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Redefining the 21st Century Classroom


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Discover how our wide variety of innovative solutions spanning a multitude of program areas can empower 21st century teaching and learning and increase student achievement.

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Redefining the 21st Century Classroom

  1. 1. Redefining the 21st CenturyClassroom
  2. 2. Edmentum is redefining the 21st centuryclassroom. We enable educators and administratorsto deliver achievement in the classroom, blendingindividual teaching approaches with proven, award-winning online learning solutions that specificallyaddress the needs of individual learners and theexpectations of everyone with a stake in learnersuccess.- Vin Riera, CEO of Edmentum, Inc.2Edmentum™
  4. 4. Edmentum Product Spectrum4Edmentum™Virtual Courses Blended Learning Technology-RichInstructionInterventionRemediationFlippedClassroomStandardsMasteryLearningToolsTurn-keypartnerOnlineCurriculum
  5. 5. Research and Efficacy5Edmentum™
  6. 6. Solutions6Edmentum™
  7. 7. The Challenge• Increase “read” time-on-task• Increase young readersengagement with contentlearning so the do not fallbehind in every subjectarea• Increase phonologicalsupport, writing skillsupport, and readingsupport by providing one-on-one instruction –“multiply the teacher”7Edmentum™
  8. 8. Our ProductsReading Eggs is a learn-to-read program inwhich students begin at an emergent readinglevel or a level that matches their readingability, and progress at their own pace.Reading Eggspress builds on the knowledgegained in Reading Eggs and develops readingand comprehension skills.ESL ReadingSmart accelerates Englishlanguage development. The program offersindividualized instruction for English languagelearners.ReadingMate is a reading intervention programthat prepares students to read at grade level.9
  9. 9. The Challenge• Increase graduation rates by preparing studentsfor high stakes exams• Increase pupil progression based on state andcommon core state assesments10
  10. 10. 12• K-12 standards mastery programdesigned to help students meetlearning objectives defined in theGLEs and Common Core.• Program design componentsinclude assessment practice, shortlessons, reteach explanations,animations and motivating games• 17 different reports supportscomprehensive progressmonitoring.• Teacher toolkit allows theadditional opportunities to engagestudents with technology inside ofthe classroom.
  11. 11. Exam InterventionPre-built learning paths aligned to instruction for LA EOC Exams.14
  12. 12. The Challenge• Impacting academic achievement at Tier1, 2, and 3 with computer assisted instruction• Increasing access to personalized learning15Edmentum™
  13. 13. Benchmarking• Grade level assessments to identify skillgaps and prescribe learning planAdaptive• Identify skill ability and prescribe learningplan to target grade level growthTest Design/Development• Create authentic assessments, modifybenchmark assessments17
  14. 14. 19Web-based,instructional interventiontool providing fun andengaging studentactivities and teachingresources correlated tostate and CommonCore Standards in pre-Kthrough 6th gradelanguage arts, math,science, and ESL.
  15. 15. The ChallengeIncrease student access to online learning to supportgraduation requirements.• Credit Recovery• Grade Recovery• Initial CreditIncrease course selection and alternative learningenvironments.• Virtual School20Edmentum™
  16. 16. 21• Standards-based content to build the knowledge,skills, and competencies students need tosucceed.• Highly interactive courses to keep studentsengaged.• Robust flexibilitygiving youopportunities tocustomize coursewareto meet your uniqueneeds.• Broad range ofcourses toaccommodate multiplelevel learning needs.
  17. 17. 22EdOptions Academy partners with schools and districtsto deliver rigorous, research-based, and pedagogicallysound curriculum trusted nationallyby over 1,500 partner schoolspaired with highly trained,state certified online teachersthat adhere to iNACOLNational Standards forQuality Online Programs.
  18. 18. The Challenge• Increase student opportunities to close readiness gap.• Increase teacher capacity to successfully teach to rigorouscollege and career standards.23Edmentum™
  19. 19. Beyond High School LibraryCourses designed to prepare students to enter college or theworkforce and military.24
  20. 20. The Edmentum Family25Edmentum™