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Humana Medicare Case 71415


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Humana Medicare Case Study, Rapp

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Humana Medicare Case 71415

  1. 1. ED KISHINEVSKY Strategic Development Our ask was simple and yet complex. Every American gets Medicare at 65. That’s simple. Now the complex: How does each person select the right part? What’s important to them? What’s the role of all these private insurers? The Process: Facing an aggressive timeline, we a Social Listening methodology to learn consumers questions about the system, what’s important to them and ultimately how they make their decisions. We also conducted our own navigational exercise through the Medicare system. It was intense. It was seemingly infinite. Case Study: Humana Medicare Advantage, Rapp Senior Strategist Situation: Humana tasked RAPP with its first national scale promotion of the company’s Medicare Advantage (MA) product, aimed at the 65+ target. Rapp specifically was charged with raising awareness, consideration – and retention. The Insight: Therein lies the answer. It’s as simple as complexity. Navigating Medicare is difficult. It’s difficult for a 30-year-old tech whiz. What do you think it’s like for a 64 year-old surfing the net for answers to Part D deductions and donut holes. Is there a way to make this process easier?
  2. 2. ED KISHINEVSKY Getting to Strategy – The Brand Benefit Saves the Day: This is Humana’s big play, actually. Where they have a natural competitive advantage over their competitors. Humana has 1,800 local agents. They make housecalls. They visit. They take the time to personally meet with prospects and walk them through Medicare and certainly the advantages of choosing Humana to manage their care. They come back again if there are more questions. It’s personal attention. It’s building relationships. It’s perfect for this audience and this product. It is the proverbial sweet spot. Proposition: Start with Relationships Case Study: Humana Mediacare Advantage, Rapp Senior Strategist Creative Execution: Again, the simplicity of the idea carries the day. How do you convey the idea of relationships to folks approaching retirement age, roughly? Hmmm. Idea: a lot of them are grandparents. Light Bulb. Grandparents with their grandchildren hanging out in a bunch of vignettes. There’s your relationship. Not heavy, not overbearing. Just signaling (raising awareness, raising consideration, maintaining current members). Title cards to express the RTBs – like 24-hour nurses, personal attention from said agents. Executed in TVC and Print with social extentions in Facebook and YouTube, with a series of FAQs. Done and done. Award winner in its class. Business results are impressive: Results: A 4-week media flight netted: Increased awareness by 9 points (from 21% to 30%, 43% gain) Increase consideration by 8 points (from 9% to 17%, 89% gain) Retention: Net Promoter Score (NPS) moved 19 points (from 25% to 44%, 76% gain)Business result: 119% of projections post campaign. Traffic and search to, the drive-to site promoted in the campaign, increased 49% and 55%, respectively
  3. 3. ED KISHINEVSKY Case Study: Humana Mediacare Advantage, Rapp Senior Strategist