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Monash adviser october

  1. 1. Monash Adviser October 2012 Edition Monash a World Monash Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Ed Byrne said the University year, it achieved its best ever result of 137 in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, Top 100 university had earned a rightful place in the Top 100. “The continuous and impressive compiled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. To find out more about Monash rankings Monash University is now ranked among improvement in rankings, which Monash visit the best 100 institutions in the world has shown over the last three years, is a according to results from Times Higher reflection of the excellence of our product. Education magazine. That is, the impact and relevance of our research and the quality of our graduates.” The University has significantly improved in Professor Byrne said. almost every category, climbing 79 places in just three years to be ranked at 99. Monash has performed strongly in the three major international university rankings in Research success was evident with recent years. In the QS World Rankings, increases in research volume, income the University is rated at 61 and, earlier this and reputation. Course updates Faculty Course Course name Cricos Comments code Engineering 4168 Bachelor of Mining 076844E New course – four years duration and offered at Clayton Engineering (Honours) Arts 1731 Community Welfare 073104K Change: Second semester is only approved by the faculty if and Counselling applicant achieves credit exemptions. Art, 3123 Bachelor of 076843F New course – 3 years duration and offered at Caulfield, this course is Design and Communication Design due to rationalising and consolidating faculty’s course offerings. Architecture Replacing both Bachelor of Design (Visual communication) CRICOS code – 030599D and Bachelor of Multimedia and Digital Arts CRICOS code – 047253B with this new course. The entry requirement has been updated, English (Australian Year 12 equivalent) and submission of a folio of 10 – 15 A4 printed images of work. Folios are preferred in CD or DVD format – All applicants must submit a folio of 10 – 15 images of their work for assessment. For further details, please refer to the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture website: folioguidelines.html Information 3831 Bachelor of Business and 072258M This course is no longer available to full time international students Technology Commerce and Bachelor on-campus. It is only offered via off-campus mode. of Information Technology and Systems Information 3334 Information Technology 054529J No longer offered to full time international students on-campus at Technology and Systems Gippsland. It is available via off-campus mode as well as on-campus at Caulfield.Australia n China n India n Italy n Malaysia n South Africa
  2. 2. New Monash South Africa websiteMonash South Africa recentlylaunched its new website. Thedynamic new website is designedto increase course enquiries andenables two way communicationwith the various audiences toachieve undergraduate andpostgraduate recruitment.Amongst other things, one of themajor objectives of the new websiteis to increase the reputation ofMonash South Africa as a qualityeducation provider, safe environmentto study, part of a research intensiveuniversity that has embedded itselfin the SA community. Anotherobjective of the website is to fullyintegrate and therefore leverageMSA as part of MUA.Some of the key audiences ofthe website are prospectiveundergraduate and postgraduatestudents, school teachers, schoolprincipals, HR managers andalumni.Please visit and explore ournew look website the Bachelor of PharmaceuticalScience Advanced with HonoursStudy at Australia’s leading pharmacy and via multiple research projects, accesspharmaceutical science faculty (QS World to industry-standard facilities such asUniversity Rankings by Subject 2012). the faculty’s Shimadzu high-pressure liquid chromatography lab and possibleRecent advances in technology and our industry placements.knowledge of human biology, cells,nanomaterials and chemistry promise This course includes an honours year.revolutionary advances in drug treatments Added benefits include the opportunityover the next decade. This degree is offers to attend research seminars, meet withthe chance to be there when they happen. academic mentors and develop leadership skills through the faculty’s StudentThis degree is designed to prepare students Ambassador program.for postgraduate study or a research careerin the global biomedical and pharmaceutical Course detailsindustries. Campus: Parkville.Pharmaceutical science is the chemistry, Duration (years): 4 (full-time)biology and technology of medicines. (3 years of Pharmaceutical ScienceIt plays a core role in improving human Advanced and 1 year of honours).health and wellbeing by researching and Prerequisites: English, chemistrydeveloping reliable, accessible and effective and higher level maths.treatments for patients. CRICOS Code: 077237J.In addition to a solid foundation infundamental science, students will gain Visit course details for moreresearch know-how across all years of study information on entry requirements.
