Scrumbuts - Italian Agile Day 2010


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Italian Agile Day 2010
Scrumbuts (DemotiScrum)

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Scrumbuts - Italian Agile Day 2010

  1. 1. ScrumBut: Scrum e la resa condizionata?ScrumBut: Scrum e la resa condizionata? - DemotiScrum -- DemotiScrum -
  2. 2. Talking of Scrum in your company...
  3. 3. It's not another toy to break off...
  4. 4. Edoardo Schepis Scrum Master in Funambol Certified Scrum Master and Scrum Professional twitter: edschepis
  5. 5. Agenda ● Do we really know Scrum? ● A selection of ScrumButs ● Surrenders?
  6. 6. Scrum Do we really know Scrum? Scrum is NOT... ● just a matter of meetings ● just a matter of roles ● just a matter of artifacts
  7. 7. Scrum Scrum is not just this... or...
  8. 8. SCRUM is... The Scrum Pillars ● Lean Thinking – Respect People – Continuous Improvement – “Anything that does not create value for a customer is waste” ● Agile Manifesto Scrum as a MIRROR
  9. 9. Scrum is like your mother in law
  10. 10. ScrumButs are... ● ScrumButs are reasons why you can’t take full advantage of Scrum to solve the problems and realise the benefits. ● Format: (ScrumBut) (Reason) (Workaround) ● Example: “We use Scrum, but Daily Scrum meetings are too much overhead so we only have them once a week.” Agile development is like teenage sex. Everyone says they’re doing it, but only 10% are. And those who are — ARE DOING IT WRONG.
  11. 11. Goalless/Soulless Scrum “We use Scrum but... only because...” ● Scrum just for Scrum ● Scrum because the boss wants it ● Nobody knows why
  12. 12. Goalless/Soulless Scrum – Try to... ● Use Scrum to govern the Scrum adoption ● Regularly share and challenge Agile/Lean/Scrum/YOUR values and principles ● Perform retrospectives on how you're applying Scrum
  13. 13. Makes our life difficult “We use Scrum but... we don’t like it because it makes life more difficult.” ● It's a Mirror ● It won't be better with age...
  14. 14. Makes our life difficult – Try to... ● Look into the mirror ● Inspect and adapt ● Encourage people ● Coaching vs. Training
  15. 15. Planning Paralysis “We use Scrum but… we're still not confident about our plan after two days of Sprint planning!” ● Try to... ● Keep the focus on the Sprint ● Find and adapt your velocity ● Use a checklist for a good Sprint planning meeting
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Command and Control “We use Scrum but... a manager keeps telling the team which tasks to do” ● It's all about self-organized teams. It doesn't mean: ● No managers at all ● No help ● Try to... ● define boundaries... like railroads for trains ● self-organized teams need you!
  18. 18. Rewards “We use Scrum but... we track individual performances with rewards” ● Is the emphasis really on the team? ● Try to... ● Review and assess the goals (Individuals vs. Team) ● Do not attack the organization mindset
  19. 19. It's done... almost done “We use Scrum but... at the end of the Sprint we need additional time to get things done” ● Take time to understand and share the issue ● Try to... ● Write/Review a Definition of Done ● Improve your integration systems (continuous build/integration/testing) ● Sprint Review with live demo
  20. 20. Risk Management “We use Scrum but... we need a formal Risk Management process” ● Do we really know Scrum? ● Try to: ● Review and map risks with scrum principles and practices ● Time-boxing ● Prioritization and estimation must consider risks ● Spikes ● Last responsible moment – A military officer: "The most important thing I did in my career was to teach young leaders that whenever they saw a threat, their first job was to determine the timebox for their response. Their second job was to hold off making a decision until the end of the timebox, so that they could make it based on the best possible data."
  21. 21. Risk Management Chart
  22. 22. Risk Management mapping
  23. 23. Status Quo “We use Scrum but... we have so much work to do (bug fixing, new features, documentation, testing, reporting, managing) that we don't have time to do anything more” ● Try to... ● Inspect: work on failures immediately (pain-driven) ● Ask the 5 Whys ● Eat the dogfood
  24. 24. Time-boxing what? “We use Scrum but... if needed we extend Sprint lenght” ● The illusion of... “just few more hours and it's done” ● Try to... ● Overcommitment and/or bad estimates? ● Track velocity as average from some past sprints ● Retrospective: missing (lack of) a commitment is an opportunity to inspect and adapt ● Work with managers to reduce pressure
  25. 25. Component Teams “We use Scrum but... we cannot have feature teams” ● Communication between teams is easier with feature teams ● Try to... ● Define “feature” ● Keep focus also at feature level (maybe more Sprints) ● Minimize FIP (features in progress) ● Empower the team ● Move from dev. to user point of view
  26. 26. Functional Teams “We use Scrum but... we cannot afford cross- functional teams” ● Sometimes it's not a management decision ● Try to... ● Define primary and seconday skills ● Reduce WIP ● Shorten the Sprint
  27. 27. Stabilization “We use Scrum but... we still need a Testing/Integration/QA/Release team to validate/finish the work” ● DONEish ● Try to... ● Work on DONE ● Improve integration and testing systems ● Setup automated testing with mocks to avoid dependency
  28. 28. The Scrum Monster “We use Scrum but... the Scrum Master is a Manager” (the SM with two heads) ● Command and Control ● Trust? ● Try to... (if you can't avoid it) ● Give parts of the role to other members ● Avoid personal rewards ● Be a good manager ;-)
  29. 29. ScrumButs ● Goalless ● Makes our life difficult ● Planning Paralysis ● Command and Control ● Rewards ● It's almost done ● Risk Management ● Status Quo ● Time-Boxing what? ● Component Teams ● Functional Teams ● Stabilization ● Scrum Monster ● ...
  30. 30. But Scrum... “When a person/team/organization flips off their 'thinking bit' and just burps up whatever Scrum tells them to do” ● But Scrum says all my stories must follow a template: “As a ___ I can ___ so that____” ● But Scrum says our teams should be 7, +- 2 ● But Scrum says we need self-organizing teams ● But Scrum says we estimate Joel Tosi
  31. 31. Surrending to the Status Quo? La resa incondizionata trattato secondo cui una parte accetta di arrendersi al nemico senza avanzare alcun tipo di pretesa (la forma di sconfitta più totale e umiliante per la parte che si arrende) L’onore delle armi particolare tipo di riconoscimento, un onore cavalleresco che si conferisce in ambito militare per rendere ossequio al valore dell'avversario sconfitto
  32. 32. we all grow up...we all grow up...
  33. 33. Edoardo Schepis Scrum Master in Funambol Certified Scrum Master and Scrum Professional twitter: edschepis Questions?