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Chococlatier 1 (1)

  1. 1. ChocolatierLeung Wing Sum 11182433dLaw Yu Ling 11160643dTse Yee Kiu 11173426dGuillermo Garcia-Muchacho 11904473xLee Wing Ting 11021093d HTM 2121 Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
  2. 2. Outline1. Business concept2. External environmental analysis3. Competitor analysis4. Target market5. Marketing mix strategies and programs6. Implementation milestone7. Marketing budget8. Marketing control9. Reference
  3. 3. Business concept• enter the chocolate market in HK• Be the “cash cow” in the market• increase competition power & market control.• slogan : „where art meets chocolate‟• personalized chocolate products• special shape & favours, packed with girlish decoration.
  4. 4. External environmental analysis• Demographic trends• Total residents population in Hong Kong is 7,071,576 keep increasing• Marital status Sex Total number Married Never married Female 3,768,561 1,847,554 1,008,811 Male 3,303,015 1,760,524 964,739• Educational attainment Upper secondary, nearly 35% 27.3% of the population is post-secondary
  5. 5. • Social –cultural trends• Hong Kong is a multi-cultural society• Including Chinese, Indonesian, Filipino, Western, Indian, Japanese, Thai, etc.• Residents usually affected by the Western culture
  6. 6. • Economic trendsOne of two Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of the People‟s Republic of ChinaOne of the world‟s leading international financial centresUnique economy system  free market system(ranked the freest in the world by the Index ofEconomic Freedom for 18 consecutive years)One of the “Four Asian Tigers”
  7. 7. • Ecological trends1. cocoa beans  affected enormously by the weather conditions• shortage of cocoa beans in the Ivory Coast more severe in Indonesia, Cote dIvoire and Ecuador2. unsustainable farming practices  reduces the availability of cocoa• methods used in the Ghana
  8. 8. Hence, the availability of cocoa beans will go down increase the operating cost of the organization. companies raise the product price
  9. 9. •Technological trends7 machines are necessary during the chocolate production process.1. Chocolate Forming Machine2. Chocolate Conche and Refiner3. Chocolate Thermal storage Cylinder4. Chocolate Packaging Machine5. Chocolate coated machine , etc.• ensure the stability of the high quality of homemade chocolate• alleviate the labor cost for producing homemade products.
  10. 10. Competitor analysis
  11. 11. • Based on the location of the store 1. Godiva 2. Leonidas 3. City‟ super (one of the products they sell is Ferrero Rocher) Godiva Leonidas City’ super (Ferrero Rocher )Products Chocolate, gummy Chocolates, Ice Ferrero Rocher candy, and biscuits creamPrice 100 HK$ to 250 HK$ 80 HK$ to 120 HK$ 25 HK$ for 3 pieces per 100 gram per 100 gram Other price per boxPromotion Mall Billboards, etc Special offers, etc news paper ads, etcPlace Online Store, 15 Online Store, 4 stores 4 Stores in HK Stores in HK in HK
  12. 12. Godiva Strengths: Weaknesses:Eye catching design diversify their product Many distribution channels unsuccessful on numerous occasions. Opportunities: Threats:expand higher-end dependant on the collections economy
  13. 13. Leonidas Strengths: Weaknesses: Large variety of products don‟t stay fresh for long Good customer relation keep the stock fulldecorated depending on the not sold within 2 weeks season‟s theme  thrown away. Opportunities: Threats: Growth in chocolates consumption per capita Fierce Competition different occasions Price differentiation depending on mall Renovated stores
  14. 14. City’s Super Weaknesses: Strengths: not located in a very Product Range visible location Store Size not well exhibited inside the store Threats: Opportunities: Handmade luxurypromote more around chocolates take over the the mall whole market
  15. 15. • Segmentation• Females who aged from 18 to 40• middle-class• enjoy chocolates• buy chocolates for their lovers• potential and strong market• Position• Target market  potential purchasing power• Harbour City (middle-class shopping mall, popular to ladies) Target market