  3. 3. Apply now for on campusaccommodation in 2013 Living on-campus – student testimonial Before you make the move on-campus with Monash Residential Services, find out what it’s like from a student who has done it already. What is your name and what course are you doing at Monash? Fariha Alam and I’m studying Medicine. How long have you been studying at Monash? Three years. This is my third year so nearly a full three years. Where are you from originally? I was born in Bangladesh but I have lived Moving in, what were the challenges you in Australia since I was eight. So my home had to work through to live on-campus I guess, is Toowomba in Queensland. when you first arrived? That’s a bit of a distance to see your Personally for me, from a skills point of family! view, as a younger resident looking after I do travel back every now and then yourself is a big issue. I always got told by and they do come and visit me. family and friends that I was way beyond Where are you living at the moment? my age and I could do a lot of things that people my age couldn’t do. But even Jackomos Hall. though I had all that support behind me,Monash Residential Services offers How long have you lived on-campus? I still struggled – to cook, to clean, toMonash students independent living Three years – from day one. do laundry.options where the focus is on What made you decide to make the Academically, it is a challenge comingsupporting residents during their stay. move on-campus? from year 12 to university.Undergraduate and Postgraduate*students alike will find living on-campus I was seventeen, not eighteen, when I Living away from home is different forwith Monash Residential Services an moved out of Queensland and my parents every person. Living away from homeexcellent stepping stone into University were worried about security. I come from takes away an entire support network,study and life in general in Australia. a culturally aware family and the big issue no matter how far away your family is. was about being alone or, potentially Going through that phase was one of theCompleted in January 2012, Monash being with friends but in an unguarded worst things for me. But getting past thatResidential’s newest residences, Briggs environment. Their first priority was to stage was one of the best things in life!Hall and Jackomos Hall, offer residents put me in a place where there were You said that you leave your familya fully self contained studio apartment responsible people to look after me. behind and you lost that network.– fully furnished with private bathroom My personal reason was the social side How did you find the different supportand kitchen facilities. Each building of things, although I don’t get a lot of time structure (RST) living on-campus?accommodates 300 residents and each to socialise as a medical student! But if I think that MRS has a good strategy instudio apartment is slightly larger than I wanted to, I could get out of my room place. I have lived in three halls so far20 square metres in size and contains: and socialise. And it’s literally right outside and seen the balance between older andkitchen facilities (with two burner hot my door! younger people in the RST. I think that’splate, microwave/convection oven, sink,three-quarter fridge, bench, cupboards), Was the day you moved in intimidating? excellent because sometimes you want toen-suite (with toilet, shower, hand basin, Definitely! I think everyone goes through speak to someone your own age, andvanity unit, towel rails), wardrobes, that. I understand that a lot of residential see if what you’re thinking is acceptabledrawers, desk, desk chair, book shelf, students are from different cultural thinking for someone your age, or if you’vesmall dining table and chair, king single backgrounds and I wasn’t sure how I run into trouble or not feeling right.bed and mattress, mattress protector, would fit in with everyone else. Having But there also needs to be a College Headbedside drawers, ceiling fan, hot water my own little room but then sharing my and Deputy College Head who tend to behydronic heating, block out blinds, VOIP home with a lot of other people – cooking, a bit older and I can see how that workshandsets with direct access to VOIP eating, different practices, even the simple out, I can see how the team works outtelephone connection points and hard act of drinking water! Everything is well. In general, the support team seemwired Internet access (with speeds up different! It was intimidating. to be quite one gigabyte per sec). Was it good in a way, to meet your Their job isn’t to make us feel like we’re atApplications are now open and are neighbours so you were never isolated? home, they can’t be our mum/dad/sister!considered on a first in basis. Yes it’s always good but in saying that, Is it good to know that they’re around the other side of the coin is also important (even if you didn’t need them)?