quantify how good of a prospect he/she is as well as others to sell to – Get a better idea of what you would sell him/her 2. Challenges: – Understand where within his/her sphere of influence we can help – What is giving him or her a headache 3. Our Competition: – Understand what the VITO and the company currently have in place to deal with the challenge – What is your competition? – Learn why these tools were chosen, who chose them and how effective they are today so that we can swell to fill their gaps.
  18. 18. Write Your 3 Questions •Org Structure •Challenge •Tools
  20. 20. Why Don’t Buyers Buy? Not sufficiently disturbed Not sufficiently disturbed Don’t understan d the offer Don’t understan d the offer Believe they have a good solution to their challenges Believe they have a good solution to their challenges No Deal
  21. 21. Using A Presentation To Sell CB • 10 slides max
  22. 22. CLOSING: Objection Handling
  23. 23. 6 Closing Techniques 1. Assumptive Assume the sale 2. Understand Help me to understand, scale other tools 3. Post Pone Trial, Gather data for long-term decision 4. Personal Perhaps I haven’t done my job in showing the value 5. Pilot Offer I am confident it will work for you, Gather data to prove 6. BATNA Best Alternative To No Agreement – Time is against you!