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Ed digital portfolio

  1. 1. Ed’s Strategic Mind
  2. 2. The brief on what we will make happen. 4.30.10 Brand BriefBACKGROUNDPerformanceMizuno had the number one irons on the PGA tour for 8 straight years (’94-’01) until athletesponsorships carved a different landscape.Perfection/QualityRihachi Mizuno created Mizuno Inc over 100 years ago. Obsessed with every aspect ofperformance, Rihachi established a high standard of excellence early in Mizuno’s foundation.When thrown down, baseballs had to bounce back up to his eye-level, if they didn’t, his engineershad to find a way to make them.ExcellenceMizuno’s product innovations have continued to raise the bar for what an athletics company shouldbe. They pay special attention to solving very detailed problems. The problems people didn’t eventhink a company would bother spending time trying to fix. (i.e. to keep athletes warm, Mizunocreated a fabric that heats up when it comes in contact with moisture.)IntegritySince their humble beginning, Mizuno has always allowed people to discover their better-engineered products pretty much on their own. Mizuno has sponsored events and athletes,opened new plants in various countries, and continued to evolve the athletic equipment and attiremarket. Mizuno has always trusted their products to speak for themselves. Mizuno is the bestbrand that few people know about. This is our opportunity to change that.THE ASSIGNMENTDevelop a brand campaign that works across all of Mizuno’s product categories and captures thehumility that is at the core of the brand. They currently manufacture products for: Golf, baseball,running, volleyball and softball. The new campaign should provide Mizuno with a new identity anda new reason for current customers and those who haven’t yet made the leap to come and join thebrand. The new identity should help to make the Mizuno logo a badge of pride. The campaign willbe implemented across all touch-points (in-store, collateral, web, print, radio and TV).THE OBJECTIVES 1. Energize and unify the brand. 2. Activate the Mizuno tribe. Get non-users to join the brand, and provide a rally cry for those who already subscribe.AUDIENCE INSIGHTPerformance Junkies don’t just identify with their sport, they are their sport. This is their morningcoffee. Sport controls what they eat and how they breathe. This is their air. They entercompetitions looking to not only compete against other people but also themselves. Theyrelentlessly pursue better times, better scores, better nutrition, better equipment, better better.They want products that allow them to focus on their whole game and nothing but the game. Theywant products that can help take them to the next level. These are the Performance Junkies.
  3. 3. The brief on what we will make happen. 4.30.10MIZUNO POSITIONINGMizuno arms Performance Junkies with products that are biomechanically engineered to work inharmony with your body to enhance and improve your natural ability.THE BRAND IDEAMizuno: brings out the best in you.THE BENEFITSRational Benefit: Mizuno products are deliberately designed to work in harmony with your body.Emotional Benefit: “Mizuno gives me the confidence to perform at my best because I don’t have tofit my game to the equipment, they provide me equipment that fits my game.”REASONS TO BELIEVE:History of SuccessAthletes have been winning competitions using Mizuno for over 100 years.Technical InnovationsRunning • Wave (Running): Mesh that constricts with the skin • Breath Thermo (Apparel): Body Warming Technology works with the body to warm you for better performanceTeam • Classic Pro Soft Ball Glove (Baseball): intro Fall 2010 o Professional, position specific patterns (collected data on how each position catches the ball to determine the glove pattern that best fits that position) • Frenzy Fast Pitch Bat (Softball): Fall 2010 (need specs) • Shoes/Custom Apparel (Volleyball): Need specsGolf • Shaft Optimizer (Golf): This system quickly records five data points that make up ones swing DNA: clubhead speed, swing tempo, release factor, shaft toe down and shaft kick angle. The Shaft Optimizer lowers your score without changing your swing. • JPX(Golf): fall and early spring launch o JPX-800; Shockingly Long and Fantastically Forgiving! o JPX-800 Pro: Distance and Forgiveness you can FEEL!Attention to Detail • Need to add based on the actual product we’re marketing. Divisions sending specs.BRAND TONALITYHumble. Trustworthy. Aspirational. Likable.
