The Lafitte Corridor Revitalization Project


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Presentation developed for January 2009 by Friends of Lafitte Corridor

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The Lafitte Corridor Revitalization Project

  1. 1. The Lafitte Corridor Revitalization Project: Connecting healthy neighborhoods in the heart of New Orleans
  2. 2. The Lafitte Corridor
  3. 3. Greenways Across America
  4. 4. Indianapolis, IN Seattle, WA Illinois prairie path Ann Arbor, MI Montreal, Canada Bethesda, MD Austin, TX
  5. 5. Benefits of urban greenways • Transportation alternatives • Health and recreation • Safe routes to schools
  6. 6. Midtown Greenway: Minneapolis
  7. 7. Lachine Canal: Montreal
  8. 8. New Orleans’ unique opportunity
  9. 9. The Lafitte Greenway: A Vision for the Lafitte Corridor
  10. 10. A new public space amenity… …can stimulate reinvestment in storm-damaged neighborhoods.
  11. 11. Trail-Oriented Development
  12. 12. The Lafitte Greenway and Lafitte Corridor Revitalization Project
  13. 13. Greenway funding sources $85,000 Governor’s Recreational Trail Program Mid-City Neighborhood Organization + $25,000 match funds $313,248 State of LA Transportation Enhancement Program City of New Orleans Dept. of Public Works $300,000 Community Development Block Grant Greenway Implementation Plan Corridor Development Plan
  14. 14. “Be It Resolved, That the Council of the City of New Orleans hereby reserves and dedicates all land currently owned by the City of New Orleans…for the purposes of establishing a continuous public open space amenity or Greenway.”
  15. 15. ORDA’s 2-pronged approach 1. Build a safe, continuous trail 2. Leverage public investment to stimulate economic development in corridor neighborhoods
  16. 16. Next steps Complete land survey and title search Trail alignment plan Safe crossings Implementation plan Management plan
  17. 17. Lafitte Corridor Revitalization plan Land use, zoning recommendations and urban design guidelines Public policy initiatives and public/private partnerships to facilitate reinvestment The city of New Orleans has embraced this vision!
  18. 18. Friends of Lafitte Corridor (FOLC)
  19. 19. FOLC’s mission The Friends of Lafitte Corridor seeks to preserve the open space of the Lafitte Corridor from the French Quarter to Canal Boulevard by advocating and facilitating the creation of a greenway
  20. 20. • Raised over $25,000 in matching funds • Publicized project through events like the hike
  21. 21. Lafitte Greenway Cultural District
  22. 22. • Enlisted help of Sheriff’s office and Department of Sanitation to help clear greenway segment
  23. 23. What you can do:
  24. 24. Acknowledgements Billy Fields, PhD. Center for Urban and Public Affairs, University of New Orleans Jacob Wagner, PhD. Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design University of Missouri at Kansas City Jennifer Ruley Steps to a Healthier LA, New Orleans Brown + Danos Landdesign Inc. Regional Planning Commission City Planning Commission of New Orleans Office of Recovery and Development Administration