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  • Thank you for joining us at EdmodoCon 2012. We are so excited to have so many of our dedicated teachers with us today as we come together to share and learn from one another. - Such a big community with everyone from an EdmodoCon viewing party 30 teachers in Fairfield, CA who are all attending a “Flip Your Classroom” PD institute to a teacher in Cape Town, South Africa. We’re so glad you’re here! We see teachers leveraging the internet to collaborate and connect in powerful ways and you are all a part of this movement. Teachers are no longer bound by the exercises at the end of the chapter, or limited to sharing with only their colleagues across the hall. The creativity that we’ve seen emerge on Edmodo is boundless
  • Back in 2008, Edmodo began as a way for teachers to connect and collaborate with their students beyond of the walls of the classroom… (Provide anecdote)
  • … and we quickly saw teachers connecting with other teachers – both within their schools and around the globe (Provide anecdote)
  • Today, we have reached a point where Edmodo is not only facilitating connections but also content discovery and sharing with features that enable our teachers to power their classrooms
  • With this, we have grown from a network of teachers and students to a platform serving the entire educational graph.
  • THANK YOU!! We have reached this incredible milestone because of you! We are so proud to say that we are going back to school with 8.2 Million users and counting. Edmodo would not be where it is today without you – your support, engagement, and most of all, feedback over the past 4 years has been invaluable. That feedback has been at the epicenter of our product roadmap and has helped us to conceptualize and build the features that are most relevant to you and your classroom. [SNEAK PEEK} We are so pleased to be able to share with you a sneak peak of some of the fantastic new features that you will get to use in the latest version of Edmodo.
  • Here we are, welcome to the latest version of Edmodo!  We’re so excited to show you how it’s easier than ever to connect to resources, see insights into how your students learn best, and power your classroom First off, you might notice some changes to the homepage including a few new features such as Discover and Insights, which we’ll dig into in a minute, as well as a bit of reorganization.   We’ve used your feedback to make the features you love even better and provide you with new tools to help save you time and make your life a little easier. The stream remains at the core of your homepage on Edmodo, but we’ve made it simpler to navigate by moving post filtering right up top. On the right panel you’ll see the activity stream, which brings even more real-time information to your fingertips.   This smart stream lets you know when, for example, a student has turned in an assignment, a connection has joined a community, or a group member has responded to a post - all without ever leaving your homepage.   This information was previously available on Edmodo by going to an assignment, community, or specific post but is now in a much more centralized, accessible format.
  • Before we dive into some of the new features, I want to take a moment to highlight how we’ve made the features you love even more POWERFUL GROUPS: We’ve centralized the group function, putting everything that you’ll need to create and deliver courses in one place The top navigation bar acts as your anchor for each group
  • GROUPS: FOLDERS: Here you can add folders directly from your library, reordering them at any time, and managing which folders students can access at a given moment.   MANAGE MEMBERS: SMALL GROUPS: You can also manage your small groups with one click
  • PLANNER The Planner lets you see your schedule in multiple views and create task lists for yourself FEATURE WALK THROUGH
  • PROGRESS the progress report houses not only the traditional gradebook but also a way for you to track student badges awarded by both you as a teacher as well as apps from the store FEATURE WALK THROUGH
  • Now let’s take a a look at some of the new features you can expect. Discovery Insights and Apps These are all features we’ve developed using your feedback and with you in mind
  • First -- let ’ s look at Discovery. FEEDBACK: in the subject area communities, teachers were always posting, “Is anyone teaching a lesson on Mitosis and can share resources?” We needed to make it easier for teachers to discover and surface the content they need, at the moment they need it in the classroom. Discovery will allow you to connect with other teachers who are teaching the same things as you – and surface content and materials that you can put to use right away. It ’ s automatic and feels a bit like magic
  • Here’s a deeper look at what the Discover page will look like. WALK THROUGH DISCOVER PAGE What their connections are teacher to individual topics, suggested resources, trending topics, etc. Checking in to a topic enables you to find even more relevant information as does browsing by topic,
  • WALK THROUGH TOPIC PAGE,  others who are teaching the same topics, top content, and content that is most relevant for you USER BENEFIT: A teacher in Idaho who is teaching a lesson on “complex numbers” [insert whatever the screen shot of topics is] can come to this page and find resources and ideas from teachers teaching the same lesson all around the world
  • But how do you know if what you’re doing is working in your classroom? FEEDBACK: Largely informed by constant requests for a “like” button. we even got an email from Mrs. Burke and all her students in PA on why an Edmodo like button was the only thing missing from the site We wanted to take the “like” button and make it a) more informative and b) more actionable The reality is, in the traditional classroom you are missing so much of the detail about how students are learning. You are missing the reactions your students are giving –to your assignments, your classroom discussions, the content you are sharing. It is also hard to visualize the trends that emerge over the semester. So much of your time is spent providing valuable feedback on student work but its impossible to always see how each “ study harder ” fits into the bigger picture
  • With insights, you can really get the pulse of your classroom You can find out in real-time individual students reactions to a particular assignment to better assess learning styles and pacing… WALK THROUGH REACTIONS Students reacting to lessons, assignments, quizzes see individual and student reactions as well as trending reactions to a piece of content Motivation, Confusion, Boredom, etc. Teachers reacting to student work and discussions  You can respond to student work as well to provide immediate feedback Praise, encouragement, or a try harder!
  • You can also get a read on the class as a whole. The insights dashboard will enable you to see how and if your class understands, is confused or is bored by the lessons, assignments and quizzes you are giving and in real-time tailor your style to fit the needs of your classroom. WALK THROUGH THE DASHBOARD Aggregate of your reactions to see if it matches with your students Most active Popular Recent performance Overall
  • Once you have a better sense of what content you want to use and how your students are learning, you can help make your classroom more dynamic by installing apps for your students from the Edmodo store These games, tools, and interactives launch directly within Edmodo and integrate with features like the stream, assignments, progress and badges to provide a far more engaging learning experience.
  • Through the Edmodo Store, teachers will have one click installation of apps. No more managing multiple class rosters in seven different places. Edmodo will serve as the home base for learning for all of the digital tools you use in the classroom. Here ’ s a quick view of one educators application launcher. As you can see, teachers can select the apps that are relevant to their individual classroom needs. It ’ s incredibly easy to install. And even easier for students to access. The store will be available for all US-based teachers during this back-to-school season and we are working hard to make the store available worldwide soon thereafter.
  • As EdmodoCon attendees, you will have early access to the exciting latest version of Edmodo. We’ll look to you to continue to provide comments and feedback as we work to create the best possible Edmodo experience for you and your students. We will send out an email to you next week letting you know when it’s available for you to try in your classrooms. Get excited, stay tuned, and then go get your copy of the latest version of Edmodo!!!!
  • EdmodoCon Keynote Presentation Presented by Nic Borg

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