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  1. 1. Sleep ideas:1. Temporary use of sleep aids (prescribed) to get on sleep pattern2. Partner responsibilities3. Promotion of sleep as a regular component of health4. Discounts from health insurance for monitoring sleep5. Family sleep time.6. power off devices7. Billboards (informational)8. Sleep at work. Allowing9. Public Service campaign changing the viewpoint of sleeping = laziness.10. Employee sleep timecode11. Employer certification standard for: ‘Promoting Healthy Sleep’12. Employer Siestas13. Sleep stations14. Contents for awareness: sleep offs15. Commercials for the promotion of sleep16. Doctor involvement - standard question during exam17. Relaxation chairs at work.18. Herbal tea, and decaf offered at work19. Presidential focus20. Faces of sleep (like faces of meth) campaign21. Healthcare employer offering discounts to companies for promoting sleep22. Relaxation tea given as gifts.23. Pillows given out??24. What is the best sleep position?25. Movie stars sleeping longer in films (for impressionable people)26. Office chairs that convert to cots.27. Cubicles that convert to sleep areas28. Car seats that recline better for improved sleeping for naps29. After market car sleep conversion kit - makes napping in car more enjoyable30. Free sleep training specialists31. Program people sign up for from their Electric Utility to reduce power at set hours in evening32. Sleep Training App33. Kit to shut off wifi router at designated times. Public (embarrassment) reporting of overrides.34. App for cell phone - sleep time is blocked - no internet. Public (embarrassment) reporting ofoverrides.35. Simple timer hooked to tv’s, routers, etc - to turn off at specified times.36. Sleep consultant certification37. Sleep consultants available at work (component of physical training?)38. Inexpensive relaxation players that display images and scenes on ceiling to induce sleep.39. Sleep as fun activity - Promoting Active Dreaming/Dream remembering40. Better use of tools like: embedded in different devices(my ceiling fan?)41. Buddy challenge. pick a friend to compete against for most consistent sleep patterns42. Make work better focused on results rather than time in office43. Use behavior training to assist employees/patients in long term goal setting for sleep improvement44. Desktop application that displays popups as to sleep benefits45. Public Service Announcements - (i.e. don’t do drugs) approach to mass media coverage46. Household ‘lights out’ times.
  2. 2. 47. Have people put sleep time on their todo list.48. Employers giving more flexibility to night-owls/early risers in work start and end times49. Grouping employees into teams based on natural awake times50. Kill your alarm clock day51. Auto Light dimmers that start dimming lights an hour before bedtime.52. Teaching relaxation techniques starting in grade school.53. Better education on the additional benefits of room darking shades on sleep54. Setting home thermostat to start lowering temp ½ hour before bed and to keep the temp coolthroughout the night55. Creation of inexpensive white noise devices for people who are unable to get their room quite56. Handing out sleep comfortable earplugs when: getting a driver’s licence renewal, stocking stuffers,birthday gifts57. Print sleep tips on the back of milk cartons, pizza boxes. etc.58. Display sleep tips for one week when people log into Facebook59. Create a website to download sleep tips wallet reference card60. Promote lack of sleep as a bad behavior - much like the anti-smoking campaign61. Create a sleep mentors program - like toastmasters.62. Online community that people can join to get aid in sleep habits63. Labeling on products that prevent sleep64. Labeling on products that aid in sleep.65. Promote awareness of herbs like: lemon balm, passion flower, chamomile, magnolia and valerianroot66. 24 hour stores offering take out of teas with the above.67. Sleep like herbs like the above are the new coffee.68. Create more portable, lightweight cots - something that can fit under your arm69. Better online tools to determine what type of mattress is best for your profile70. More accurate and earlier diagnosis of sleep apnea.71. Random sleep facts on coupons72. Sleep facts printed on soda bottles73. Sleep facts printed on Snapple caps (like the Snapple facts that currently exist)74. Sleep facts printed on throwaway water cups75. Basic sleep charting- download to assist with chart your sleep.76. Online calculator that figures a monetary value to better sleep77. Create better laws on motor vehicle sounds that can disrupt people’s sleep. Those living close toheavily trafficked areas78. Promote reductions in light pollution - have towns join in. Have pubs close at midnight.80. Create: Sleep Night - Annual event that promotes going to bed early.81. Hashtag #lightsout for twitter when going to bed at assigned hour82. Online reminder system that sends text message an hour before bedtime to shut things down.83. Promote efficiency techniques (Getting Things Done) to get more down and allow more time forsleep84. Downloadable & Printable Self-Hypnosis cards which promote relaxation85. Promote bike lanes in your community. Exercise and sleep go hand and hand86. Make your community safer for walking.87. Add sleep tips cards with government promotions, free fire alarms? - drop a sleep card tip sheet inin the packet88. Invite middle school children to to conduct this solving sleep creativity exercise- as a science/healthproject in school. Let them find solutions and research the issue learning about the problem in the
  3. 3. process89. Create online sleep journal to track your progress.90. Link sleep journal to online fitness journal to link the two together to track effects91. Use a DVR92. Reward yourself by putting 1 dollar in a glass jar each our you go to be early. Otherwise you put itin another jar to a charity you dislike93. Log your wind down schedule and time it, so you know what needs to be done before you go tosleep and how long it takes.94. Identity stress at an earlier time for at risk groups95. Market mediation as a sleep aid.96. Create a website to share free sleep mp3’s97. Chain letter thumb drives - send 20 thumb drives filled with free sleep music to friends withinstructions to copy and pass along.98. Instead of wake up call - Sleep call - reminding people to go to bed99. Computer application were desktop slowly dims to at a certain time until black and alerting tocomputer shutdown100. Call a friend: Pick a random day of the year and call 5 friends reminding them the importance ofsleep.