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Edmund present

  1. 1. MitchellKanashkevich
  2. 2. Travel photography-travel thought Asia, Africa and othercountry to collecting document.-Finding some people from other world toshow their culture and life.-he tying to discover the ancientculture, curiosity to visit the village of livingstyle.-he main object is the fairly broad, whichmean the human element of the traditionalculture life.
  3. 3. Mostly to travel is Indian and Europeside, always focusing the object as thepeople life in village. The place feel likeback to ancient time as a time travel.Also try to discover the true of thehuman element of power. However alsotravel to the usual place like the smallisland and discover the new generationof the living style.
  4. 4. He will discover that most people areliving the ancient life, traditional and oldstyle, and never see the technologic stufflike camera or other. He will believe thatpeople also very kindness and accepterto taking the photo as thedocumentation. However he found theplace or area is never easy get thatbefore. So that he feel is the high valuecost to the view of ancient.
  5. 5. After he done for collect the documentstuff. Then will using digital technical tomortified the image. Usually the travelphotography are having two camera totaking photo. He will taking chance to seepeople doing many different life. Thehuman element also have many differentangel shoot, such as portrait, landscape,black & white, night shoot and othershooting element of he need.
  6. 6. Regarding the technical, usually for thetravel of photography. Depending thelight explore of value. Actually he notdoubt with that matter of explore.Mostly the field is over explore of thelight. So that also able process byPhotoshop to changing the colour. Everysingle picture has be process until quietnice colour and contrast to view.
  7. 7. From the view from him is can learnmore about his Experian to travel todiscover the new style and culture.Because there many things we neversee it before in the world. That why heneed keep going to discover themystery of the are from out of world.
  8. 8. He has good concept, creative andspecial technical skill. He know thathow to understand people living stylethen how to take the perfect image.Because the travel is the mostchallenge to photo image. So that,mostly he taking the people of theportal picture for the major object toshowing how people look like.
  9. 9. The near island of the people of the portal image. For we know that the smile and happy of the picture. the two old lady sitting together.The love, and happiness togetherlike the friendship. However thiswas the night shooting.
  10. 10. The old woman chopping the pumpkin and the angel and focus is just nice to setting there. The best picture ever theperspective, angle and focus is reallyhave art of feeling.
  11. 11. The girl carry a baby at the mountain.The color is just nice to either view.Although is the simple portal but is hasbe a feel of new era.