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Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance Exercise - MH-CET 2015

Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance Exercise - MH-CET 2015 by

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Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance Exercise - MH-CET 2015

  1. 1. Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance Exercise Q.1 An Autosome is…………. (a) Half chromosome (b) Chromosomes other than sex chromosome (c) Sex chromosome (d) Chromosome without centromere Q.2 Each chromosomal pair has a distinct morphology with regard to (a) Relative length of arms and position of centromere (b) Relative length of arms but the position of chromosome is does not matter (c) Position of centromere but length of the chromosome is not important (d) The number of active genes present there Q.3 Chromosomes other than sex Chromosomes are called (a) Autosomes (b) Microsomes (c) Allosomes (d) Isochromosomes Q.4 The chromosomes with morphologically identical arms are called (a) Metacentric (b) Submetacentric (c) Acrocentric (d) Telocentric Q.5 The terminal end of chromosome is called (a) Satellite (b) Metamere (c) telomere
  2. 2. (d) Centromere Q.6 Which shapes are assumed by acrocentric and telocentric chromosomes respectively at the anaphase of meiosis (a) ‘J’ and ‘V’ shape (b) ‘V’ and ‘I’ shape (c) ‘J’ and ‘I’ shape (d) ‘I’ and ‘J’ shape Q.7 The chromosome with median centromere and almost equal arms is called (a) Acrocentric (b) Metacentric (c) Sub metacentric (d) Telocenric Q.8 A chromosome with terminal centromere is known as (a) Acentric (b) Metacentric (c) Submetacentric (d) Telocentric Q.9 Centromere is concerned with (a) Splitting up of chromosomes (b) Formation of spindle fibres (c) Attachment of spindle fibers during cell division (d) Duplication of DNA Q.10 Centromere is a part of (a) Ribosomes (b) Chromosomes (c) Mitochondria (d) Endoplasmic reticulum Answer Key:
  3. 3. 1-b 2-a 3-a 4-a 5-c 6-c 7-b 8-d 9-c 10-b #Solution# #1# The chromosomes related with all the body characteristics excluding sexual characteristics are called autosomes. #2# Morphologically the position of Chromosome and length of centromere or length of arms matter #9# The Movement of chromosome to poles is at the time of cell division, when the chromosomes are arranged at the equator region and then the kinetochores get attached to centromeres of the chromosomes and then the chromosomes are pulled apart equalizing the no. of chromosomes in both the daughter cells. Keep on visiting for latest study material. - Team Ednexa