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What are your vehicles saying about your company?

Let us help you promote your brands and/or add revenue to your bottom line.

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Your Fleet Media - Graphics at their Best

  1. 1. KWIK ZIP Truck Advertising
  2. 2. Table of Contents Utilizing the KWIK ZIP Graphic System, EPIC Media Group hasmarked the fleets of dozens of Fortune 500 Companies, including Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Bridgestone, Nissan, Jack in the Box, Subway, SuperValu Family of Grocery Chains, Nestle, Dunkin Donuts, DeBeers, Dean Foods, and Walgreens. KWIK ZIP Helps LondonWaste – Press Release 04 LondonWaste Graphics 06 KWIK ZIP Graphic System 11
  3. 3. EPIC developed the KWIK ZIP for the highly competitive US truckingmarket to help our clients increase their sales and market shareby utilizing the free billboard space on the sides of their vehicles.With the KWIK ZIP, reusable vinyl graphics can literally be zippedon or off in a few minutes to easily and quickly change graphicmessages.Check out our photo gallery online!
  4. 4. Disney does 10 seasonalFleet Ad campaigns per year TM Alternating brand and event messages. The graphics for each new campaign are changed-out overnight
  5. 5. SuperValu Family of Grocery Chains Jewel-Osco, Chicago The KWIK ZIP can be installed in any weather. Existing decals don’t need to be removed, nor is it necessary to do any paint or body work, prior to installation.
  6. 6. How other EPIC clients use their Fleet Media space profitably.
  7. 7. SuperValu Family of Grocery ChainsAlbertsons, Los AngelesEpic Installed KWIK ZIP frames and graphicson both sides of (20) 50’ trailers, per day.
  8. 8. KWIK ZIP Graphic System Speed KWIK ZIP it! Frames and Graphics are installed on both sides of a 53’ trailer in less than 30 minutes. Magazine Pages on Wheels EPIC’s Ultra-High Print Resolution ensures crisp images with rich and vibrant colors that look like beautiful, glossy magazine pages.KWIK ZIP Tool Extraordinary Strength. The KWIK ZIP Rugged 28 oz. Fleet Vinyl was especially designed for the tough trucking environment. When installed, it is smooth and seamless. Anti-Graffiti The printed graphics are top coated with EPIC’s proprietary high performance Armor Shield. It provides a scuff, UV and Anti-Graffiti Shield .
  9. 9. Refrigerated truck BenefitsThe KWIK ZIP soft side graphic offers 2 additional layersof insulation to both truck sides. The hot sun rays areabsorbed by the soft side graphic, which is held slightlyoff the truck side by a thin layer of air, so the hot graphicdoes not touch the truck side. Decals transfer this heatdirectly into the truck body.The KWIK ZIP reduces refrigeration unit fuel usage,saving money and reducing emissions, a very nice greenthing. This helps to ensure that temps in the truck bodystay within acceptable ranges.
  10. 10. With the use of KWIK ZIP, COSTCO Sellsthe Fleet Media Space to it’s Vendors.With the KWIK ZIP, its easy to turn your fleet into a profitcenter by selling the media space.
  11. 11. Recent Success StoriesValero: “All the Music You Can Drink”This is one of the best Fleet Media CALLS TO ACTION that we’ve developed.Valero’s program gives away a free music download with the purchase of alarge drink. They purchased 1.5 million music cups and initially thought thispromotion would last for 4 months and end when the cups were all sold.Within 3 weeks they contacted us to say that all 1.5 million cups wheresold. The program was so successful that they needed to have newgraphics ASAP. New graphics were immediately installed to promote theirnew private label sports drink (see next page).They are so thrilled with the success of both programs that we are currentlydoing a new fleet graphic program every quarter.
  12. 12. Day One, May 2006 January of 2011, 3pm January of 2011, 3:30pmJust completed brand new frame and graphic installations. 5 years later, EPIC cuts old graphic down to fit a new 28’ truck. 5 year old graphic still looks like new.Initial installation 2005 Preparing to cut graphic down for the straight truck The 5 year old cut down graphic still looks like new
  13. 13. KWIK ZIP vs Brand New Decals National Media CPM Cost Comparison MEDIA FORM CPM COST INCLUDES PRODUCTION Your Fleet Media With KWIK ZIP Graphic System $ 0.10 YES Outdoor Rotary Bulletins $10.00 NO Radio :30 Network $10.85 NO :30 Spot $11.95 NO Magazine 4-color page Newsweeklies $11.76 NO 4-color page Women’s Fashion $11.91 NOSmooth, seamless, glossy and unforgettable images. Television :30 Early AM network $19.15 NO :30 Primetime network $29.95 NO :30 Early News network $14.25 NO :30 Late Fringe network $29.75 NO :30 Primetime Cable $10.85 NO Newspapers 1/3 page black & white $26.65 NO MEDIA FORM MARKETING $ RATIO # IMPRESSIONS Your Fleet Media with KWIK ZIP $1 Outdoor $100 SAME TV $300Images are interrupted by 5,000 rivets. For the same number of impressions: Spend only $1 on your Fleet Media - vs - $100 on outdoor or $300 on TV.
  14. 14. Edward Potkay, National VP of Sales EPIC Media Group & The KWIK ZIP Graphic 605 S. Douglas Street, El Segundo, CA 90245Phone: 617.371.7534 • Fax: 615.628.4900 Phone: 310.827.8800 • Fax: 310.827.5800