*Postgraduate students seekingindependent, single occupancy, self- to me. But if I don’t want to be involved, Definitely! As a seventeen year old, therecontained accommodation on a floor that is no one pushes you to get out of your is someone to call if you run into any typepredominately shared by gradua te students comfort zone. I don’t know about other of trouble, emotional trauma that you’remust seek advice from the Administration universities and halls but particularly this going through or a physical problem orOffice in regards to the options available in year in Jackomos, in one of the new halls, an accident or whatever. There’s always2013 prior to completing an application form. it has been about building a new culture. someone you can ring! It is important to have support and social For more information aboutFor more information, including pricing, activities available to get you involved. on-campus accommodation, visitplease visit
  4. 4. Foundation Year IELTS no hurdle for scholarships on the rise Diploma students A record number of scholarships were awarded to Monash Monash College has just announced a change to their University Foundation Year students in 2012 demonstrating English Language pathway. Students who enrol in Monash how well renowned the program has become and the quality English (formerly known as EAP) as a pathway into the of its graduates. Diploma program may now be eligible to enter the Monash English Bridging (MEB) for Diplomas (formerly known as Forty-two students were offered scholarships in the faculties ELBP) without sitting an IELTS test. By removing the IELTS of Business and Economics, Information Technology, Science hurdle, students that successfully complete Monash English or Pharmacy at Monash University in Australia and Malaysia. 4 or Monash English 5 will be offered a place in the Bridging The Monash University Foundation Year is a pre-university program which provides direct entry into Diplomas after program designed to prepare students for entry and success 10 or 15 weeks of study. within all ten faculties of Monash University. A Monash This change provides students with the following pathway College program, the Foundation Year is currently offered at options: the College’s multi-million dollar Melbourne City international campus and at partner institutions in Malaysia, Sri Lanka Direct entry into MEB for Diplomas – IELTS required and Indonesia. Sit an IELTS test > Monash English Bridging for Diplomas > Enter Diploma program Monash English into Diplomas – IELTS required Monash English Online Test > Monash English > Sit an IELTS test > Enter Diploma program Or Monash English/MEB pathway – No IELTS required Monash English > Successfully complete Monash English 4 or 5 > MEB for Diplomas > Enter Diploma program *Do not need to sit an IELTS test No change to the application process There is no change to the application process for the new pathway. Students who are eligible for MEB will be identified during their course and offered the opportunity to join the program. Upon acceptance a new offer will be issued. Students are selected based on the following criteria: Category Pre-requisite to Monash English enter Monash Bridging English Bridging Category Monash Successful 15 week MEB English and completion of (Diplomas) Diploma Part 1 Monash English 4 Monash Successful 15 week MEB English and completion of (Diplomas) Diploma Part 2 Monash English 4 Monash Successful 10 week MEB English and completion of (Diplomas)2013 intake calendar Diploma Part 2 Monash English 4Enrolment Finish Program Note: This change is only applicable to students who wish to study the Diploma program. Students who enrol in Monash English23 January 2013 8 November 2013 Standard and then wish to progress to Monash English Bridging for an undergraduate or postgraduate course are still required to sit an14 March 2013 8 November 2013 Intensive IELTS test to gain entry into the Monash English Bridging program. 23 May 2014 Extended10 July 2013 23 May 2014 Standard To find out more about entry requirements and29 August 2013 23 May 2014 Intensive how to estimate number of weeks of Engl ish you 7 November 2014 Extended require, visit courses/englishlanguage/english-coursesVisit for details.
