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JEE Main 2014 Maths Preparation


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JEE Main 2014 Maths Preparation, Syllabus, Strategy, JEE Main Preparation Tips, Tips and tricks for JEE,

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  • Just few days away.. from IIT main exam.... High on stress on the last minute preparation tips..
    Heres an awesome link giving us all the solutions.. a must read
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  • Hi Friends,
    Sharing a link, there are free tests available here... You must go through. They will help prepare for the real JEE exam :) .. Goodluck!!
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JEE Main 2014 Maths Preparation

  1. 1. GUIDANCE SEMINAR ON JEE MAINS – 2014 (MATHEMATICS) By Prof. Vengsarkar B.Tech. (Electrical Engg.), IIT – Mumbai.
  2. 2. WHAT IS JEE MAINS ?  JEE stands for Joint Entrance Examination.  It is an entrance exam for Engineering Colleges and a gateway to IIT’s.  From the year 2014, JEE will replace all the state level CET Exams and AIEEE and there will be a common exam for students throughout the entire country.  In 2014, JEE will be conducted on 6th April (Sunday).  Around 16 lakh students are expected to appear for this examination.
  3. 3. ADMISSION PROCEDURE  As per the proposed system, HSC will play a vital role for admission in engineering colleges.  For Maharashtra state a scheme of 50-50 is proposed i.e. 50% weightage is given for each JEE Mains and HSC.  Considering both the marks, a normalised rank will be given to every student based on which admission will be done.  Securing admission in a good college in the same state wouldn’t get much affected because of JEE Mains as State Quota of 80% will guarantee you a good admission.
  4. 4. ADMISSION PROCEDURE…  Based on the JEE score, 1 lakh 50 thousand students will be shortlisted to appear for JEE Advanced which is the entrance examination for IIT’s.
  5. 5. EVALUATION AND MARKING SCHEME  JEE Mains includes three subjects viz., Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.  Each subject will have 30 questions with weightage of 4 marks each.  Each subject will be of 120 marks which makes a total of 360 marks for the entire exam.  Negative marking scheme is incorporated which amount to 25% of the marks for every wrong answer.
  6. 6. SYLLABUS FOR JEE MAINS Unit No. Topic Standard 1 Sets, Relations and Functions XI 2 Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations XI 3 Matrices and Determinants XI & XII 4 Permutations and Combinations XI 5 Mathematical Induction XI 6 Binomial Theorem & It’s Simple Applications XI 7 Sequences & Series XI 8 Limit, Continuity & Differentiability XI & XII
  7. 7. SYLLABUS FOR JEE MAINS… Unit No. Topic Standard 9 Integral Calculus XII 10 Differential Equations XII 11 Co-ordinate Geometry XI 12 Straight Lines Circle & Conic Section XI & XII XII 13 Vector Algebra XI & XII 14 Statistics and Probability XI & XII 15 Trigonometry XI 16 Mathematical Reasoning XII
  8. 8. HOW TO STUDY FOR JEE MAINS ?  JEE Mains is tough and competitive.  One should do the HSC part i.e. subjective solving very neatly and should be thorough with the concepts.  A lot of practice needs to be done.  Don’t skip difficult sums.  Don’t skip any part of any chapter.  With three months left, one should put in their everything to prepare for this exam.
  9. 9. HOW TO STUDY FOR JEE MAINS ? . . .  Go through the syllabus very neatly.  Give as many tests as possible. (Online or Offline)  Review your mistakes and clear your doubts after every test.  Aim for quality rather than quantity when you give any test.
  10. 10. GUIDELINES FOR SUCCESS IN JEE MAINS  No shortcut to hard work.  Very strong concept building.  Speed with accuracy.  Consistent preparation as well as performance.  Thorough analysis of subject, topics and test.
  11. 11. GUIDELINES FOR SUCCESS IN JEE MAINS …  Disciplined and systematic approach towards studies.  Positive attitude.  Burning desire to achieve the target.
  12. 12. BOOKS TO REFER Sr. No. Book Name Author 1 Complete Mathematics for JEE Main 2014 1st Edition MHE 2 Objective Approach to Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced and Other Engineering Entrances . (Set 2 of Volumes) Amit M. Agrawal 3 Integral Calculus for JEE Main and Advanced 2nd Edition (Paperback) Vinay Kumar 4 A Practice Books of Mathematics : JEE Main and Advanced SK Goyal 5 JEE Main 2014 : Mathematics 1st Edition R.K. Tyagi 6 MTG JEE (Main & Advanced) Dr. Ramanaiah Gundala
  13. 13. IMPORTANCE OF HSC  Don’t underestimate HSC while preparing for JEE Mains.  HSC score will be your trump-card for engineering admission in 2014-2015.  HSC Questions can be predicted but not the questions of JEE Mains.  Getting a good aggregate in HSC is of utmost importance.
  14. 14. HSC SYLLABUS AND MARKING SCHEME Section 1 Unit No. Topic Marks with option 1 Mathematical Logic 08 2 Matrices 06 3 Trigonometric Functions 10 4 Pair of Straight Lines 07 5 Vectors 08 6 Three-Dimensional Geometry 04 7 Line 05 8 Plane 06 9 L.P.P. 04 Total 58
  15. 15. HSC SYLLABUS AND MARKING SCHEME… Section 2 Unit No. Topic Marks with option 1 Continuity 06 2 Differentiation 08 3 Applications of Derivatives 08 4 Integration 09 5 Definite Integrals and Applications of Definite Integral 08 6 Differential Equation 08 7 Probability Distribution 06 8 Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution 05 Total 58
  16. 16. HSC PAPER FORMAT FOR 2013 – 2014 Section 1 Q1 A. Attempt any three MCQ’s. B. Attempt any three out of five. 6 marks 6 marks Q2 A. Attempt any two out of three. B. Attempt any two out of three. 6 marks 8 marks Q3 A. Attempt any two out of three. B. Attempt any two out of three. 6 marks 8 marks
  17. 17. HSC PAPER FORMAT FOR 2013 – 2014 … Section 2 Q4 A. Attempt any three MCQ’s. B. Attempt any three out of five. 6 marks 6 marks Q5 A. Attempt any two out of three. B. Attempt any two out of three. 6 marks 8 marks Q6 A. Attempt any two out of three. B. Attempt any two out of three. 6 marks 8 marks Total Marks 80 marks
  18. 18. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR HSC PAPER - WRITING  New question on New page.  Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary with pencil.  Solve serially Q1 to Q6.  Attach graph paper wherever the question.  Use blue or black ink only for writing.  Don’t write anything on question paper.
  19. 19. THOUGHTS FOR THE FINAL EXAM  Dare to dream – dare to try – dare to fail – dare to succeed.  You cant do things differently until you see things differently.  Patience and Persistence are the means to success. Put your best foot forward. See today with the eyes of tomorrow.  My Wishes to Dear You. Happy New Year.
  20. 20. Good Luck THANK YOU