  16. 16. ‘Choco Lady’• A girlish and feminine chocolatier• service of making tailor-made chocolates• attract female customers• create memorable and special memories
  17. 17. Marketing mix strategies and programs• Services and Products• Price• Place• Promotion
  18. 18. Products andServices
  19. 19. ProductsChocolate• handmade chocolates• cacaos from South AmericaShape• butterfly-shaped• heart-shaped,• flower-shaped
  20. 20. Package• Cute and fancy: pink and red• Cute ribbons, lace ad flowers• For young girls and students• Elegant :Dark red and purple• Ribbons and roses• For elegant and mature ladiesProducts
  21. 21. Taste• Special and unique tastes e.g. rose, lavender, peach• Chocolate dessert• Other chocolates desserts e.g. chocolate cakes, chocolate mousses, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate hotpot, chocolate ice-creamProducts
  22. 22. • Chocolate baskets and gifts• Chocolate drinks• Handmade chocolate drinks e.g. iced chocolate, mocha, chocolate milk shakeProducts
  23. 23. •Chocolate Relaxation•Chocolate massage and facial•New in Hong Kong market•Minerals in chocolates are good for bodies e.g. improves the skin texture, anti-aging Suitable for female to enjoyServices
  24. 24. Pricing • The price of the product contains certain degree of the raw materials cost and the operation cost, including employees salary, package cost, rent, utilities, etc.Products Desserts Drink Hotpot Basket Package Chocolate MessagePrice $20-45 $30-40 $98 per $300-450 $35-280 $9-35 $350 per person person
  25. 25. Place
  26. 26. Harbour City• On of the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong• Located in Tsim Sha Tsui• Attract almost 300,000 high-spending consumers to visit due to convenient access and recognizable brand name
  27. 27. • Playing the video of manufacture process• Invite the customers• Monthly themes• Large event in winter --- hotpot  in summer--- chocolate ice-cream On Valentine‟s Day--- making chocolate workshop Promotion
  28. 28. Milestones Program Period Description Budget Person in charge“Choco 7-14 Feb Couples could $ 500 Staff who areValentine’s 2012 enjoy the per pair responsible for” chocolate massage doing massage together with a special discount“Chocolate 1-9 April Launch of the $ Sales ManagerEgg Hunt” 2012 limited edition of 10,000 chocolate eggs and rabbit-shaped chocolate
  29. 29. “Choco Summer Sells low-fat and $ SalesCool” May to low-sugar 20,000 Manager Aug chocolate ice- cream and cool drinks for customers“Choco Winter Launch of $ SalesWarmth” Nov to Jan chocolate hotpot 50,000 Manager for customers“Choco Christmas Launch of limited $ SalesSanta” 1-26 series of Christmas 10,000 Manager December chocolate in different shapes, like Santa Clause, Christmas Tree, Deer
  30. 30. Budget Item Expected expense Details Rent $ 200,000 per month Wages $ 9,800 per general Staff: staff 2 for waiters $ 10,000 for sales 2 for chocolate manager factory 2 for beauty treatment 1 Sales manager Raw Material $ 200,000 Coca beans from (Included South America transportation cost)
  31. 31. Tools and $ 500,000 All tools andEquipment equipments used for making chocolatesFurniture $ 100,000Promotions $ 300,000 Includes all advertisement costProgram $ 200,000/program Includes all the expenses of each program, depends on its length and scaleDecoration and $ 100,000 Includes all thePackage decorations and packages for the chocolates
  32. 32. • Marketing control =a process for organization to monitor the proposed marketing plans and adjusting when the actual performance against the expectations Strategic Annual Profitability Efficiency control plan control control control Marketing control
  33. 33. • Efficiency control concentrates on evaluating whether marketing activities can accomplish the marketing goals will be usedAnd three techniqueswill be used ongoing research keeping ongoing tabs on testing promotion
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