  5. 5. Graduate Entry Teaching at MonashUpdate on English study in an English medium university within the last two years they will also not be required to provide an IELTS onLanguage requirements application. Please note that an applicant may still be required to provide an IELTS if they wish to apply forThe Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Victorian Institute of Teaching registration.(AITSL) recently advised institutions that from 1 April 2012, all 2. nglish Language Bridging program (ELBP) for Egraduates from teacher education programs must demonstrate a Graduate Entry Teaching coursesspecified level of competency in English for Teacher Registration.When applying for teacher registration, graduates can The new ELBP has been designed specifically for Graduatedemonstrate their English proficiency in the following ways: Entry Teaching applicants and will commence mid 2013 for students commencing in Semester 1, 2014. This programn ompletion of four full years of higher education in English C will provide a pathway for applicants who may not have the in an approved teacher education program in Australia, required IELTS result for entry. The English Bridging Program New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, will be a twenty hour per week program conducted in either Canada and the Republic of Ireland. Therefore, if an 15 or 20 week modules. Students who successfully applicant completes a four year Bachelor of Education complete the program will be provided with direct entry into course at Monash or a Bachelor of Arts/Science/Business their chosen Graduate Entry Teaching program in the Faculty etc. followed by a Master of Teaching, they will not be of Education. There are two proposed entry points: required to provide proof of English proficiency at the time of teacher registration. IELTS requirement TOEFLn chievement of an overall academic IELTS score of 7.5 with A requirement a minimum of 7.0 in Reading and Writing and no less than 8.0 in Speaking and Listening. 20 week Overall 6.5 no band lower TBC program than 6.5For a full list of registration requirements please 15 week Overall 7.0 with a score of 6.5 in TBCproficiency.html program Reading and Writing and 7.0 inFollowing the announcement from AITSL, the Faculty of Speaking and ListeningEducation increased its English entry requirements for its suiteof Graduate Entry Teaching programs to be in line with teacher For further information on our suite of Graduate Entry Teachingregistration requirements. When applying for a Graduate Entry courses in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary please referTeaching course at Monash all applicants are required to to that they have achieved the English LanguageRequirements. In addition to meeting the new IELTS scores, Or please contact:there are two other ways that applicants can meet the English Seshna Maharajlanguage requirements for entry into the course: Marketing and Recruitment Officer1. anguage of Instruction: If an applicant has completed a L Faculty of Education Bachelor Degree in an English medium institution, within the Monash University last five years, they will not be required to provide IELTS on Telephone: 03 9905 9753 entry to the course. In addition if an applicant has completed Email: at least two standard full-time semesters of postgraduate
  6. 6. Most Innovative Official School Extended closing date for Master Smartphone app of Architecture For students commencing in March 2013, the revised closing date will The Monash University app Staff n directory be Friday, 9 November 2012. was recently ranked as No.1 Monash n News As these applicants may require by for the Events n guide that lists all upcoming an interview in early December, most innovative official school activities on all Australian campuses could you please do your best to smartphone application. Searchable n unit entries from the forward any of these as soon as official University Handbook for all possible to the faculty so we can The Monash application provides schedule eligible candidates. undergraduate and postgraduate convenient access to important offerings CRICOS code: 059818D information and Australian campus services in the palm of your hand. Shuttle n bus timetables For more details about entry It is currently available on the Apple Library n hours requirements please refer to platforms on iPhone, iPod and iPad, Monash Course Finder with an Android version in development. PC n finder. The app features include: Future Students also have easy access to Course Finder in the Monash n Maps e of Monash Australian application for detailed information on campuses with points of interest Monash degrees and units. including libraries, banks, eateries, faculty offices, lecture theatres and The Monash University app can parking locations be downloaded for free from the Apple app store. Official Monash YouTube site Visit the official Monash youtube site to keep up to date with what’s Future Students have easy access to Monash Course Finder for detailed happening at Monash information on Monash degrees and units. For more information monashunivideo email: MonashUni 澳大利亚蒙纳士大学CRICOS provider: Monash University 00008CMonash College Pty Ltd 01857J 12P-1209