Mendeley 2012: How to Use It


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From Margaret Koopman:
Mendeley is my FAVOURITE resource for organising pdfs. It is a free reference manager AND a social network! It does all the referencing work for you! Just point at the file/s in which you store your pdfs and bingo, the work is done! Well, nearly - you do need to verify the information because some pdfs have iffy quality and then some of the information gets left out!

Mendeley was designed with the medical fraternity in mind, so most of the citation styles which are embedded are for medical journals. If you aim to publish in Nature or Science, then the citation style is there. Aim high!

Do not be despondent, in the PowerPoint presentation I show you how to find the citation styles for biology and ecology journals and add these to your Mendeley Desktop Citation Styles folder.

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Mendeley 2012: How to Use It

  1. 1. Indexing your pdfs with
  2. 2. Register and Download
  3. 3. Open Mendeley Desktop
  4. 4. Adding pdfs
  5. 5. Reviewing information
  6. 6. Adding scanned pdfs
  7. 7. Reviewing document details
  8. 8. Watch foldersClick on Tools, Options, Watched FoldersIf you save your pdfs to the same folder, you canidentify this folder and Mendeley willautomatically add this pdf to your library
  9. 9. Insert citations in your articles• Install the Word or Open Office plug-in (This installs tool bar buttons that will allow you to cite a document and generate a bibliography)• Click Insert Citation within your document• Select the document in Mendeley Desktop, and click Send Citation to Word. You can also cite multiple documents. Just hold the Ctrl key (or the Cmd key on Mac) and left click the documents you want to cite• Select the citation style in the drop down menu in your word processor• Generate a bibliography by clicking Insert Bibliography
  10. 10. Mendeley Tool Bar
  11. 11. Installing additional citation styles• Open support portal
  12. 12. Installing additional citation styles• Click on Adding new citation styles to Mendeley Desktop, and then the word “here”A repository of currently available styles can also be found here.
  13. 13. Finding your style in the repository• Type the name of the journal style you require in the search window
  14. 14. Finding your style in the repository• Type the name of the journal in the box• Click on Install.
  15. 15. Move the style file• Click on Save File. This will save the file to your my Documents/Downloads folder.• Navigate to the Downloads folder and copy the file or drag the file to the Mendeley Desktop CitationStyles folder. This should be located on your C:drive in the Program Files folder
  16. 16. Installing additional citation styles• Watch the Video!
  17. 17. Find the Style in Mendeley Desktop• If you have Mendeley Desktop open, quit the programme and re-open• Click on View, Citation Styles, More Styles
  18. 18. Find the Style in Mendeley Desktop• Navigate to the style you have added• Click on Use Selected Style• This will be the style applied to the paper and bibliography you are writing