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Back to School: Best Practices for Onboarding Students


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Back to School: Best Practices for Onboarding Students

  1. 1. Back-to-School Best PracticesJohn Hermansen - Edmodo
  2. 2. Start off on the Right FootConnect with other teachers•Increase the power of your networkEngage students•Leverage network for support and ideasFollow security best practices• Teach digital citizenshipJoin presentation group• Group Code: mn45az
  3. 3. Teacher ConnectionsInvite Empower Connect Create PLCs
  4. 4. Tap Into Your Network
  5. 5. Student EngagementCreate AccessGroups Support Share Provide Content Feedback
  6. 6. Tips and Best PracticesArchive groupsShare group codes securelyManage group membersMaintain existing accountsTeach digital citizenshipRegister for a subdomainDistribute school codes
  7. 7. Questions? Connect: Group Code: mn45az