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18 “Sure-Fire” Tips to Save Money on Prescription Drugs


Published on’s Ultimate Guide for
Saving Money on Prescription Drugs


It’s no secret that prescription drug costs are out of control in the United States. Since 2000, drug costs have risen by an average of 10 percent every year – more than 3 times the rate of inflation during this period. Today, Americans pay more for their medications than the citizens of any developed country in the world.

The unfortunate – and sometimes tragic — results of skyrocketing drug prices include consumers forgoing needed medications because they simply can’t afford them. This is particularly evident in today’s struggling economy. The problem of high drug prices most directly affects the 65 million Americans who don’t have prescription drug insurance. But even those Americans who have insurance are seeing co-pays and coverage gaps increase dramatically – pushing many to the financial breaking point when an unexpected health catastrophe strikes.

We can’t wait for our government to bail us out of this predicament. We can’t expect our employers or insurance providers to come to our aid, either. The key to paying lower prices for your medications – prices you can afford – is to empower yourself. Become a savvy consumer. Be an opportunistic consumer and learn crucial tips to save money on your prescription drugs.

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18 “Sure-Fire” Tips to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

  1. 1. 18 “Sure-Fire” Tips to Save Money on Prescription Drugs Empower Yourself to Save! Like + Share!’s Ultimate Guide for Saving Money on Prescription Drugs
  2. 2. Before We Begin . . . You can click the Twitter button below to easily “tweet” money-saving tips on each slide. Click to Tweet
  3. 3. Talk Openly with Your Doc 1 Your physician may know other alternative medications that are much less expensive to help you financially. Click to Tweet
  4. 4. Ask for a 90-Day Supply 2 Ask your physician to write a 90-day supply — you will save in bulk just like any other product. Click to Tweet
  5. 5. Ask for Samples 3 Most doctors have a “sample closet” and don’t mind helping you out — especially if they know you’re trying to save. Click to Tweet
  6. 6. Take Preventive Measures 4 Take free preventive tests via Affordable Care Act & free yearly visits and health screens via Medicare to catch medical conditions early on. Click to Tweet
  7. 7. Examine Your Rx Formulary 5 Regularly check your health plan’s formulary (preferred drug list) to check for cheaper options. *Keep in mind that formularies can change. Click to Tweet
  8. 8. Compare Drug Prices 6 Since 2006, millions of Americans have turned to for help with prescription assistance — slashing the cost of their prescription drugs by 90%. Click to Tweet
  9. 9. Split Your Pills 7 In certain circumstances, you can ask your physician to prescribe your medication at twice the strength that he intends for you to take — then split and save the difference. Click to Tweet
  10. 10. Ask for Generics 8 Generic medications can save you a fortune on your med costs — usually around 80-85%. Click to Tweet
  11. 11. Clip Online Coupons 9 Popular prescription drug coupon sites that help you locate manufacturer discounts include: and Click to Tweet
  12. 12. Watch Your Weight 10 Living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise is the single most important thing you can do to minimize your medical costs. Click to Tweet
  13. 13. Examine Your Part D Plan 11 During this one open enrollment time each year, take advantage of plans that may pay additionally for prescription costs. Your plan may have changed without you knowing it. Click to Tweet
  14. 14. Get “Extra Help” Through Medicare 12 If you’re using Medicare, check into their “Extra Help” program. You can get up to $4,000 of assistance on your prescriptions! Click to Tweet
  15. 15. Check State Pharma Assistance Programs 13 Use this handy Medicare link to quickly check if there are of any prescription assistance programs in your state. Click to Tweet
  16. 16. Patient Assistance Program Resources 14 Check out these programs: • Partnership for Prescription Assistance • RxAssist • NeedyMeds Click to Tweet
  17. 17. Stop Adding More Drugs 15 If one medication doesn’t work, your doctor may adding another drug for each condition until one actually works. If this happens, talk to your doc and discuss cutting some of the other meds out — one at a time. Click to Tweet
  18. 18. Store Your Meds Properly 16 Many meds need to be refrigerated in order to be effective. Others may require a dry, warm storage place. If your meds are not stored properly, they can become ineffective. Click to Tweet
  19. 19. Try Over-the-Counter Meds 17 There are situations where a prescription is not warranted. Discuss this with your pharmacist first, but over-the-counter medications cost a fraction of the price of the prescription. Click to Tweet
  20. 20. Check Out for Local Prices 18 Access local pharmacy prices using: • GoodRx website • Install GoodRx mobile app Click to Tweet
  21. 21. Sharing Is Caring! Get more tips here, then share the article with others: tips-to-save-money-on-prescription-drugs/ Click to Tweet Like + Share!