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Dipecho v aan article for capacity development aan


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Dipecho v aan article for capacity development aan

  1. 1. ENHANCING KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, SYSTEMS AND INSTITUTIONS THROUGH CAPACITY BUILDING Surakshit Samudaya II is the DIPECHO V project implemented by ActionAid in Nepal, aims to build resilient of communities to disasters. Capacity Building is one of the key components of the project and is treated as the process of combining all the strengths, attributes and resources available within the community, and institutions that can be used to achieve project objectives and goal. Under capacity building component, ActionAid Nepal has been facilitating a range of trainings at different levels, developing and strengthening system and institutions, creating resources and support in creating an enabling policy environment for DRR in Nepal. The process began with assessing communities’ knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) on disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction through a baseline study. Hazard and vulnerability mapping and capacity assessment were done through Participatory vulnerability analysis in 17 clusters/wards of the project area. 17 disaster management committees are being supported to lead local DRR initiatives, ingrained with more than 50 task forces and 32 REFLECT Circles at the community level. Up to now, all the 137 DMC members and volunteers have been provided with orientation in CBDRR through a rights-based approach. Informed community members are thus taking grassroots leadership on DRR to a higher level, working towards sustaining local actions to cope with uncertainties of future. "We have been facing inundation problems of Dondra River since a long. We were almost uninformed about the rights of disaster affected people. Now we are informed, and capacitated to know the rights of the disaster affected people through Surakshit Samudaya II project. We are happy, excited and benefitted from the project. This time we demanded money in VDC council for disaster management, and they are positive in the regard". -Shared by Ms. Mayabati Morya, Reflect Participant, Gangapur, Banke January 2010 Forty-eight young volunteers were trained on Basic First Aid and are equipped with the first-aid materials. They are available in the community to assist distressed people. 171 district level government authorities including other stakeholders, NGOs and political parties' representatives are oriented on the DRR and HFA, thereby helping to realize national strategies and policies on disaster risk management. During the project, school students will be trained on DRR, volunteers will be trained on Light Search and Rescue and people at large will be sensitized towards bringing about an attitudinal change towards risks. ActionAid DIPECHO project is also working with the concerned ministers and constituent assembly members, advocating stronger DRR policy framework in the country. The proposed DRR ToolKit and sensitization workshop for CA members is our attempt to build capacity of policy makers to undertake informed policy debates and decisions.
  2. 2. Risk Reduction is not the responsibility of DDRC alone, but should be the business of all. I am sure this orientation program will help us to integrate disaster management not only in theoretical aspects but in practicality. I request all of the participants to study HFA book provided; and do accordingly in days to come. -Shared by Mr. Ram Prasad Thapaliya, Chief District Officer, Sunsari, December 2009 Strengthening community cohesion and social bondage, their increased capacity to make informed choices on their own well-being, their enhanced self-confidence through involvement in decisions making processes and linkages with various stakeholders are some of the attributes of the capacity building initiatives. Training to Government Officers on DRR and HFA in Inurwa, Sunsari district A group under discussion during CBDRR training to DMC members