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Acuity Forums: Social Media Metrics - A Marketers Guide. Ed Lee, Tribal DDB, Director Social Media, November 18, 2010


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Social Media Metrics: A Marketers Guide

Ed Lee
Director Social Media
Tribal DDB Canada

Marketers and communicators worldwide have embraced social media as a new outreach and engagement channel. But management is demanding that you demonstrate success, impact and most importantly, a return on investment. And in a still-evolving world of Likes, Diggs, Re Tweets and Brand Karma, which metrics and models are meaningful? This presentation, will explain which metrics are available, what they really mean, and show examples of how an ROI model can be created.

- The current state of social media measurement
- Going beyond "communication": rethinking marketing and communication outcomes
- Differences between paid and earned media, and impacts to measurement
- Specific metrics
- What's a fan worth? A look at how the industry is measuring ROI
- Measurement tools and platforms

Published in: Business
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