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Truly Dynamic Sidebars for WordPress


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Published in: Technology
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Truly Dynamic Sidebars for WordPress

  1. 1. WordCamp Raleigh 2012 Presented by Ed Nailor Creative Director
  2. 2. About Ed Nailor
  3. 3. WordPress Sidebars
  4. 4. Not Without Limitations
  5. 5. Possible Solutions• Plugins• Theme Templates
  6. 6. Plugin: Widget Logic• Control with Conditional Tags• Can Combine Conditionals
  7. 7. So Many Options!has_tag has_termin_category is_404is_admin is_archiveis_attachment is_authoris_category is_dateis_day is_homeis_front_page is_month is_page is_timeis_paged is_search is_single is_singularis_sticky is_tag is_taxis_page_template
  8. 8. Plugin: Widget Logic Visual• Walks You Through the Process• Multi-Step Process• Less Advanced Knowledge Needed
  9. 9. Theme Templates• Custom Template Pages with Specific Sidebars• Easy for Client to Select• Mange Sidebar Widgets Easier
  10. 10. Close, But Not Yet• All Great Options, Just Not Solution Needed• Not Entirely Scalable for Larger Sites• Not Easy to Manage Multiple Widgets •At Least Some Advanced Knowledge Needed •Still Not Dynamic – How Do We Add More?
  11. 11. Truly Dynamic Sidebars Solution• Scalable for Larger Sites!• Manage Multiple Widgets for Multiple Pages!• No Advanced User Knowledge Needed!• Add Sidebars Dynamically!
  12. 12. To a Plugin Near You!
  13. 13. Thank You!Code Example• | ednailor.comednailor@gored.co704-684-9438 Phone