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Dipecho v aan project orientation workshop summary report


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Dipecho v aan project orientation workshop summary report

  1. 1. 26-28JULY 2009, CHITWAN AAN DIPECHO PROJECT: PROJECT ORIENTATION WORKSHOP REPORT The project is funded by ECHO, and co-financed by AusAID Building disaster-resilient communities, Nepal Surakshit samudaya II DIP ECHO Project orientation workshop for ActionAid project partners were held during 26-28 July 2009 in Hotel Global, Chitwan. The DIPECHO project titled Surakshit Samudaya II: Building disaster-resilient communities, Nepal aims to increase disaster resilience of the target communities. The project orientation camp is one of the fundamental activities of the DIPECHO project, towards briefing the partners and the team on the project framework, developing working relations, develop work plan, activity charts and foresee constraints that may affect project execution. Objective of the workshop To orient the project team members on the overall project framework and develop necessary implementation measures so as to achieve the intended objects and results Expected outcome of the workshop Participants will have detailed understanding of the project, rationale, implementation method and monitoring/reporting mechanisms. They will also have basic understanding of mainstreaming disability within DRR function; basic understanding of community based early warning system. The detailed work plan for the project life is agreed upon and finalized, and participants understand each Project Area: Banke other, the project team members and are geared up to deliver yet another great Sunsari project Udayapur Workshop Methodology Partner NGOs: BEE Group The project planning orientation workshop was conducted by applying various UPCA Nepal NP Nepal methodologies including lecture, anticipatory group discussion, presentation, and Co-Action Nepal question/answering, game, documentary show and interaction were plan as a Beneficiaries: supportive methods. 13,854 people Facilitators Budget: Euro 377,095 The workshop was facilitated by P. V. Krishnan (DIPECHO PM), Shyam Sunder Start Date: Jnavaly (DIPECHO DPM), Ashok Raj Pokharel (DIPECHO PO), Shaurabh Sharma 01 July 2009 (DIPECHO FAO). Anup Gopal Phaiju, Practical Action and Dulu Raj Chimariya, Handicap International also took sessions on joint initiatives undertaking in the Duration: 15 months project. Suresh Thapa, PO, ERC/AAN and Pramod Jaisawal, PO, WRC/AAN were also provided inputs regarding resource center coordination. For more details Contact: Highlights ActionAid Nepal Ph: 01-4436477 The detailed activities and budget along with the project objectives, milestones, Fax: 01-4419718 results and indicators of project achievement were discussed in detail. The Email: mail.nepal@actionaid.org project’s contribution to AAN long term development program was also highlighted. Mechanism to mainstreaming PWDs in DRR, and community based early warning system were discussed. Future collaborative efforts with Practical Action and Handicap International were agreed. The monitoring mechanism and reporting system was introduced.
  2. 2. PROJECT ORIENTATION WORKSHOP REPORT— PAGE 2 Surakshit samudaya II : Building Disaster Resilient Communities, Nepal SUCCESS OF Participants THE PROJECT Ms. Shakuntala Subba, UPCA Mr. Deepak Acharya, Co-Action Mr. Yash Prasad Subba, UPCA Mr. Bhaskar Aryal, Co-Action Mr. Shivahari Khatiwada, UPCA Mr. Dolraj Neupane, Co-Action Ms. Manmaya Niraula, UPCA Mr. Bishnu Hari Wagle, Co-Action Ms. Khadaga Kumari Magar, UPCA Mr. Durga Nanda Chaudhary, NP Reduced loss of Mr. Khyam Bahadur Dahal, UPCA Mr. Arjun Kumar Katuwal, NP lives and Mr. Alam Miya, UPCA properties in Ms. Kamali Chaudhary, UPCA Mr. Dulu Raj Chimariya, HI time of disaster Ms. Rita Kumari Chaudhary, UPCA Mr. Anup Gopal Phaiju, PA in the project Mr. Suresh Kumar Yadav, UPCA Mr. Suresh Thapa, AAN/ERC areas Ms. Ranjana Kumari Yadav, UPCA Mr. Pramod Jaiswal, AAN/WRC Mr. Gopal Nath Yogi, BEE Group Mr. P.V. Krishnan, AAN/DIPECHO Mr. Dillu Ram Ghimire, BEE Group Mr. Shyam S. Jnavaly, AAN/DIPECHO Mr. Ram Niwas Yadv, BEE Group Mr. Ashok Raj Pokharel, AAN/DIPECHO All target Mr. Makbool Mukeri, BEE Group Ms. Pratima Shrestha, AAN/DIPECHO beneficiaries Ms. Preety Sharma, BEE Group Mr. Shaurabh Sharma, AAN/DIPECHO are well Mr. MB Rana, BEE Group informed about Total participants-32 disaster preparedness Workshop Proceedings The workshop started with welcome address and objectives of the orientation by Preparedness P. V. Krishnan, who briefly outlined the purpose of the orientation and project. becomes be This was followed by participants’ introduction. Project objectives, results and culture of the proposed activities was briefed by Ashok Raj Pokharel. The introduction of AAN, community ECHO, DIPECHO and AusAID was also included in the presentation. Project rationale and key activities was summarized by Krishnan. Shyam Sundar Jnavaly facilitated the last session on Project results and milestones. DRR becomes The recapping of the previous day was done by Ms. Pratima Shrestha, DIPECHO integral Project Officer. Mr. Jnavaly continued the previous day’s session on project component of milestones. He also took project methodology session. During the session, he development highlighted about the project’s contribution to AAN’s long term development initiatives. After then, Mr. Krishnan highlighted about projects indicators of success. Then, Mr. Chimariya of Handicap International presented about the works of HI and possible collaboration with project for mainstreaming PWDs in disaster management initiatives. The session was followed by Mr. Phaiju of Practical Action introducing the conceptual framework for community based early warning system. SNAPSHOTS During tea time, a documentary on DIPECHO IV projects “A New Dawn” was shown. Post tea session was allocated for developing detailed work plan on format prepared by DIPECHO team for each partner. Team members from partners NGOs went through each and every details of their respective work plan, discussed among them, queried with ActionAid /DIPECHO V team members, made suitable changes and ultimately finalized for future reference. Final day initiated with the topic “Finance, Accounts and Administration” taken by Mr. Sharma. The session was followed by the monitoring and reporting mechanism. Overall recapping of the orientation and vote of thanks was given by Mr. Krishnan. Conclusion The orientation was success in terms of achieving its objectives. All the participants were familiar with the projects and partners. As an outcome of the workshop, a comprehensive implementation plan was developed and familiarized by the participants.