  4. 4. The brief on what we will make happen. 4.30.10 RunnerI’m a Runner (Running Super Enthusiast)I run. I run to question who I am and who I am not. I run to get lost. Lost in my thoughts. Awayfrom the distractions of life and daily stress. Running allows me to escape. It acts as meditation.I want to be a better person, I want to be a better runner. Running allows me to achieve both.Running is a passion. Running is a part of who I am. Not running simply is not an option.Running sets the rhythm and cadence of my day, my week and everything around it. My mindand body operate at a higher level when I run. I take my running shoes with me everywhere-business trips, vacations, you name it. I know I will always have time to get out for a run, arelease, a getaway. Even if it’s quick, I will find a way to run. I want others to enjoy the RunningLight, so I started a local running club where we can share our passion. I don’t care if someoneis a beginner or a vet, being part of a running community helps to motivate, teach, learn andinspire.My Focus/DriversRunning is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. I’ve put in my miles, so I knowmy endurance is there, but I have to fight off what’s in my head and what my body’s feeling thatday. Many days I head out the door knowing that I have at least 45 minutes of pain anddiscomfort ahead of me. But running is all about embracing the challenge, embracing the pain,digging deep inside your soul, and pushing yourself to places you never thought possible. It’sabout reaching that “runners high”, a place that only you can understand. Running is abouttaking pain and discomfort and turning it in to a positive. If I can handle the pain of a hardtraining run, I can handle anything that life throws at me. That’s the big reward runners get andthe thing that other non-runners will never understand.Races are my report card, my way to calibrate how I’m doing. I want to run faster every time Irace because it shows me I’m doing things right. And I like the camaraderie that comes from ashared feeling at the end of the race that we’ve all done something special. I like to run races,but I don’t train to race. I’m always training, so I should always be race ready. Running is acompetitive adventure for me. When I’m in a race, I will feed off adrenaline and others aroundme to push myself, but I’m not there to beat them, I’m there to beat myself and to reach mygoals.I HateRecovery can make me stronger, so there are days when I choose not to run. But not runningbecause I’m tired, not motivated or because I let life’s obstacles get in the way feels like I’mletting myself down. I feel guilty. I feel like my training takes a step backwards. I hate thatfeeling.It’s Interesting to MeI feel like I’m part of a community. I see a lot of the same people out on the roads, trails, or atraces. When I pass other runners out on the road, or when I’m running with friends, it feels likewe all share something special and different. There is a quiet head-nod you give other runnersyou pass that shows you know. You know that you are part of something bigger and that allthose people sitting in front of their televisions, taking escalators, or taking other physicalshortcuts will never get it.
  5. 5. The brief on what we will make happen. 4.30.10Me and My EquipmentMy shoes and clothes are a part of me and a reflection of my running. They are the secret togetting me out the door – my secret advantage. When I slip on my favorite pair of shoes or myfavorite shirt it’s like I’ve flipped a mental switch that gets me ready to go. Some days I want thefamiliar fit and comfort of my every-day trainers. Other days, I want to wear something light, fastand bold. It all depends on how I’m feeling. The right gear frees my mind and allows me tofocus on just my run. It gives me the confidence that today I just might do something special.And the brand matters. I want to wear stuff from a company that is as passionate about runningas I am.
  6. 6. The brief on what we will make happen. 4.30.10 GolferI’m a GolferThere is nothing better than the feeling of stepping out onto the golf course early in the morning,dew still on the ground, and a beautiful green fairway and day of golf ahead of me. Golf is one ofthe few things I can do where I get the chance to simultaneously relax and compete at the sametime. It’s the most stressful stress-reliever imaginable, and I love it. There’s no better high thanhitting a shot "pure", but I’m not just satisfied with that one shot- I want to hit more shots pureeach time I step on the course. And in true addict form, it keeps me coming back for more. Ilove competing against my buddies, having something on the line and knowing that every shotmatters. At the end of the day and with the round on the line, I love stepping up to a shot thatI’ve just crushed into the fairway, eyeing the green in the distance and then nestling the ball upto the hole and ultimately winning the round. It’s a shot that I’ll never forget. That I’ll relive in myhead for years to come. Golf is who I am. It’s more than just an activity, a sport. It’s a passion.My Focus/DriversWhile I think about the great shots, I also think about the bad ones. I think about why I madethose mistakes and how I can continue improving. I watch the pros on tour, shows on TGC, andresearch the golf websites, blogs, and magazines, looking for tips and equipment that will helpmy game. I’m always thinking about how I can be better because I want to win every time I’m onthe course. Whether it’s a club tournament, a bet with friends, or it’s just me vs. the course, Iwant to perform and win.I HateI hate when there’s nothing on the line. Sure, I want to have fun. But I’m competitive natured,and golf is a game that I thrive on when something’s at stake. It takes the game to a whole newlevel. It gives me something to fight for, a goal beyond just a good round. It gives my goodround even more meaning.It’s Interesting to MeGolf is the one sport where I can actually play the same courses that the pros do. And I will alsoface many of the same situations. I can drain a 4 foot putt to seal the victory or stick one tightfrom 90 yards out to unnerve my opponent. I love coming down to that one shot. It’s all aboutwho can perform under pressure.Me and My EquipmentI want to have confidence in my game and my equipment. When I’m under pressure, I want toknow that I have the right weapon in hand. An iron I trust. An iron I know will perform the way Ithink it should every time. I want equipment that gives me a feeling that I’m in the know, that Ihave an advantage over those I’m playing against.MP Player - expecting the club to give me the result that I expectMX Player - looking for help from the equipment
  7. 7. The brief on what we will make happen. 4.30.10 Team PlayerI’m a Baseball PlayerI love crossing the chalk and stepping onto the diamond. I know that the unexpected willhappen. My senses feel more awake. An inner fire explodes. I know Im going to war with theguys that have walked through hell right beside me. I’m focused on winning. I don’t see or hearthe crowd. I’m only thinking about the game, the opponent, making the next play. I want the ballhit to me. I want to step into the box when we’re down 3-2 with two men on. I want to be therewhen the game is on the line.I go after every play with an aggression, with a will that nothing is going to stop me. Theoutfielder better call me off if he has it because I’m coming after that ball with a vengeance. Thatball will be mine. I don’t care if I’m going to slam into a fence or layout and dive. I want the ballin my hands. I know I can gun down anyone going home. And when I step to the plate, I’mfocused on crushing a line drive- bringing runners around to score. I’m doing whatever it takesto get around those bases- whether that’s clawing and fighting for each base or legging it out tobeat a throw. And the catcher better hold on. I’m scoring that run. Our team will win.My Focus/DriversFocus is the key in me succeeding. I must be mentally and physically prepared. I need to reacton a shot up the middle, get a good jump on a hard hit ball, sit back when I see a curveball orturn on a 90 mph fastball. The game happens at such speed, that I must be ready for anything. Ineed confidence to relax, and I need to relax in order to concentrate. I can’t let anything cloudmy focus. I know the sweat, the blood, and the blisters are all proof that I’m ready. I put in hoursin the cage and taking grounders. I hit the weight room and gut out the sprints. I work hard atpractice- but I also stay after everyone leaves to take more grounders, more reps in the cage.I’m determined to succeed. There is no such thing as luck. Luck is where preparation andopportunity meet. I make great plays because of my preparation and focus. I know andmemorize the competition. I know when to shade over. I know what to anticipate from thepitcher. I don’t just want the team to have confidence in me when I step onto the field or in thebox, I want them to believe that I’m about to do something great.My other focus is the rivalry. Two teams, cross-town rivals, competing head-to-head ever year.Bragging rights, sell outs, the conference championship on the line. This is what we competefor. This is what we prepare for.I HateI hate when some of my teammates show a lack of effort in a game or at practice. I want to havefun. But more than that, I want to win. I don’t want to see a ball drop in front of an outfielder. Idon’t want to see someone not giving it their all. I want to see a hunger, an aggression, amental toughness. I want to see sacrifice. But I also hate when I make a mistake- mental orfielding. It will haunt me. But it also makes me want to make the next play that much more.It’s Interesting to MeOf course I want our team to win. But at the end of a game, I want the other team to say “Goodgame Short.” That nod from an opponent is a huge compliment. My name’s not on the back ofmy jersey. That shows they noticed my game, my plays, my bat. That’s how much I want todominate.
  8. 8. The brief on what we will make happen. 4.30.10Me and My EquipmentMy glove and bat are my weapons. I want to feel confident in the equipment that I’m using.There can be no excuses. One missed grounder, one mishit ball, one mistake can be thedifference in the game. Statistically, the pitcher will beat me 65% of the time, but knowing I havean ace up my sleeve, I know Im the one with the advantage. I know I will make them pay whenit matters most.
  9. 9. Work
  10. 10. The JPX-800TM Hot MetalTM Design and ultra-thinclubface deliver unbelievable distance and forgiveness to outperform anything you’re playing now. Compare the JPX-800 to your current irons at a golf shop that has the Mizuno Performance Fitting System, and find the extra yards your game’s been missing. Find the nearest location at mizunogolf.com
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er.
  13. 13. Work
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  17. 17. Digital Brief General PublicCHALLENGE:Inform and motivate active women on:- What NB is- Why they need it- How they can get it.TARGET:Active women aged 16-35.WE KNOW:While this audience may not be tech savvy, they are using social media. We know theystay connected using facebook and twitter. With NBʼs limited budget, these are greatintersection points to communicate with them.GOALS:Increase overall brand awareness and engagement. Produce more sales and brandevangelists.DIGITAL TACTICS:1. Twitter. a) Tweet out “day-long” and team/dance company promotions b) “Bring a friend” promotions c) “Find Erin” promotions d) Personal shout outs to loyal/interested followersGive a 25% discount to the dance companies that follow on Twitter.2. Facebook Fan Page. a) Communication with fans b) Pass relevant brand information and developments3. NB Blog. a) Post on category topics (ie. trends in fitness, category developments/findings
  18. 18. b) Style recommendationsIMMEDIATE NEXT STEPS: a) Place Social Media icons on all communications. (business cards, websites, packaging, etc. b) Send personal fb message/email to most social and relevant friends and contacts inviting them to follow and stay up to date on these sites
  19. 19. TeamsCHALLENGE:Inform and motivate team/ dance company decision makers on:- What NB is- How it provides the nude look they desire- Why they need usTARGET: a) Coaches b) Athletic Directors c) Teachers d) Parents e) Alums*OPPORTUNITY:Investigate HBCU cheer, dance and performance programs. This may be a perfectplace to intersect with our target audience. Building repoir with the decision makershere can help spread the word on NB.WE KNOW: a) Our product answers a need for their performers. We just need to present them with the extra motivation to buy us. b) We know a reason they might hesitate to buy is ____________. c) We can answer this problem by offering ______________.GOALS a) Increase overall brand awareness b) Be added to decision makersʼ consideration set c) Sign sponsorship contracts with NBDIGITAL TACTICS:1. Twitter:
  20. 20. a) Seek and follow as many coaches and dancers as possibleb) Monitor their accounts for activity, reach out accordingly, send samples accordinglyc) Post relevant tweets (upcoming classes, shows your excited about, new follows, etc.)2. Linkedin:a) Connect with and ask clients for recommendationsb) Join company pages for pro teams and dance schoolsc) Search people for folks with dance backgrounds— reach out to them3. Facebook:Join fan pages for pro teams and dance schoolsAbove all, no more blanket posts on facebook. Now we will focus on seeking andengaging fans (that need your product) rather than annoying friends and family.IMMEDIATE NEXT STEPS:a) Write down 15 teams youʼd like to speak to.b) Search sites to find contact people with these organizations
  21. 21. Results
  22. 22. Recommendations